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One Piece is a popular Japanese anime series, spanning over twenty years and counting, that follows the story of Luffy, a young man who sets off for the high seas in search of the greatest treasure known as the One Piece. 

Along his journey, he comes face to face with his brother Ace, who is also an essential character in the series. One of the main features that make Ace an iconic character is the mysterious tattoo on his arm. 

Fans of One Piece have become enthralled with Ace’s tattoo, begging the question, what does Ace’s tattoo in One Piece mean?

In this article, we will examine Ace’s tattoo and the possible implications of its design, as well as its role in the series. Luffy’s arm, the site of his brother’s tattoo, serves as a constant reminder of the impact his brother had on the series and his journey. 

We will explore the various theories and speculations surrounding Ace’s tattoos from fans of the series, as well as the history of tattoos in Japanese culture.

What Does Aces Tattoo In One Piece Mean?

Origins of Ace’s Tattoo in one piece anime

The popular Japanese anime series One Piece follows protagonist Monkey D. Luffy and his search for the ultimate treasure, known as the One Piece

Along his journey, Luffy meets his brother, Ace, and the two go on a journey of a lifetime together. One of the defining features of Ace is the large tattoo over his left arm that reads ATF D. 

The origins of Ace’s tattoo have been a popular topic of discussion for fans since the show’s release. According to an article by Comicbook, the tattoo stands for “Ace’s Treasured Flag, – D”.

Aces Tattoo In One Piece

The “D” likely stands for “Dawn”, in reference to the “Dawn of the New World”, from The Great Age of Exploration, when the universe of One Piece was first established. This ties into the character of Ace, who was very interested in exploring the world on his own. 

The tattoo is also thought to have been inspired by the traditional Japanese family crests, or “mottos”, which were placed on samurai’s armors. 

In One Piece, the tattoo is a representation of the bond between Ace and his brother, Luffy. It could represent their loyalty to one another and their willingness to explore the new world they live in. 

In One Piece, the significance of Ace’s tattoo is clear: it symbolizes the unique relationship between two brothers who stand united in the face of adversity. 

It is a reminder of Ace’s courage and Luffy’s unwavering loyalty to his brother as they explore the world together.


Reference to Ace’s Childhood and Family

In the Japanese anime and manga series One Piece, Ace’s tattoo holds a special significance that gives viewers insight into his past and relationships with others. 

The dark, red, and black markings that adorn Luffy’s arm were inked to honor two important facets of Ace’s life, namely his childhood and his family. 

Firstly, the tattoo is believed to represent the spirit of Whitebeard, a renowned pirate of the seafaring world in the series. 

The skull-and-crossbones motif on Luffy’s skin is a tribute to the influence Whitebeard had on Ace’s life; even though the swashbuckler was initially hostile and dismissive of Ace, Whitebeard eventually accepted him. 

This is a clear indication that Whitebeard had a role in shaping Ace’s life and the iconic image of his skull stands as a reminder of the pirate’s impact. 

The other elements of Ace’s tattoo also harken back to his amicable relationship with his brothers, particularly that of Luffy. 

The flames have multiple meanings, but generally represent the burning intensity of Ace’s lifelong bond with Luffy. As partners in mischievous deeds and faithful allies, the fire and heat symbolize their ever-lasting camaraderie and affection. 

Aside from that, these flames also signify the fiery spunk and passion of youth, something shared by both Ace and Luffy during their formative years. 

Ace’s tattoo is, in many ways, a reflection of his life and his relationships with his family and childhood friends. 

The patterns and figures appeal to the narrative of love and kinship, capturing the essence of the bond between Ace, Luffy and Whitebeard in a unique and captivating visual.

Themes Connected to the Design of Ace’s Tattoo

The design of Ace’s tattoo in the popular Japanese anime One Piece has a deep meaning. Its purpose is to symbolize his close bond and loyalty to his brother Luffy. 

Not only can it be seen when Ace appears in the flashback scenes where Luffy proudly displays it, but it is symbolically shown when it appears just before his and Luffy’s farewell. The flame-like shape of the tattoo captures the strength and magnitude of their bond. 

The design also represents the themes of collective family member support and the unbreakable power of love. 

The fact that it is placed on someone close to Luffy’s heart is reflective of the family’s important bond of support that provides deep loyalty, commitment, and love. 

It further proves that love is powerful, even if it is for a short period of time, and that its indestructible nature is something that can bring those closest together. 

The design of the tattoo also touches on themes that transcend the anime and reflects people’s everyday struggles in life. 

The fire-like image touches on the idea of strength when dealing with difficult and trying times in life. Through the demonstration of these themes, Ace’s tattoo is seen as an everlasting reminder of Luffy’s love and courage in order to carry on even during long and difficult times.

Does Luffy have a 3D2Y tattoo?

Though Luffy and Ace have always been close, Luffy has yet to sport a tattoo with the same profound meaning as Ace.

Fans have speculated over the years whether Luffy, who also has a dragon tattoo on his arm, would one day get a 3D2Y tattoo to commemorate the occasion.

At present, Luffy does not have a 3D2Y tattoo and it seems unlikely that this will change in the near future or in the One Piece anime. Luffy’s arm is void of the symbol right now, but he may get it in the distant future to pay tribute to Ace.

In the Japanese anime series One Piece, Ace’s 3D2Y tattoo symbolized the suffering and growth he experienced in the two years and three months he spent in Impel Down, a maximum-security prison in the New World. 

Ace used the 3D2Y to remind himself of the hard times he managed to survive while Luffy was away.

Luffy also got a huge tattoo of a dragon on his chest as a reminder of his brother Ace. The tattoo encompasses his whole chest and is meant to serve as a reminder that Ace’s spirit lives on with him. 

Luffy is deeply accustomed to the fire of Ace’s conviction, and the tattoo on his chest reminds him of that inner strength.

It was this strength that Luffy used when he fought against Kaidou and the Beast Pirates during the Wano arc. 

Therefore, the dragon tattoo is a powerful symbol for Luffy, reminding him to take what he has learned from Ace and to fight on against any challenges he may face. 

So, although Luffy does not have a 3D2Y tattoo yet, his dragon tattoo is an inspiring reminder of Ace’s perseverance and courage. 

The dragon may not be as meaningful a symbol as Ace’s 3D2Y, but it surely signifies the connection that binds the two brothers together.

What does the D stand for in One Piece?

In the Japanese anime One Piece, Ace’s tattoo has a special meaning, especially to its main protagonist, Monkey D. Luffy. Fans of the show have been wondering what the tattoo stands for, and why it is so important to Luffy. 

The tattoo is a “D”, which stands for “Daimaō” or “Great King,” and was given to Ace in order to commemorate his distinction as the commander of the Whitebeard Pirates’ second division. 

To Luffy, the “D” tattoo symbolizes a brotherhood of sorts, as he had promised to protect Ace from his enemies and avenge him should anything happen to him. 

Luffy has a very similar tattoo on his arm, a “V.” While the exact meaning of this is unknown, it is most likely a tribute to Ace, and possibly to commemorate the vow that he made to him. 

Fans can only speculate as to what the “V” stands for. While some have theorized that it stands for “Victory,” others think it could possibly mean “Vengeance” or “Vow” in reference to Luffy’s promise to Ace. 

The D in One Piece is certainly an important symbol, both for Ace and Luffy. It symbolizes a bond between two brothers and a promise to protect each other. 

As fans of the show continue to speculate about what it could all mean, it’s clear that the power of the D will never be forgotten.

Who is Luffy’s vice-captain?

Luffy, the protagonist of One Piece and the captain of the Straw Hat Pirates, is accompanied by a loyal group of crewmates. 

Many of the characters have tattoos that are integral to who they are: there’s the Red Line on his left arm, the symbols of his crew on the backs of his hands, and his beloved brother’s Jolly Roger on his chest. However, none are as significant as Ace’s tattoo, which appears on Luffy’s right arm.

One of the most influential figures in Luffy’s life is his brother, Ace. After Ace’s death, Luffy devotedly placed Ace’s tattoo on his right arm as a tribute.

This had a particular significance, as there is an old Japanese tradition in which a son takes his father’s tattoo after his death. 

Luffy does not have access to the full tattoo that Ace had on his back, but the tattoo that appears on Luffy’s arm looks similar. It is likely that the two tattoos hold similar meanings, representing Luffy’s unending loyalty to his brother.

In addition to Ace’s tattoo, Luffy also has a vice-captain, who serves as a role model and mentor for him. His vice-captain is none other than Sabo, the same person Luffy has been looking for since Ace’s death. 

Sabo’s presence on Luffy’s crew is a constant reminder of how much Ace meant to him, and how important his brother was in his life. He sets an example of loyalty, courage, and honesty, which Luffy strives to live up to. 

After all, Ace had passed these values onto Luffy, and Sabo embodies these same ideals.


In conclusion, Ace’s tattoo, seen across his left arm in the beloved Japanese anime One Piece, plays a huge part in the character’s identity and internal story, as well as its connection to Luffy’s journey and evolution as a character. 

The tattoo, with its intricate design, emphasized Ace’s rebellious nature and symbolized his commitment to his soul sister, Luffy. It also represented his undying love and loyalty. 

This tattoo held an immense and powerful meaning which was further enhanced by the connection between Luffy and Ace, in which Luffy’s arm was eventually tattooed with identical designs as Ace’s. 

In the end, the tattoo was profoundly significant not only for Ace but for Luffy as well and for any other individual hoping to portray their beliefs in a creative and meaningful way.

In conclusion, Ace’s tattoo in One Piece is an iconic representation of both his journey and his brother Luffy’s journey. It has been an important symbol throughout the long-running Japanese anime and carries great significance for both brothers. 

It is a testament to how Luffy’s arm has become a part of Ace’s journey, and how Ace’s presence will remain a part of Luffy’s for years to come.

The tattoo is a reminder that their bond is special and no matter what, they will always remain a family that fights together, brothers forever.

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