Wondering what color were Audrey Hepburn’s eyes? In this article, we’ll explore these topics closely to provide a better understanding of what color Audrey Hepburn’s eyes really were.

Audrey Hepburn is an icon whose legacy is still celebrated around the world. The star of classic films such as Roman Holiday and Breakfast at Tiffany‘s is adored and admired by fans of all ages. 

One of the topics of mystery and intrigue surrounding Hepburn is her eye color. Was it brown? Green? Blue? The color of her eyes is a subject of constant fascination.

Audrey Hepburn’s eye color has been speculated on for years and a closer examination of her eyes and their shape reveals much intrigue. 

By examining photographs, pictures, and interviews, it is possible to discover more information about her eye color, shape, and even how the color was shaped and altered by makeup. 

What Color Were Audrey Hepburns Eyes?

What kind of eyes did Audrey Hepburn have?

Audrey Hepburn had mesmerizing, captivating eyes with an unparalleled mystique that shone like two stars in the night sky. 

She had big, almond-shaped eyes that sparkled like diamonds and looked larger than life due to their almond shape and dramatic eyelashes. 

Hepburn’s eye color was a deep hazel that was made up of flecks of green, grey, and brown. It was often said that the look of her eyes was ever-changing and could shift from grey to green, depending on the light and the colors that she wore.

Despite their constant change, her gaze stayed the same. It was constantly filled with grace, elegance and a touch of innocence. 

Audrey Hepburn

Hepburn’s eyes exuded beauty unlike any other, and it was her signature physical feature. She knew how to use her eyes to her advantage in her films and on the red carpet. 

She looked into cameras and at people as if she was looking directly into their souls and truly connecting with them. It was a feat that she managed to carry out with much success. 

Every aspect of Hepburn’s eyes was simply captivating, from their almond shape to the depth of their hazel color. Her eyes will always inspire, draw in and hold the attention of admirers around the world.

How to do Audrey Hepburn’s eyes?

Audrey Hepburn was a timeless actress with a classic beauty that inspired generations of women to strive for the classic grace, elegance, and beauty that she embodied. 

Her iconic eyes were one of the most recognizable parts of her look and many women have sought to replicate her characteristically bright and almond-shaped eyes. 

If you’re wondering how to do Audrey Hepburn’s eyes, there are a few key elements to her signature look that you can emulate. 

Start with Audrey Hepburn’s eye color. Her eyes were famously a captivating shade of blue-green that gave her a fresh, innocent look. 

Eye shadows and eyeliners with soft tones that create a subtle definition can be used to bring out her eye color and emphasize the almond shape of her eyes. Also, use lighter colors to brighten and brighten the area around the eye.

Don’t forget about the shape of Audrey Hepburn’s eyes. It’s important to keep the wing of the eyeliner thin and accentuate the corners of the eyes to really bring out her signature shape.

For a more glamorous look, you can add some subtle shading and definition to the lid and blend with a soft brush to create the perfect smoky eye makeup look.

How did Audrey Hepburn do her eyelashes?

Audrey Hepburn always had beautiful, captivating eyelashes and her eye makeup often set a trend. To achieve her classic look, she would start by curling her eyelashes with her own special eyelash curler. 

This allowed her lashes to have more definition and gave them a slight upward curl. Then, she used black mascara to make her lashes stand out and give them added volume. After curling her lashes, she applied some generous coats of mascara. 

his gave her an instant elongation and separation of her already long lashes, so they didn’t appear clumpy. She also achieved a dark rim of eyelashes with the help of black liquid eyeliner. 

The eyeliner gave her eyelashes a more intense and dramatic look. Lastly, to complete the look, she would apply some false eyelashes for extra fullness and definition. 

Audrey Hepburn was known for her timeless, classic facial makeup look and her long, lush eyelashes set the standard for yet another iconic beauty trend.

Was Audrey Hepburn a natural beauty?

Yes, Audrey Hepburn was a natural beauty! She had a natural, elegant beauty, radiating grace and sophistication. From her timeless face to her signature style, she truly was as beautiful on the outside as she was on the inside.

Not only did she have an exquisite face shape and jawline, but also beautiful hair and of course, those iconic eyes. Audrey Hepburn’s eyes were a deep, soulful shade of hazel. 

Her long eyelashes framed her eyes and made them appear even bigger and brighter, giving her eyes the magical appearance that many of wanted to emulate.

Audrey Hepburn was certainly one of those celebrities, who have a distinct eye shape, which is hard to replicate. Her eyes narrowed in the outer corners, giving her a seemingly mysterious gaze.

It’s certain that Audrey Hepburn set a beauty standard for many people around the world and today she is remembered as one of the most timelessly beautiful women of all time. 

From her amazing grace and poise to her feathery eyelashes and beautiful eyes, to her classic sense of style, she was, and still is, a real beauty icon.

How did Audrey Hepburn do her eye makeup?

When it comes to eye makeup and her iconic look, Audrey Hepburn did it right. Her signature eyes were stunningly framed with lovely winged eyeliner, combined with stunning eye shadow colors that complemented her light brown, almost hazel eyes. 

Knowing that all makeup looks are not feasible for everyone, here is a breakdown of Audrey Hepburn’s eye makeup instructions and a few tips to achieve the same look!

Audrey Hepburn’s eye makeup was bold, yet still had a touch of innocence. Her looks typically featured strong winged eyeliner and false lashes. 

To begin the look, she started with a neutral base, highlighting her incredibly beautiful eyes. She then focused on eyeshadow, using shades like muted blues, greens, and purples. 

To add some extra definition, she added layers of mascara to her top and bottom lashes and as her pièce de résistance—the winged eyeliner.

To achieve the perfect winged eyeliner, Audrey Hepburn relied on liquid eyeliner. She always began the wing at the outer corner of the eye, then she methodically worked her way inward, creating her desired shape and length. 

To add length or volume to her false lashes and lashes, Audrey Hepburn always made use of curling them using an eyelash curler, to open up and really make the eyes look stunning.

Finally, to complete the look, she applied lip gloss lightly, making sure not to overpower her eyes. Overall, Audrey Hepburn’s eye makeup was the perfect combination of femininity and boldness that made her one of the greatest fashion icons of our time!

Why Audrey Hepburn’s Eyes Were Her Most Recognizable Feature

Audrey Hepburn’s eyes were undeniably her most memorable feature, often considered the defining factor of her beauty and iconic image. 

They were deep, almond-shaped eyes of chestnut brown; the colors of smoldering darkness, of incandescently warm earth tones. 

But it was not just their color that made them so captivating – it was the look within them. Her piercing gaze resonated with emotions that could be described as infinitely deep and yet mysteriously intangible. 

This was Audrey Hepburn’s calling card, and it is perhaps what tied her ethereal beauty together, that made her appear to be an angel sent from the heavens. 

And it wasn’t just her own beauty that her eyes revealed – they opened a window into the vast world around her. Through her eyes, the viewer can feel Audrey Hepburn’s depth of emotion and the joy she feels for everything the world has to offer. 

Her eyes seem to see the beauty in everything and everyone, and that is why people become instantly enamored with her. 

Audrey Hepburn’s eyes made her an icon, but beyond that, they are a timeless reminder of the beauty of the world and the beauty of an individual able to see it. 

Her legacy lives on in the way her eyes still draw people in, as if enchanted. Through her eyes, we all can see the prospect of boundless joy and possibility that the world can offer.

Modern-Day Notoriety of Audrey Hepburn’s Eyes

Her eyes transcend any modern comparisons; the exquisite shade of her peepers is still inexplicable to cosmetics or clothing shades. Their almond shape and sweeping top and bottom lines set her eyes apart from the rest. 

Her features were truly stunning, and her almond-shaped eyes were so beautiful they inspired the creation of an entire iconic eyebrow shape.

The color of Hepburn’s eyes is still strongly debated. Some say her eyes were a striking blue-green, others say an earthy brown; the debate remains unsolved. 

Some describe them as emerald, and some report that her eyes changed subtly in different lighting. Many makeup and clothing brands host a shade in honor of her iconic eyes. Whatever the exact color, her eyes remain as timelessly beautiful as ever. 

Audrey Hepburn’s eyes are a modern-day symbol of beauty and glamour, captivating viewers long after her Hollywood career has passed. 

Despite the fact that her famous eyes remain a mystery, people around the world continue to be enchanted by the unknown hue and they remain a part of her iconic legacy.


The conclusion of this exploration into Audrey Hepburn’s eye color is ultimately a matter of opinion. While she is widely thought to have had beautiful blue eyes, her own descriptions of her eye color varied from blue-green to dark brown. 

Her eye shape and makeup techniques further added to the ever-changing appearance of her eyes. 

Overall, it’s impossible to know for certain what color Audrey Hepburn’s eyes truly were. Despite this, it is certain that her eyes were enchanting and, as she believed, her most captivating feature. 

No matter the actual eye color, Audrey Hepburn was an inspiring and beloved Hollywood icon whose warm beauty inspired countless people all across the world.

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