Watch Out Daredevil, Bullseye Is Here – Daredevil Season 3, Episodes 1-6 Spoiler Review


All spoilers from episode one to six. If you don’t want to know what happens before it happens, stay clear. If you don’t mind, keep reading. If you want semi-non-spoiler reviews, click here, here, and here.

These are non-spoiler reviews, with only spoilers from what has been released on the interwebs. So, without further ado, let’s talk about Daredevil season 3, episode 1-6.

What You Missed On Daredevil, Episode 1

In the first episode, we got a glimpse of resurfaced Matt Murdock. We all knew he was alive after Defenders, but we didn’t know the state in which he was alive. Turns out, he remained beaten and battered, but alive at his old Catholic school. The first episode proves to be the deepest episode with the Born Again theme. He spends this episode feeling aggression, guilt, and anger that he cannot be Daredevil.

His body remains broken, he can barely hear, and there’s blood everywhere in his body. The first two episodes, especially, deal with Murdock dealing with his faith. What it means to believe in something, anything. Since Matt was young, he didn’t believe in faith, not really. In the beginning, he did. Towards the end, he was frustrated after losing his sight.

Episode one is a discovery into what Matt deals with internally. Foggy is the only one that truly knows what Matt deals with, that is why Karen could never understand. Karen believes Matt is lying just to lie, but there’s more to Matt’s aggression. Something she would never understand like Elektra did. In regards to Matt’s emotional state, these first few episodes are intense.

What You Missed On Daredevil, Episode 2

Wilson Fisk, who turns out to have staged the entire situation, got stabbed in prison. This leads to a side plot about an FBI agent that we will see occur again and again throughout the season. Ray Nadeem is an FBI agent who is working for Fisk. For multiple reasons, but he is in debt, and nearly broke, if not actually broke already. But, that was because he funded his family members cancer remission.

Ray captures a criminal who the FBI has been searching for. Great job, right Ray? Unfortunately not in about two episodes. However, the first two episodes of Daredevil truly focus on Matt’s experience with coming back to life. He is doing a ton of work internally and externally to somehow make sense of it all. He doesn’t believe in God, no, but he does try his best to make sense of how he is still alive.

Even the viewer doesn’t quite know how either. His former priest and sister nuns are helping him and, throughout, you do see Murdock in his childhood in comparison to now. Previous seasons have done this as well, where we see young Murdock and how he has come to be The Man Without Fear today. The beginning of the season is exactly that. It’s the first few pages of Frank Miller’s panels coming to life.

What You Missed On Daredevil, Episode 3

While, not much happens in the first few episodes, that is usually how the season goes. The first three episodes are filler for how Daredevil will get back into the game. A series of events happen and it leads us into episodes four and five. Matt Murdock is getting back into action, and this is going to lead us into Fisk essentially getting freed but under FBI supervision. 

However, in Daredevil episode three, we do get Born Again sequences. As we couldn’t say this before, Matt Murdock is beginning to see Wilson Fisk in his head. His little devil on his shoulder is Wilson Fisk in a white suit. Every time he does something wrong, Fisk is there. Every time he doesn’t do something, Fisk is there. When he’s sleeping, Fisk is there. Murdock is truly starting to go insane, and now that Wilson will be freed, Murdock feels it is up to him to send him back to jail. And, Fisk won’t let that happen.

What You Missed On Daredevil, Episode 4

As stated above, this is where the climax of the season begins. You get the emotional turmoil in the first three episodes. After that, this is where the action truly begins. Matt met with Foggy at a bar and told him he was alive, Foggy thinks he is seeing a ghost. But, Matt assures him that he is not.

Thankfully so, Foggy is too inebriated and hurt to realize Matt stole his wallet, this will come up again in the next few events. Nonetheless, Matt tells Foggy that he is becoming Daredevil and leaving Matt behind. He tells him not to tell Karen (which he does anyway) and that this is the last time he will see him. This breaks Foggy’s heart because he’s been grieving thus far and to find out Murdock is alive is a shock. 

Wilson Fisk Is Free? Well, Kind Of…

So, last episode Wilson Fisk is in a penthouse suite living in luxury because he got stabbed in jail. His fiancé is missing, and they don’t know where she is. Throughout the events of him going to his penthouse suite, he is ambushed. Long story short, Ray is ambushed as well and nearly dies… until someone saves them, Benjamin Poindexter. He is thus on detail for Fisk and this begins the Bullseye storyline. 

In-between that, Matt goes to prison as Foggy Nelson and tries to find information. By this time, everyone knows Wilson Fisk is out of jail and in a penthouse suite. Murdock tries to break in but can’t. Fisk also knows by now that Matt is alive, so by the time Murdock goes to prison – it’s infiltrated. The action is jam-packed throughout Matt’s stint in the prison.

He barely gets out alive. He does find information, however, Fisk set up the stabbing in order to get out of jail. That was his plan all along, he paid someone off to do it. This leads Matt into even more leads than before. While he is in prison, also, Wilson Fisk tries to get him killed. He calls him and tells him that he is a dead man for trying to acquit Vanessa or kill her. Therefore, the revenge begins.

What You Missed On Daredevil, Episode 5

Daredevil episode five is when events and plots start to hit the fan. Poindexter, who was slightly uncomfortably weird, to begin with, is a stalker, too. He is stalking a girl he likes or met maybe a few times? It’s really weird. He spends time in her house, follows her around, and when she’s running in the morning he follows her there too.

Then he goes to her job and she realizes that he used to work at a “Suicide Hotline.” She is friendly, not really knowing that he is a stalker. They go out for drinks and dinner, but things get weird. He begins admitting things that she never told him to begin with. Things get weird, he gets upset and the key moment here is when he throws a knife at her picture and it looks like a Bullseye. Pretty clever, right?

Before that incident, or in-between it since Daredevil intertwines multiple storylines, Fisk is looking into Poindexter. It goes back to his childhood, his parents, his family, and how he grew up. This transpired because Poindexter was being looked into from the ambush incident a few episodes prior. Someway, somehow, he was being a suspect.

After the FBI questions Fisk, he sticks up for him. Obviously wanting something in return. Poindexter asks him and he doesn’t say. Nonetheless, Fisk has something else under his sleeve. He wants Poindexter to become the next villain. And, after looking into his file – Fisk knows exactly who is perfect for the job. Thus, Bullseye remains introduced. And, thus, this leads us into what episode six has in store for us.

What You Missed On Daredevil, Episode 6

In the height of the season, Matt Murdock calls on Karen Page for help. At the beginning of Daredevil season 3, Matt thought he could do this all himself. Take on the world, take on Fisk, and take on everything else while doing the first two. However, even the strongest people in the world need some sort of help. Matt realizes that and calls on Karen. She talks to Foggy to make her decision and calls on Sister Maggie for some advice.

Sister Maggie tells Karen that Matt is a troubled man. No matter how much he pushes others away, he is in need of them. Everyone has left Matt in his youth, and, honestly, that’s what he remains accustomed to by now. And, what better way to not get hurt than to just push people away before they can do so themselves? Poindexter, or Dex, is going crazy.

He is replaying the scene in his mind when his creepy stalker fake-girlfriend ran away from him. He can’t sleep, he can’t really eat, and Wilson Fisk is trying to get under his skin. The worst comes to fruition when a story is run on him and he is ‘temporarily’ let go from the FBI on what seems like paid leave. Dex doesn’t really know what to do, but he reaches out for help from Ray. It doesn’t make much sense now, but for some reason, this all plays into Bullseye.

You can slowly see him going crazy little by little.

The Second Half Of Daredevil, Episode 6

With Wilson Fisk basically on the streets, everyone is in trouble. It creates a chain of events for events for events that happen. People are in trouble because of one man who is on the loose. This one man is creating turmoil in everyone’s lives. What is everyone to do? Bullseye, Dex, is getting into the mind of Fisk. One again, Fisk is playing the game on two-sides.

He knows Dex is unwell, obviously has mental health issues that he must deal with. Fisk is using that to his advantage now knowing his past and everything included. However, Karen Page has called on Murdock to turn himself in for Evans (the guy who shanked Fisk in prison).

If Matt turns himself in and Evans make his statement, Matt basically goes free just fine. If you play back to when Karen shot and killed Wesley – it’s coming back now. Karen had to tell Foggy because if not the FBI would have looked into a case they did for Fisk (without knowing it) way back when. A lot of things are at play here if you haven’t seen the previous seasons. It comes back to fruition in season three. 

Who Are You? I’m Daredevil

Daredevil episode six is where Daredevil meets Bullseye for the first time. It is where we all meet Bullseye in his uniform and all for the first time. This makes for a great ending to episode six. While Bullseye is not actually Bullseye. He introduces himself as Daredevil; which we all know he is not.

They have an action-packed showdown in the dark newspaper office. Dex is going to be a force to be reckoned with, he’s strong, he’s forceful, and he’s scary. Matt Murdock does have something to be scared of now, and who knows for how long. Dex pulls the trigger on Evans and episode six ends with Karen Page at the heat of the fire once again. 

What do we make of this new villain causing havoc under Daredevil‘s name? I guess we just have to wait and see what everyone will do come the rest of the season of Daredevil.

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