What Did You Miss On Nancy Drew…? Nancy Drew #3, #4, and #5 Review

Nancy Drew

If you have been following our Nancy Drew reviews, you may have noticed we didn’t review Nancy Drew #3 or #4. Since there have been three new issues and we have not reviewed one of them! There is a good reason for this, both #3 and #4 were setting up for the main plot of Nancy DrewNancy Drew #5 set the plot in motion and finalized the current plot, only to introduce a new one. Since there wasn’t much to review in #3 and #4, we decided to review them in a “Here Is What You Missed” episode.

This review will recount the events starting at issue #3, then we will go into Nancy Drew #5 and head into our current review for that arc afterward. As you know we have reviewed issues #1 and #2. You can find those linked in the previous sentence. By now, you should know who this comic is by – but, in case you are new here: Kelly Thompson, Jenn St-Onge, Triona Farrell, and Ariana Maher. Quite the dream team, indeed.

What You Missed Last Episode…

Well, quite a lot has happened since Nancy Drew #5. We apologize in advance, but we will break it down for you issue by issue of what happens. Plus, we get major shipping vibes in #3 and #4, and honestly, Bess + Joe = swoon (possible ship names: Boe? Jess? Bee? We might go with Boe!)

The Story Begins In Nancy Drew #3

In Nancy Drew #3, they have a suspect. Well, not really – but they are onto someone which means Nancy has a suspect. They are on a narrow trail and they are realizing that this could be a lot dirtier than we all once thought. Nancy thought she was coming back to her hometown for a reunion, but to also help Pete figure out what happened to his mother. However, that instantly turned into a whole different situation soon thereafter.

Everyone kind of splits up to go search for clues in certain spots, and the entire time, Bess is the most underrated character of all. She actually has an insight into the club they need to get into. Bess, the underdog. Also, this is where our ship comes from because they kiss (spoiler, but not). #Boe is finally a real thing and I mean, we’ve all been waiting for the official. As the issue progresses, we are left on a cliffhanger of Nancy’s phone ringing in the distance with a guy hanging outside of the building they want to search.

The Story Continues In Nancy Drew #4

If you don’t read Nancy Drew #3 you won’t understand the beginning to Nancy Drew #4, it follows directly after the third issue. Locke Lobster is the place of suspicion. Black Locke will be important later so pay attention to him. Granted, he already seems suspect just after that first introduction page. However, they do get some insight into who this Blake Locke guy is and what possibly happened to Pete’s mom.

After Nancy doesn’t after her phone again, everyone is upset… again. But, Nancy isn’t used to being looked after 24/7. She doesn’t really have friends like that River Heights. So, she doesn’t really know how to keep in contact with people, which is understandable. Nancy has always been a one-woman show (for the most part). After Bess comes back and says she got them into the gig, they get ready to take on the enemies. All by themselves.

Unfortunately… that doesn’t end too well… Bess is kidnapped. She sees a murder either happening or already happened and things don’t go too well. They kidnap her because she ‘saw too much’ and things take a turn for the worst if they were there already. That is where #4 ends. Where did Bess go? Who kidnapped her? And, who/what did she see?

An Ending To A New Beginning In Nancy Drew #5?

That brings us to the most recent issue to come out Halloween day (October 31st). After they realize Bess has been kidnapped, they run to save her, of course. First, though, they look for clues. They end up finding something that can lead them to where she might be. Joe is freaking out trying to find Bess, and everyone else is in shock along with Nancy.

When In Doubt, Bring A Flare Gun…

We end up finding a clue while Nancy brings along a flare gun (without anyone knowing). They end up at a warehouse (isn’t this where all the drugs deals happen when they kidnap someone?) They find Locke there, with his gang of mugs. Nancy hones in on her detective skills and figures out Bess is most likely on the boat. Of course, Joe runs to her by jumping through a window for dramatic effect.

Nancy and Locke talk about his business for a few minutes, how he will be caught, and in a matter of minutes, she flings off the flare gun. Meanwhile, Joe is saving Bess, they are reunited, and it’s so cute. He also ends up saving another girl too, superhero much, Joe? On the next few panels, Bess being the badass she is, takes down a bad guy and Joe admits he is in love with her saying:

“I am so totally in love with you.”

As Bess responds, “I know.” After the place burns down, they then think all of their friends are dead or at least burned to a crisp by now. Little do they know, they walk out semi-okay. After the craziness happens, they find evidence to take everyone down, things should go back to normal, right? Pete talks to the news about his mother and how she did not commit suicide. Things are normal again, right? Well, maybe not.

The last panel of the issue leaves us with a question…

Why is Nancy Drew going to jail?

The Art & Writing Are Phenomenal

We have stated this before and we will state it again since it’s been three issues, the art style up until Nancy Drew #5 is just gorgeous. Jenn St-Onge, Triona Farrell, and Ariana Maher do an outstanding job on the art for this series. It’s bright, playful, and dark when it needs to be. The art is perfectly aligned with the writing that Kelly Thompson does. Nancy Drew is a playful character, we all know the nostalgia effect – but, she is someone we all know from our childhood.

Therefore, there is a nostalgic effect on the character and the Hardy Boys as well. What the dream-team has done with this series is bring that along with a newer version of the character/s. While Nancy Drew still possesses her greatest attributes, she still has something fresh about her in the writing and art. She is wearing modern clothes, she has a modern hairstyle, and she talks like an actual teenager from 2018. Or at least 2017.

Kelly Thompson, who we love on many other projects (Jessica Jones, West Coast Avengers), is an outstanding comic writer. Thompson has a way with making the words she says relatable to the reader to become invested. We may not all have tried to solve a case before, but we have tried to solve evidence to show our significant other or friends to show that we know what they are doing (receipts!) In a way, we have been Nancy Drew at one point. That’s relatable and the way Thompson writes Nancy, dialogue, and the characters’ personality is just quite superb. 

Nancy Drew #5: The Ending Of An Arc

The first five issues including Nancy Drew #5 will be in trade paperback soon, so this is the ending of an arc. We have solved the first case, and now we have to solve the other. This time involving Nancy Drew, herself. This series is incredible if you love Nancy Drew and the character of who she is, go buy this and read the heck out of it.

Nancy and her friends will give you a reason to love the character again after a long hiatus in the pop culture world. They brought Nancy back from the dead and truly made us wonder why she was ever gone from pop culture so long. Read all five issues, get the trade paperback if you want, and enjoy the series as we have. Trust us, this series is too fun not to buy.

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