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What to Watch When You Have Watched All Doctor Who Episodes

Fans will be waiting quite a while for the tenth season of Doctor Who, as the series does not return until 2017. There are months upon months to go before you’ll be able to witness the Doctor’s latest adventures. After you’ve cleared the backlog of Doctor Who episodes that date back to the 1960s, check out these great sci-fi series that will help to keep you sated during the latest Whovian drought.


torchwood - doctor who - the daily fandom

As a miniseries spin-off of Doctor Who, of course Whovians are going to love this series (at least the ones who aren’t children). Fans of the show appreciate getting a look inside the TARDIS, seeing all sorts of interesting new crime-fighting gadgets and experiencing new aliens with different motivations. In fact, many of the aliens that you meet in Torchwood aren’t even menacing. Some just happen to be lost.

Torchwood has everything that you love about Doctor Who (the strange humour, the action and the time/space travel), but it comes from a different perspective. The series is about the Torchwood Institute, which deals with incidents involving extra-terrestrials. Captain Jack Harkness, a recurring character from Doctor Who, is the main character. He’s more of an action hero and morally ambiguous character than The Doctor, and now there are more opportunities to get to know this charismatic character.


firefly - doctor who - the daily fandom

Described as an “American space Western drama,” the short-lived series Firefly seems to be the natural next step for any avid Whovian. In addition to having a similar theme of fusing unlikely genres with space travel, Firefly and Doctor Who also share similar styles of humour and action.

The major difference between the two series is their respective lifespans. While Doctor Who has been going strong for 35 seasons, Firefly was cancelled after only 11 episodes aired. It caused an uproar among fans, who are still campaigning for the series to return. The first and only season of Firefly and its spin-off film Serenity are available on US Netflix.


primeval - doctor who - the daily fandom

When strange and dangerous anomalies begin to make their way into our world via rips in the time-space continuum, Professor Nick Cutter and his associates jump into action to save England. While the premise of Primeval sounds a little bit too familiar, it is a unique take on British sci-fi television.

Fans of Doctor Who will appreciate a familiar premise paired with a more serious tone. The producers of Primeval deny the comparison to Doctor Who. They instead liken their show to The A-Team as it relies on the dynamic between the ensemble cast. Many critics have compared Primeval to Torchwood. Some argue that it is a superior series thanks to its impressive special effects which were nominated for a Visual Effects Society Award.

Life on Mars

life on mars - doctor who - the daily fandom

Life on Mars is a series about a Manchester police officer named Sam Tyler who finds himself in the 1970s after being involved in a traffic accident. He finds himself working at the same police station in the same location – only 40 years earlier. Over the course of two seasons, Life on Mars explores the possibilities of what really happened. Did he die? Did he go insane? Is he in a coma, or has he actually travelled back in time?

Alongside this central plot, the show follows Sam and his team as they work on various criminal investigations. Merging time travel and police drama, Life on Mars is a great choice for Doctor Who fans. Life on Mars was generally well-reviewed by critics and viewers while consistently achieving high ratings. It was nominated for several awards, including International Emmys, Broadcasting Press Guild Awards, British Academy Television Awards and National Television Awards.

Being Human

being human - doctor who - the daily fandom

Being Human takes all of the supernatural bits that fans love about Doctor Who and hones in on them. The series is about a ghost, a werewolf and a vampire who live together in shared accommodation. They try their best to live normal lives and blend into the human world. It is a more serious show than Doctor Who, but features the same British flavor that Whovians will be missing when they run out of episodes.

Over its five season run, Being Human won several awards from the Royal Television Society, the SFX Awards and the Writers’ Guild of Great Britain. It is a critically acclaimed series and many Doctor Who fans turn to Being Human when they are in the mood for something a little more intense. You should certainly check it out.

Series Availability

Most of these great series are available on Netflix, Hulu or Amazon. You can find them easily across Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom or the United States. If you don’t happen to be in any of these countries, browse Secure Thoughts for a VPN that will provide you with the access you need to watch great shows like Torchwood, Firefly and Being Human.

Other than that, you should be pleased to know that these series don’t look like they’re going anywhere. That gives you plenty of time to find those few shows you want to fill up your Doctor Who downtime.

What are you watching while you await the return of The Doctor? Let us know about your favourite Doctor Who replacements in the comments section!

Author Bio: Cassie is an entertainment blogger and self-confessed Whovian. She loves all things related to time travel and makes it her mission to inform the online public about the films and television series that do a great job.

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