If you want more Ghosted In LA, we have covered all of the issues until Ghosted In LA #4.

We are officially on the fourth issue of Ghosted In LA and what better way to start than to say: What just happened?! If you have read Ghosted In LA #4 then you know why I am asking that. We have a lot going on and even more questions to ask. As per usual, Sina GraceSiobhan KeenanCathy Le, and DC Hopkins are behind Ghosted In LA #4 and the series as a whole.

So far we have Daphne in a crap-load of trouble with ghosts. She was nearly eaten alive in the third issue, found out her ex-boyfriend was homosexual (who she may have still liked a little bit?), and Daphne is ghosting her best friend or the friend she had an argument with before she left to go to LA. What more could go wrong? Oh, that’s right… coming next in Ghosted In LA #4.

Ghosted In LA #4 Cover, BOOM! Studios (2019).
I THOUGHT RONNIE WAS DEAD, WHY WOULD Y’ALL DO THIS? // Ghosted In LA #4 Cover, BOOM! Studios (2019).

What Happens In Ghosted In LA #4?

In the previous issue, we left on a cliffhanger; Daphne was just about to be eaten by Maurice when the issue ended. Since that issue ended with Maurice, we eventually had to learn why he’s so mean to Daphne and everyone else. Throughout this issue, we get a swift past look at who Maurice was before he died. Unfortunately, Maurice wasn’t the most delightful person before he died either.

Normally, when you have an aggravating character they have a redeeming quality, but not in Maurice’s case. We see that he was extremely rude to his family, himself, and everyone else around him. The last words from AGI to Maurice seem acceptable:

“You’re rotten from your life, to your death… and now here.”

AGI, Ghosted In La #4 (BOOM! 2019)

This leads to him being banished by AGI. She doesn’t think he warrants being in the afterlife — because he hasn’t changed — and gets rid of him. However, I have a feeling that we aren’t done with Maurice. He may pop back up in future issues. I do foresee Bernard and Ronnie hitting it off, I ship it. Aside from AGI being a total badass in this issue, we also get a new ghost-friend: Zola Telsa.

Illustrations & Writing Of Ghosted In LA #4

The illustrations of this issue are phenomenal as well — as we said in the previous issue, the coloring, art, and lettering are spotless by the third issue. We are noticing more colors, facial expressions, and scenes that pop (see pages 10, 13, 14, 15, and cover of this issue). The coloring is something that I have praised many, many, times before and that won’t stop here.

It is all-around, powerful and vibrant. Throughout the series, it is what makes the various ghosts pop and now that we have a previous rockstar, I cannot wait to see what the team conspires up for her look. I mean, look at Daphne? She’s gorgeous! The writing, as always, comes through the page.

Ghosted In LA Is A Consistent Series With Lots O’ TLC

With the last issue being one of the best in the series, as we stated, this issue moves forward on the story we had from the previous issue. Typically, the reading is in pairs (I feel). Issues one and two go together, then issues three and four go together; Sina Grace seems to be having paired stories as the series goes along. What I mean by that is, issues five and six will be a pair.

Ghosted In LA #6, Page #5, BOOM! Studios (2019).
So… you got a boyfriend? – Bernard // Ghosted In LA #4, Page #5, BOOM! Studios (2019).

The story, plot-wise, continues, of course, throughout. However, when it comes to issues one or two — I don’t place them with three or four. The standard plot is the same, but the cliffhanger in three deals with the continuation of four. That means five will begin with the rocker ghost and continue to six. It also means that you are able to pick up anywhere in the series and it makes sense. If you were to start with issue three, even without the context, it would and should still make sense.

Ghosted In LA #7, Page #5, BOOM! Studios (2019).
Ghosted In LA #4, Page #5, BOOM! Studios (2019).

I don’t know if this is what the team was intending to do, but that is an aspect that I noticed while reading so far. I enjoy it quite a bit because you don’t have to relate everything to issue one in order to have it all make sense. The plot swims along nicely on its own. You can always tell when a team works well together, everything just falls in place, that truly happens with Ghosted In LA. You can see that they all correspond with one another and have the same idea for the series.

That is what makes it one of my favorites out right now.

What Can We Look Forward To With The Series?

I am looking forward to the rest of the series. I love what they are doing with the story and I hate how short they are each month. So, I have talked, and talked, AND talked, about how wonderful this series is; but I promise it is for good measure. It’s wonderful! The story has so many elements that are unresolved that it could go on forever, which I wouldn’t mind at all.

You can tell that this series is made by people who love the story. That is important in comics, with any medium, but comics especially. I am excited to see what the team does to me next month, my heart can’t take much more, but bring it on Sina! How much trouble can Daphne get into?