Wonder Woman #83 picks up where we left off in the previous issue. Cheetah has invaded Themyscira with Wonder Woman’s tools at her hands. Steve Orlando began his run in the previous issue where he had to fill in mid-story. Cheetah is striving to draw out Hera and all the remaining Gods whom she believes are holding Diana back. Cheetah is of the belief that if she is able to kill the Gods, Diana will then be free. Despite Cheetah declaring that she is trying to help Diana, the Amazon princess does not contain any desire for Cheetah to fulfill her task.

Wonder Woman #83, Cover.
Wonder Woman #83 (DC Entertainment)

Wonder Woman #83 is basically a giant set up for the moment everyone knows is coming. The comic is, for the most part, one big battle scene that comes to an end upon the arrival of a brand-new major player. Unfortunately for the creative team, this issue felt a bit like a chore to read. With most of the dialogue being the characters monologing their plans and their motives behind them, which has gotten to be repetitive in the past few issues.

Battle In Boston

Though the battle begins in Themysicra, Diana, with the help of her invisible jet, manages to get Cheetah out of there. This scene was a bit confusing; one second they are in Themyscira, and the next, as Cheetah causes the jet to crash, they crash land in Boston. The reason this was frustrating was because it was never apparent that they had traveled away from Themyscira. Only a couple of panels were used between Themyscira and Boston.

As for the fight scene, as I said earlier it was full of each character monologing the motives behind their actions. The appearance of The Silencer felt a bit forced too. As Wonder Woman and Cheetah arrive and continue their battle in Boston, Silencer, who states she is on vacation with her family, joins the fight to protect her faimly. Throughout the scene, the Silencer felt a bit out of character. She did not feel like her typical assasin self, and instead was quite brash and erratic. Wonder Woman #83 contains a lot of action. But it doesn’t feel like it moved the story forward much (until the last panel).

The Art Team Of Wonder Woman #83

Jheremy Raapack and Miguel Mendonca share the job of art in the book. I have never been a big fan of having multiple artists on an individual book. The sudden shifts of art in a book can be distracting. To the credit of Raapack and Mendonca, it did not damage this issue. I honestly never noticed there were two artists on the book until the end. I was not a huge fan of the art in this issue. Some of the scenes felt like they jumped from place to place without seeing the actual action. Some of the facial expressions felt off at times as well.

Wonder Woman #83, Page #1: Wonder Woman battles Cheetah
Wonder Woman #83 (DC Entertainment)

Gabriel Eltaeb works as the colorist on this issue and did a fantastic job. The bright colors you would expect from a Wonder Woman issue are front and center. It is difficult to get on the art team all that much as they had this book thrown at them mid-story. With that being said, however, I was not that impressed and hope there will be an improvement in the coming issues.

What Did Wonder Woman #83 Bring?

If you are a fan of action and fight scenes you will enjoy Wonder Woman #83. The whole issue is one big battle scene between Diana and Cheetah. It will be interesting to see what role The Silencer plays in the rest of the story if any at all. This issue was not as comprehensive as the preceding few have been and, hopefully, the team can get back on track in the next one. With the big arrival on the final page, things look like they will start to pick up which gives us some hope.