Vampironica #2 released last week, May 30th, 2018. We finally got our hands on a copy and we couldn’t be more excited about where the story will take us. If you don’t remember the previous issue from March 14th, 2018 — you can check our previous review here. The first issue was a game changer, and despite some setbacks, Vampironica #2 looks even better than the first.

The comic has the same masterminds as before behind it: Greg and Meg Smallwood on the story aspect, Jack Morelli on lettering, and Greg Smallwood on art. This comic has a small team, aside from the variant covers, and it is one of the better ARCHIE PUBLICATION comics we have read in the past year. Without further ado, let’s jump into the second issue Vampironica #2.

The Synopsis of Vampironica

The story for Vampironica is simple and easy to follow, Veronica Lodge was turned into a vampire. (That’s the quick synopsis for ya.) However, if you know the story of the Archie character, you know who Veronica is. Veronica Lodge is popular, a cheerleader, she’s pretty, she’s rich, and she’s fashionable. What more could she aim to be?

Vampironica #2

Vampironica #2, ARCHIE PUBLICATIONS 2018.

On a regular night, on a Friday to be exact, Veronica thought the worst of her life was Archie Andrews denying her for Betty Cooper. Instead, she had to go out with Reggie Mantle. Nonetheless, things got worse… her parents were attacked by a century-old vampire.

Veronica has to piece together what happened to her family, all while keeping her secret safe from everyone but Dilton. And, she has to find a way to not quench her thirst for blood.

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Vampironica #2 Is Still An Astonishing Series

An exceptional turnout in Vampironica #2 is the art. Without a doubt, Greg Smallwood does an outstanding job with making the art unique and fruitful. Again, in the first issue, we mentioned the art and the coloring of Vampironica #1. 

The same goes for the second issue, the art is minimalistic and bold with the colors it chooses. The panels and pages are also formatted to rarely bleed off the page which is a great choice to do. With a simple plot such as Vampironica #2, it only makes sense to have simplistic art.

Vampironica #2

One of our favorite panels from Vampironica #2, ARCHIE PUBLICATIONS 2018.

That is not saying the art is bad, by all means, the art is outstanding. Simplistic is good for this series, Riverdale is simplistic. It’s a place where goodie two-shoes Betty Cooper and Archie Andrews live. It’s a place where essentially nothing bad happens (or is supposed to happen).

Vampironica #2 Continues The Legacy

Following after the last issue, everything is maintained. The use of the purple tones and undertones are still prominent. However, the story goes a step further — it explains a little bit more into the plot. What we know so far, Veronica’s vampire-ism (is that a word?) and even a new plot into Reggie’s… whatever he is.

The comic stays true to where the first issue left off and in the best way. The plot is something that is refreshing for ARCHIE PUBLICATIONS. It is something to keep looking forward to. We know for weeks we were anticipating this second issue because the concept and idea of it is innovative.

Vampironica #2

Vampironica #2, ARCHIE PUBLICATIONS 2018.

Vampironica #2 goes by quick, it takes little time to read — you are left constantly wanting more from it. We will patiently be waiting for the third issue, but Vampironica #2 did not disappoint.

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