Good day to you, sourwolves. My name is B, I’m from Italy, and even though I’m really new here at The Daily Fandom, I’ve been assigned quite the big show to begin with — Teen Wolf. I adore Teen Wolf, really. I adore how it started as a trashy show about kids who ripped their shirts every two scenes and evolved in a very complex, very deep story, with hints and influences from mythology and literature. To me, Teen Wolf’s apex was season 3B, with the Nogitsune Arc, and Dylan O’Brien devastatingly good acting skills. Season 4 wasn’t that great, I think, at least not as well built as season 3, but I hope that season 5 will redeem the show a bit, and answer all the questions that we still have. And that’s exactly what we’re talking about here, the upcoming Teen Wolf season 5.

Now, as of today there are seven weeks between us and the season premiere, which is why I though about making this small series, these «Waiting for the Pack» pieces — one each Thursday leading up to the premiere, each one with anticipations and speculations about what is waiting for us in season 5, to make our wait a little less hard.

Today, we’re starting for the very basics, and that is the season 5 trailer, released by MTV in April during the ceremony of the MTV Movie Awards. First things first, watch it down here!

As we all know, season 4 left us with basically all the questions we had built up unanswered. Who’s the Desert Wolf, aka Malia’s mom? What in the world is Parrish, exactly? What happened to Kate? What happened to Derek? This trailer doesn’t focus on any on that, but on the ones that seem to be the new villains of this season, these creepy doctors that «will see you now», because of course the only thing that was missing in Beacon Hills now were scary doctors. We’ve had crazy alphas, homicidal druids, revengeful fox spirits, hunters in full bloodlust, scary doctors fit right in. Who are these doctors? Is one of them the three-eyed man Peter was thrown in a cell with?

For now, know this — we may have a ton of stuff we need to know right now or we’re going to die, but at least MTV announced that the season premiere will actually be a double premiere, with 5×01 airing on June 29th and 5×02 airing just the day after, June 30th. Two episodes in a row, the deep sark secret wish of every tv show maniac. Jeff Davis also said that this season’s twenty episode will focus on one single story arc instead of two, like it happened for season 3.

teen wolf tweet

What do you think this season will bring? Opinions, wishes, speculations? Leave your ideas in the comments, and stay tuned until next week, where we’ll gather around all the news that spilled about s5 until now.
Ciao, people. See you next Thor’s day!