Black Mask Studios is entering summer time with a first issue banger titled, We Are The Danger #1. This comic is written and illustrated by Fabian Lelay, the colorist onboard is Claudia Aguirre, and the letterer onboard is Taylor Esposito.

About We Are The Danger #1

Everyone remembers starting out as the new girl. Well, Julie Malliari understands too. Starting as the new girl in your senior year of high school can look weary. Julie Malliari is having a subpar first day, everyone is ignoring her, no one wants to be her friend… until Tabitha comes along.

We Are The Danger #1

We Are The Danger #1, Black Mask Studios (2018).

Tabitha changes everything and invites her to a concert. However, after Julie shows up she thinks Tabitha stood her up; she remains nowhere to be found. That is until she texts her and says see you after the show, we go on in 5! Along the way, she meets a really adorable guy, too!

After a crazy night out at a rock show, their friendship slowly turns to bandmates. Before they know it, they form a bond that can never be broken and so they set their sights on a record deal. But… they just need to win it in a nationwide Battle of the Bands competition.

That should be easy, right? Right…

Rock N’ Roll Ain’t Easy…

The characters in We Are The Danger #1 are so enjoyable, even Julie despite her adorable awkwardness, she is playful. What Julie needs is a group of misfits just like her to make her senior year something special and she finds just that.

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But, it comes at a price and is Julie willing to pay it — that is the million dollar question. Tabitha is the cool girl; she’s the girl everyone loves to like and every girl — and boy — probably has a crush on her. Nonetheless, these two main characters make up We Are The Danger #1. 

And, they are written so perfectly.

We Are The Danger #1

We Are The Danger #1, Black Mask Studios (2018).

When we first read this issue it stood out in terms of enjoyment. A coming of age story about a girl who loves to rock n’ roll? We are certainly in. The writing and illustration from Fabian Lelay are fantastic. They are both playful in a way that brings out the fun of the comic.

It shows the rock n’ roll side of things and makes you travel back to your adolescence and remember that phase you had in eleventh grade. The writing and the speech bubbles create a very adolescent atmosphere, which, in turn, makes you have fun while reading. It’s not a serious comic, it’s not a comic that should be taken seriously.

It’s a lighthearted comic book about friendship and music.

And, The Art?

The colorist, Claudia Aguirre, puts some joy into this, too. The three masterminds behind this comic drive it home. They all add something incredible to this comic to make it a home run. The coloring throughout We Are The Danger #1 is bright and golden.

We Are The Danger #1

We Are The Danger #1, Black Mask Studios (2018).

There are ombré pinks being used, yellows, a few oranges, and greens in there as well. The colors in this comic, again, add that whimsical effect to the overall concept of the comic. Nonetheless, we get a grand introduction to what’s to come in the future of We Are The Danger.

And, we are utterly way too pumped to tune into more of what We Are The Danger #1 brings to Black Mask. And, Simon is absolutely adorable. Can we get more Simon and Julie?

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We Are The Danger #1 by Fabian Lelay, Claudia Aguirre, and Taylor Esposito.
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