#WarGames on Steam is a new interactive game based on the choices you make; but, not just any choices. This game is based on which videos you watch more than others. By interactive, Eko is taking this game to another level. Released March 14th, 2018 — the game is now 20% at $2.39 and it ends March 21st, 2018.

  • Game: #WarGames
  • Company: Eko
  • Price: $2.99 USD or $2.39 USD (temporarily)
  • Where: On Steam!

The Beginning Of An Immersive Story

#WarGames is based on the film of the same name and is by the same creator as the video game series Her StorySam Barlow.


#WarGames (2018) by Eko

Except for #WarGames has a more millennial storyline to it. When the game begins you are taken in the story of Kelly (L1GHTMAN). There are six episodes or ‘chapters,’ if you will, included in this game.

The Prologue To The Bigger Picture In #WarGames

Kelly wakes up from what appears to be a crazy night and her hacker friends are introduced. Throughout this game, you will meet a series of 5 main characters. Torch, Jake (Jakester2000), Zane (Z_a_n_e), Fatima (Fat32) and her boyfriend she is currently living with Raphael (Rafi) (Raphael_B).


#WarGames (2018) by Eko

You will also meet other characters such as her family, her father, her deceased mother being spoken of, and other characters she comes in contact with. #WarGames has a great interactive story that reels you in. This game has been in my Steam queue for a while now and even though I was iffy about it — I was intrigued by the style of the game.

A New & Intriguing Style of Game to Play

Coming from someone who has yet to play Her Story and didn’t quite know about this immersive game style; I am impressed with #WarGames. It is an interesting take to have the game change based on what person or what video or what piece of evidence you are looking at.


#WarGames (2018) by Eko

It takes the bonus endings to a whole different level. You then will continue to play the game to see what possible differences you can find by watching a video longer than another. It is a fantastic way to create a game.

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The Pros and Cons of #WarGames

#WarGames is impressive. I am, by any means, a gamer or someone who has played millions of games across the board, but this one impressed me. While the pros are here and make the game entertaining, the acting was subpar. I know we are looking into the lives of these characters, but, at times, the acting was cringe.


#WarGames (2018) by Eko

However, that did not take away from the game at all for me — not all acting can be great and again, this is a game meant to be solely focused on the immersion, not the acting. I understand. It might have made me cringe from time to time, but at the end of the day, it doesn’t hinder my gameplay at all.

A 6-Part #WarGames Tale

Some chapters are shorter than others, ranging from ten minutes to half hour. However, #WarGames does let you know when you are about to begin a chapter how long it will be. That’s a nice little touch. By episode/chapter four, you are intrigued by what #WarGames will do next. Or, if L1GHTMAN will even take on the moniker #WarGames.

The game is dedicated to internet speed and WiFi, so if you don’t have good internet the game might not work as you want it to. Mine worked fine. The game is great to play and binge if you have a Friday night and not much to do. You can play it in sequences, but I couldn’t stop playing so I decided to binge the whole game in one sitting.


#WarGames (2018) by Eko

#WarGames actually has multiple ‘hacking’ scenarios in the entirety of the game. For one chapter, it focuses on a new up and coming rapper, the next is about L1GHTMAN’s mother, Elizabeth, and the concepts of each chapter go on. I don’t want to spoil too much of what happens in #WarGames, that is for you to find out and play.

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Nonetheless, at times in this game, it felt like a few of the chapters could have been one. Certain chapters are ten minutes, as I’ve stated before, and they could have been paired with the chapter before them. It seems long when they are separated like it is dragging along. However, since there are only six chapters it doesn’t feel that way for too long.

So, Should We Buy It & Play It?

Yes. The game is worth it — it’s three dollars and it’s worth the time and money that you spend on it. It is indicated in this game that we are playing season one, so possibly there may be an update with a second season in the future.


#WarGames (2018) by Eko

Hopefully, somewhere down the line paying for this game will bring many more updates in the future. The game is worth your time and a very cool way of making a sort of RPG game. If you are looking for a single player, RPG-like game, this is it.

I was impressed with the graphics, the way we are able to click each screen with ease. I had no hiccups. There weren’t any glitches or anything to complain about on that end. It is a nearly perfect game as far as tech goes — I was impressed. Go and buy this game and play it, it is so enjoyable.

It is not perfect, but it’s entertaining and fun — what more could you ask for?

#WarGames by Sam Barlow is now on Steam for 20% off!
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