Victoria Ruffo is a Mexican actress who started her acting career in 1980 with telenovelas and has continued to work in a few of them over the years. In 2010 she was named as Latin America’s 50 most beautiful people. 

Was Victoria Ruffo Married to Eugenio Derbez

Was Victoria Ruffo married to Eugenio Derbez?

Victoria allegedly married the comedian Eugenio in 1991 and they parted ways after 5 years. They got into an ugly court battle to gain custody of their son.

While Victoria accused him of cheating, Eugenio mentioned that their marriage was merely symbolic with exchange of rings and not an official wedding ceremony. 

What does Eugenio Derbez do? 

He is a Mexican actor and comedian and is known for his comedy TV series Cachun Cachun Ra Ra!

He was born to actress Silvia Derbez and publicist Eugenio Salas, giving him access to the world of show business from childhood. He was just 12 when he bagged his first role in a Mexican soap opera. 

Who is Victoria Ruffo married to now?

She got married to Omar Fayad in 2001. He is a Mexican politician belonging to the state of Hidalgo where he served the office as a deputy and senator.

He is presently the Governor of Hidalgo and member of the Institutional Revolutionary Party. 

How many children does Victoria Ruffo have?

She is known to have three children namely Jose, Eduardo and Derbez from her first marriage, and Victoria Fayad and Anuar Fayad from her second marriage. 

Who is Eugenio Derbez’ wife presently? 

Why do they call him Jose Maria

Eugenio Derbez got married to Alessandra Rosaldo who is a Mexican actress, dancer and model.

She has been the face of several soap operas like Amarte es mi Pecado and Ni contigo ni sin ti. She has a child with Eugenio named Aitana Derbez. 

How old is Eugenio Derbez? 

He was born on 2nd September 1961, making him 60 years old presently. He was born and raised in Mexico city and has shown interest in an acting career since childhood. 

Is Eugenio Derbez rich?

As of March 2022, he is known to possess a net worth of 35 million dollars. Belonging to a successful show business family, he has multiple income streams as an actor and filmmaker. 

Who is Eugenio Derbez in Coco?

Pixar’s Coco has a Spanish dub version where Eugenio Derbez voiced the donkey. The film’s song also had a bilingual touch that made the audience feel closer to their culture. The co-director of the film is Adrian Molina, a Mexican-American behind the workings of Pixar. 

Where did Eugenio Derbez get married? 

Eugenio and Alessandra got married on July 7th 2012 after years of dating. The ceremony took place at the Regina Coeli Temple in Mexico City.

Where did Eugenio Derbez get married

It was a magnificent event and everyone got to witness it since it was broadcast nationally by Televisa. 

What does Jose Eduardo Derbez do for a living?

Being born to Eugenio and Victoria, he is also a Mexican actor. He debuted in the industry with his role as Patricio (Pato) in the musical comedy drama series titled, “Miss XV: Suena princesa”. 

How old is Aislinn Derbez? 

Being born on 18th March 1987, she is 35 years old presently. She started her career by taking some modelling assignments while studying visual arts in New York. She bagged several roles in films afterwards. 

Is Aislinn Derbez married? 

She was married to Mexican actor Mauricio Ochmann in 2016, but the couple announced their separation in 2020.

Is Aislinn Derbez married

They announced it on social media and received empathetic responses because the audience was extremely fond of them. 

Where was Mauricio Ochmann born? 

Mauricio was born in Washington DC, United States but contributed to the Mexican industry with his roles in telenovelas and movies. He is also known for appearing in Kevin Costner’s film ‘Message in a Bottle’. 

Was Mauricio Ochmann adopted? 

Mauricio grew up without knowing his biological parents. She is brought up by her adoptive mother Maria and her first husband Guillermo, who she later divorced. 

Why did Ochmann try to kill himself? 

Ochmann had a rough childhood given the lack of information about his origin and he had also succumbed to drinking at a very young age.

Since the substance abuse became more serious with age, he was on edge quite often and attempted to kill himself during a drug overdose. 

Why did Mauricio divorce Aislinn? 

They have been public about their split and spoken about it in podcasts, interviews and other platforms.

Aislinn claims that she will always be affectionate towards her child’s father but they had lost themselves along the way, and separation was important for them. They needed space to rebuild themselves but will continue to remain amicable. 

Is Mauricio a producer?

Yes, he has produced and starred in the American crime series El Chema which premiered on Telemundo in 2016.

Being a spin-off to the series El Señor de Los Cielos, it went on for a year and concluded in 2017. It is presently available to stream on Netflix. 

Is El Chema based on real life? 

It is suspected to be loosely based on former Mexican drug lord ‘El Chapo’. His real name is Joaquin Guzman and he is the former leader of the Sinaloa Cartel. Being a part of an international crime syndicate, he was fervently sought after by the officials. 

How does El Chema end? 

How does El Chema end

El Chema informed that El Rojo had no intention of breaking away from prison and wanted to pay for all his deeds.

It was followed by him being captured by the Ponce in Ecuador marking its end. The audience wanted the show to come back, continuing from that point onwards, but it hasn’t been renewed since. 

Why do they call him Jose Maria?

Chema is just a short nickname for Jose Maria. It is a common Spanish name for men that is a combination of the Spanish words for Jesus and Mary. 

Where was El Chema filmed? 

The show describes the happenings of drug trafficking along the shared borders of the US and Mexico. However, a major chunk of the show is known to be shot in and around Florida.

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