What Does Celty's Scythe Do

What Does Celty’s Scythe Do 2022?

Wondering what does Celty’s Scythe do? Get to know the purpose and significance of Celty’s scythe in the light of the story.

The moment anyone thinks of a scythe, the image of a grim reaper is what pops in the mind because it has long been associated with the gloomiest topic; death.

But if you are a die-hard fan of Durarara!! then perhaps an image of Celty Sturluson is what pops up in your mind when you think of a scythe.

Scythe is pretty popular in anime and we can see Celty using one often when she is in danger in Durarara!! What is this mysterious scythe all about and what is its purpose? Let’s dive in and get to the details of Celty’s scythe.

What Does Celty's Scythe Do

What Does Celty’s Scythe Do?

Scythe’s Appearance

Celty’s scythe is unlike the other scythes you are used to seeing in other anime series. Rather than a normal physical weapon, her scythe is the result of shadow manipulation.

She is a master of shadow manipulation because after all, she is a powerful Dullahan. She can make whatever weapon she chooses through shadow manipulation and when in danger she chooses to turn it into a large scythe.

Apart from this, she has turned her shadows to turn into tools to protect herself from harm such as shields and she has also turned the shadows into tendrils to keep the enemies from running away and causing more damage.

Celty has admitted that even though the scythe looks very big and heavy, it is not. It is only as heavy as a Japanese sword even though it looks massive in appearance and looks like a deadly weapon capable of a lot of destruction and death.

Throughout the series, we see that she uses the scythe to fight off enemies who try to harm her and her loved ones.

If you look closely, you can see that there is a blue streak on those she has attacked with the scythe rather than any blood or cut meaning it has a temporary coma-like effect rather than a permanent scar or death.

celty sturluson without helmet

Scythe’s Function

The scythe may look like it has one purpose only which is to kill others but in the case of Durarara!! Celty doesn’t cause as much destruction as she could have easily caused.

For example, sometimes she just likes to turn the shadow into a scythe to make her enemies afraid of her but once she achieves that, she doesn’t use it to harm the other person.

We see this the first time we see her and the scythe in the Mika Harima Arc. She fights with the kidnappers and shows one of them that she can easily turn her shadow into a scythe.

Then she attacks him with it. It is clear that there is no blood which means he is alive but he just sits as if he has gone into a coma.

The reason is that Celty can do as much damage as she wishes with her powers. If she doesn’t want to kill someone, then she simply won’t.

In the scene above, she just stuns him and then leaves which means he is still alive after that because we see him in some other episodes of the Durarara!! series.

If Celty had the intent of killing him, then she could have easily done so but at the end of the day, it all depends on what she wants to do.

Celty is one of the best characters in the series because she is more human-like than many other protagonists and she doesn’t kill for the fun of it.

Many fans theorized that she rips out their souls when she uses the scythe but that is not true. If it were true then the kidnapper wouldn’t be alive and he would have just died on the spot with blood spattered across the road.

durarara celty helmet

The soul theory doesn’t make much sense because we see that the scythe doesn’t kill. Celty isn’t a killing machine and she never tries to be one either.

She kills the other kidnapper because he tried to kill her with the Taser and so she fought back thereby killing him in the process. But she doesn’t kill the other two kidnappers because she doesn’t feel the need to do so.  


Celty is hands-down one of the coolest Durarara!! characters who are just a joy to watch onscreen. She has charm and sensibility about her that makes us want to empathize with her.

Despite having powers such as shadow manipulation and creating objects she desires, Celty is shown to never misuse her powers because she is a gentle and humble being who is trying to live her life the best way she can.

She is vulnerable but strong. Celty’s scythe is an intriguing part of her powers and it adds to her visual appeal. What do you think of Celty’s scythe? Do you think Celty is being too nice by sparing many people?

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