Have you ever told a friend about a favorite character and been asked, “Why do you like them so much?” It’s hard to come up with a comprehensive list of captivating traits on the spot. Why not make a resume or dating profile for some of your favorite characters to whip out when you need a convincing way to rope more into a great fandom?

Getting Started

First, you will need a character that you want to create a profile for. Though the main characters will have filled backstories and canonical traits, tertiary characters are canvases for your imagination. Lesser known characters give you the freedom to explore the fine points of their personalities while solidifying why you like (or dislike) them so much. For our example, we will have Gandalf from The Lord Of The Rings and Lucretia from The Adventure Zone.

Credit: New Line Cinema

Resume Basics

Just like a job resume, you want to build your character’s resume starting with basic info. Their name, title, hometown, and age are solid starts. If you want to get into their height, eye color etc., then even better! While our example character Gandalf is originally from Valinor, he spends most of the adventure wandering Middle Earth attempting to do good. Lucretia also has a complicated home base, but the Bureau of Balance headquarters makes the most sense.

Credit: Cait May

Dungeons and Dragons has a solid way it builds characters with character sheets. This outlines race, class, level, and moral alignment. While this is more for role-playing, it can serve as a guide in what to include in your own character’s resume.

Credit: Wizard of the Coast

Resume Summary

This is the place where you can break down your character’s personality, goals, and relatability into a few sentences. Almost like a thesis statement, you want to put the highlights together in a concise yet intriguing way. Gandalf and Lucretia are similar in their leadership abilities but institute these traits with different motives. A simple sentence or two helps define the characters.

Summary | Lucretia is driven, smart and has the resilience of a true leader. With a deep love for her friends, Lucretia will do whatever it takes to protect and help those she loves.

Summary: Gandalf the White strives to give those in Middle Earth aid and guidance using his Valar granted powers. Filled with wisdom from his years of travel and learning, Gandalf has the ability to conduct peaceful negotiations as well as fight courageously when needed.

Career Highlights

Here’s where to put your favorite moments that your character has. Were they courageous in battle? Have a tender love scene? Were they super clever and witty at some point? Feature these moments so others can jump on the best parts.

These highlights don’t have to be character highs. They can also cover low points that are overcome or desolate times that inspire you to forge ahead. For our example, we use some battles that Gandalf shines in and a time that he is hard-pressed but still perseveres.

Gandalf Highlights


Your character may not have received a B.S. at a liberal arts college, but they still have relevant areas of expertise that were learned somewhere. Whether built over years spent as a ranger in the wilderness or spent in the educational system of the Universal Alliance, showing how they gained their knowledge gives new fans a sense of how the character processes knowledge. The Adventure Zone: Balance does not specifically lay out Lucretia’s schooling, but she clearly has enough intelligence and training to be part of the Institute for Planar Research and Exploration. Her prowess as a journal keeper and organizational skills as the Director are all top resume material.

Lucretia’s Resume

Resume Extras

Extra points on a resume can make your character stand out from the crowd. In order to make your character pop, use things like great quotes, personality quirks, or funny anecdotes. We include a couple of quotes from Gandalf, showcasing his wisdom and wit. For Lucretia, we divulge some of her lesser featured skills like her love for art, language fluency, and sense of style.

Putting It All Together

While this resume might not land your character (or you) a job, it will hopefully pull in new fans and admirers. Finding relevant facts or even headcanons is your prerogative! Have fun learning more about characters you love while you build a new way to expand your fandom.