#WEALLHIDE: How Don’t Hide PR Is Helping The Indie Comic Book Industry In A Powerful Way

Don't Hide PR: Digital Comics (2020)

Credit goes to Don’t Hide PR for all of their wonderful additions, for more information head to Don’t Hide PR on socials, their website, or the respective websites linked.

As COVID-19 takes storm across America, the comic book industry — as many of you know — is taking a huge hit. Comic book shops are not seen as “essential” and paperback releases have been put on hold, for the most part, throughout the industry because of it. Digital is coming back in a powerful way, Comixology offered a free-trial for their services while we are on lockdown. A few creators have begun commissions, pushing digital releases, or simply making wonderful webcomics or webtoons. In light of this, the indie industry is taking a huge hit as they are creator-owned comics; Don’t Hide PR is changing that and in the best way possible.

Don't Hide PR: Courtesy of Mundy Morning (Pins & Comic Books); Natasha Lyonne (2020).
Courtesy of Mundy Morning

Our friends at Don’t Hide PR have created a free submission campaign to help support your creative endeavor, whatever that may be and on whatever platform that may be (yes, including Etsy). If you didn’t know creators are on Etsy, then today is a wonderful day for you.

What Is Don’t Hide PR Doing?

Melissa and Ren want to help creators who have been affected by COVID-19 with cancelled and rescheduled conventions, pushed back or cancelled comics or series, and create a positive environment to continue to push these creative endeavors. From now until May 8th (and possibly after, but right now the website does say May 8th as the submission deadline), Don’t Hide PR will continue the #WEALLHIDE submissions and PR blast campaigns. They are here to help as much as they can far and wide and everything in between. So let’s get started, shall we?

Mundy Morning

If the wonderful picture of Natasha Lyonne doesn’t grab you, the rest of the art prints and comics will.

Pineapple Pizza Comics

By Danny Djeljosevic. I don’t use Etsy as much as the next, so the opportunity of comics was not something I foresaw before. It’s incredible to use the platform in a way that supports indie comics. Not only are Pineapple Pizza Comics giving you comics, but ‘cute little enamel pins’ are also for sale.

The series, Sweet Little Resistance is about “A magical girl hangout comic for fans of Sailor Moon!” What more could you possibly want? The comic features Elizabeth Brei, Dakota Bardy, Lisa Sterling, Victoria Watkins, and Danny Djeljosevic.

Headless Shakespeare Press

If it has Shakespeare in its name, I am standing in line for it. Beginning in 2000 as an outlet for Craig Hurd-McKenney’s zines, mini-comics, anthologies, comics, and graphic novels. It is now a hub for queer comics and representation in content and in creator credits. It does this so that new voices can be raised, LGBTQIA+ stories are normalized, vocalized, and LGBTQIA+ stores are easily obtainable.

Lucy Sullivan

Sullivan is a comic and zine creator as well as author and artist of the graphic novel, Barking.

The Simon Corporation

Jamie Danger was first sighted eating a goat carcass just outside the village of Albany in 1892. He wasn’t seen again until he was spotted wandering the halls of a tuberculosis hospital in 1954. Now he lives in Chicago, where he writes and draws nonsense.

  • Credit: Don’t Hide PR (As they said it better than we ever could).

Fanbase Press

The most recent release QUINCE: THE DEFINITIVE BILINGUAL EDITION (in both English and Spanish) collects the Eisner-nominated series.

David Gallaher

Harvey Award-nominated and Best Online Comic Award winner and author David Gallaher’s HIGH MOON under DC is his most prominent endeavor. However, he does serve as a consultant for Random House, The NYPD, and McGraw-Hill; Only Living Girl: Beneath the Unseen City was launched March 17. 

Steve Horton (BOWIE Comics)

Don't Hide PR: Courtesy of Steve Horton
Courtesy of Steve Horton

The most recent addition BOWIE is Harton’s latest release.

Lenox Art Emporium

If you love cats, you will love Lenox Art Emporium. LORD OF THE COSMOS issue one and two are available now along with some satanic artwork for your viewing pleasure.

Jonathan Scott

Don't Hide PR: Courtesy of Jonathan Scott
Courtesy of Jonathan Scott 

CAMP VA07 is the latest Kickstarter dystopian thriller by Comichaus. Written by James McCulloch, with art by Jonathan Scott and letters by Rob Jones.

Ben K sy (THE77 Upcoming Comic)

The new retro comic THE77 launches this May. You can pre-order now.

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