Welcome back, sourwolves of my heart, to the second episode of our Waiting for the Pack series, and I know it’s a little late, but the second semi-final of Eurovision just finished, and hey, here in Europe it’s A Big Deal. And when I logged onto Facebook I actually found that MTV released the actual, first trailer for season 5, just like that – so my carefully prepared article needed a little tweak here and there.

But here I am. Yay. So, here’s all you need to know (and, actually, all that we know for now) about the upcoming season 5. And the trailer + much needed speculation. Because I’m freaking out. Are you not freaking out? Isn’t everybody freaking out?

So, first things first, even if the cast and crew were very zipped up about news and what to expect, it’s certain that we’ll see a new supernatural creature. After wolves and Japanese kitsunes, the show is going back to Ireland and the celtic folklore (the same lore where Lydia’s Banshee comes from) for the Slaugh, «a creature that feeds on innocent people’s souls and sometimes can place a part of its rotting soul in its victims while they’re sleeping». Super fun stuff. Just the kind of guy you’d want hanging around Beacon Hills. Will the Slaugh be called to California by the Nemeton? For now, we know that it’ll be played by sixteen-year-old Michael Lynch, from Texas. The Slaugh itself was actually designed thought the contest launched by MTV itself, the #TWCreatureFeature, by the winner Jessica Short. Voices on set say that it’s terrifying. Yay. Like I needed another reason not to sleep at night.

The Slaugh won’t be the only bad guy in town. We already saw the scary doctors from the first teaser, but we don’t know a lot about them. Holland Roden though gave us a hint; at this year’s Paley Fest she said that «these villains are her favorites by far, even more than the Nogitsune». Now, I don’t think anything can top the Nogitsune Arc, but we’ll see what Davis came up with, I guess. I’ll have to admit though that Doctor Valack, the man Peter was locked up with at Eichen House, seems creepy enough – we’ll figure out what powers he has, what people see when they look in his third eye, and much more. He may even be the real big villain of this season.

Apparently Liam, everyone’s favorite cute puppy, will get a love interest this season. Look at my baby all grown up. The girl in question will be played by Victoria Morales, the new girl in town who will catch Liam’s eyes – not very original as a storyline, but who knows? Maybe we’ll get something good out of it. Or maybe the really interesting thing about Liam this summer will be seeing him struggle with his werewolves powers. After all, it’s not like he’s been a wolf for long, he probably still has to figure out a thing or two.
Dylan Sprayberry also hinted on Twitter (where his gym selfies keep raining down) that Liam’s role will grow and grow this season.
The Liam/new girl the romance isn’t the only one happening, and there is the very concrete possibility that Lydia will develop some kind of feelings for Parrish. Which was obvious, given last season’s final episodes – the two will spend time together trying to figure what kind of creature is Parrish, and well, what’s more romantic than monsters and probable death?

We also know that Tyler Hoechlin is not a regular anymore – I’ve cried gallons of tears about this because it’s Derek we’re talking about; of course, we’ll still see him, but Tyler is pursuing his career elsewhere. Since this is a pretty big deal, one of the articles in the series will actually be just about him. Again, because it’s Derek! 

And the same goes for the rumors that maybe Allison will come back. We don’t exactly know how – back to life? Flashbacks? Memories? – or even if, but it’d be a pretty great thing, given how quite a big part of the fandom still hasn’t gotten over hear death. Again, we’ll have an article up to talk about her and what her return could mean for both the series and the story.

A little bit more certain is the possibility of both Isaac and Danny’s returns, but it’s still just on rumors-level and nothing is known for certain. Two characters are coming back, but who? Maybe Isaac, maybe Danny, maybe even Deucalion.

What’s sure is that we’ll have a new wolf in town! Pretty Little Liar’s Cody Christian will be Theo, a lone wolf who’s looking for a back, and who – of course – stumbles in Beacon Hills. Apparently he’ll have a dark secret from his past (and who hasn’t?) that he’ll try to keep hidden from the others.

And now, the bromances. The Scott and Stiles BROTP is still going strong, but there’s also a great lady friendship on the way; Davis said that Lydia and Kira will spend a lot of time together, growing closer and solving mysteries even without the boys (while Kira will finally learn how to be a proper kitsune and still be badass with her katana). And I’d say preach. Big yes for ladies getting down to business!
And about Malia, well, with her father locked away, her main mission will be searching for her mother, the Desert Wolf, with the help of Braeden. And passing Maths, of course.

The whole cast also remarked that one of the focus points of this season is staying together. The pack will be high school senior this year, and so will have to deal with every teenager-done-with-school problem – leaving for college. I guess things will not be easy, since, for example, Stiles absolutely wants to leave for San Francisco, while Scott feels like it’s his duty to stay and protect Beacon Hills.
Oh, and Jeff Davis hinted at his intention of finally revealing Stiles’s tue name in the season finale – it’s about damn time, I’d say!

Now. This is what I had prepared. But down here’s the trailer, so let’s see what matches and what doesn’t.

We see no Slaugh (but maybe it’ll be a minor villain and appear only in a couple of episodes), but we see the Doctors. Oh, do we see them. They’re kinda steampunk, red glasses and weird gloves and long coats, and yes, they’re pretty scary. Also, they look vicious. But as for now, I still prefer the Nogitsune.

All the pack is here, flashing teeth, swords, screaming and talking about senior year (I’d like to remark the «Why don’t you trust anyone?», «Because you trust everyone!», which is basically the show and the Scott/Stiles relationship in two lines). We see the new wolf Theo, and most important, we see Lydia. Checking in at Eichen House? Another mental health institution? Why? What’s happening to her? Is maybe Doctor Valack jamming with her Banshee powers? If anyone touches even one strawberry blonde hair on my baby’s head I’ll become scary, let me tell you.

For now, I kind of like the atmosphere of it all. It sounds less mind-game than season 3 but also more structured that season 4, yet this is just a trailer, and it’s very easy to make a trailer look cool. The whole season is another story. June, please, be here soon. Cordially, the Teen Wolf fandom.

This is all for now. See you next Thor’s day, belli!