A new web series coming at you called “We Kill Em'” is ready for the watchin’! It is a zero-budget web series, which means it’s made with no money, everything used is everything they own or everything they borrow. It is a Seattle-based web series that is about monster hunters.

“Monster hunters in a world where that job is about as mundane as your basic, run-of-the-mill exterminator.”

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What we love about this web series is the is the fact that it gives us 90s vibes but in a really good way. You remember the old school 90s shows that make you laugh incredibly hard still to this day? Like that. Sort of a twist on Are You Afraid of the Dark! but, for adults and funnier.

Okay, you get what we mean — but, the web series is good. Trust us, give this a watch — you won’t regret it. Who knew so many people were on craigslist looking for monster hunters? I mean, it’s 2017, I guess anything is possible.

Where To Watch We Kill Em’?

The main characters are a depraved alcoholic and an optimistic man-child. The season finale dropped a few days ago for season one, so this is coming in perfect time for a web series binge session. Season 2 is aimed to be released in 2018. You can find the entire series here, and the trailer for the series down below.