Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron is an American animated film directed by Kelly Asbury and Lorna Cook.

It was released in May, 2002 and revolves around the story of ‘Spirit’, a Kiger Mustang stallion. It also has a Netflix spin-off series titled “Spirit Riding Free” that premiered in 2017, and a spin-off original film named “Spirit Untamed”. 

What Are The Horses’ Names On Spirit?

What are the horses’ names on Spirit?

What Are The Horses’ Names On Spirit

They are a range of multiple horses, some of them namely Strider, Chocolate, Mystery, Spirit Jr., Alma, Luna, Rain and more. The range and names of horses differ across their various counterpart shows and films. 

What kind of horse is Spirit’s mom?

Spirit’s mom is an attractive palomino mare. Her name is Esperanza and she is distinguished by her blonde mane, tail and a golden coat. She has beautiful brown eyes, white muzzle and four white socks. 

Does Spirit have a kid?

Spirit has a son with Rain named Spirit Jr. He is the pet of Lucky and tends to enjoy a good adventure.

spirit riding free black horse name

His physical features have close resemblance with Spirit, and he has a blaze mark that is a genetic gift from his mother Rain. 

What happened to Lucky’s mom in Spirit Untamed?

The plot of Spirit Untamed focuses on how Lucky’s father does not want her riding horses anymore because her mother died in a riding accident.

Her death brought a sense of fear into the family, and given Spirit’s wild personality, the fear grew more. 

Is Spirit based on a true story?

Spirit’s character is based on a real-life mustang stallion with similar features. His name was Donner. The production team used to observe his movements, muscle reflexes and behavioral patterns to develop Spirit’s character.

Donner was housed in an American Wild Horse Sanctuary and has gained immense traction since the inspiration behind Spirit’s character was revealed. 

What is the difference between Spirit Riding Free and Spirit Untamed? 

what are the horses names on spirit

Spirit Riding Free focuses on the adventures of Lucky and her pals as they explore the city whereas Spirit Untamed is a standalone film that explores Lucky’s emotional journey following her mother’s death. The film bears no connection to the show. 

What is Lucky’s full name in Spirit Riding Free?

Lucky is a nickname for Fortuna Esperanza Navarro Prescott. She is the protagonist of Spirit Riding Free and Spirit Untamed.

She is the only daughter of Jim Prescott Jr. and Milargo Navarro. Her father is a railroad scion in the frontier town of Miradero and her mother is a Mexican circus performer. 

What type of horse is Spirit’s girlfriend?

Spirit shares a romantic relationship with Rain, a sorrel tovero paint mare with sleek features.

She has crystal blue eyes, and her mane and tail are pale blondes. She possessed an eagle feather in her mane that was removed by Little Creek towards the end of the movie to signify letting go. 

What happens at the end of Spirit Untamed?

Spirit and Lucky fought together, and Spirit managed to kick Hendrick out of the ship and Lucky rescued the horses.

The horses were rescued by the evil horse wrangler and following that, Lucky and Spirit parted ways. Spirit joined the herd of horses and Lucky went back to her family. 

Why did Aunt Cora move out?

Lucky was having trouble finding her footing and after some failed attempts, Prescott expressed his disappointment in Cora as she was unable to discipline her.

With Lucky’s manners not improving, Cora realized that she is incapable of doing the task and hence left home to stay at the inn. 

Who is the voice of Lucky in Spirit Riding Free?

what are the horses in spirit called

The voice of Lucky in Spirit Riding Free is Amber Dawn Frank. She is an American actress and is best known for her role in the Haunted Highways playing the character of Taylor Hathaway. 

Who is Lucky’s love interest in Spirit Riding Free?

Lucky and Javier share a special bond in the show and he turns from being a friend to boyfriend. He is a Mexican teenage cowboy working as a truck driver.

They meet for the first time when Javier goes to Miradero to perform in its fiesta’s charreada. 

What does Little Creek decide to name Spirit? 

Little Creek names Spirit as ‘Spirit Who Could Not Be Broken’ and indicates that Spirit and Rain are free to leave.

This takes place when Spirit and Little Creek return back to the repaired Lakota village and find Rain completely recovered.

They leave for their homeland, and eventually, Spirit is reunited with his herd and his mother Esperanza. 

What is Abigail’s last name in Spirit Riding Free?

Abigail is one of the prominent characters of Spirit Riding Free and her last name is Erika Stone. She is a humorous character and is closest to Lucky Prescott and Pru Granger. She also has a horse named Boomerang. 

Who is Strider Spirit?

Strider Spirit is Spirit’s father and a black stallion mustang. He has only appeared in the book series where he lived in a herd with Esperanza and their leader was Cedar.

After separating from the herd, they took control of their own land and started the Cimarron herd. 

Was Spirit Riding Free canceled on Netflix?

what is prus horses name on spirit

Spirit Riding Free successfully ran for eight seasons on Netflix. But in April 2018, Netflix announced that the show will not be renewed for a ninth season due to its low ratings and increasing production costs. It had been bearing losses for quite some time. 

Who is Pru in Spirit Riding Free?

Pru is a nickname for Prudence Granger and she is one of the three central characters in Spirit Riding Free.

She was a horse trainer and was of extremely competitive nature. She is protective of her friend Lucky and occasionally got into trouble with his father Al Granger. 

What is the donkey’s name in Spirit?

The show has a donkey belonging to the snips named Senor Carrots. Snips is extremely attached to the donkey but the donkey does not reciprocate similar feelings because he is usually indifferent.

Senor Carrots is extremely scared of rabbits and shelters in a stall in the barn. 

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