This review contains spoilers! Proceed with caution.

The Wicked Witch has never been a favourite character of mine, but the recent slew of Zelena-centric episodes have revealed a more likeable side to her. ‘Sisters’ stuck with this trend, and landed Zelena in the middle of an age-old dilemma: whether to choose the mister or the sister.

Hades outlined the gist of this conflict when he proposed they ‘make chaos’ together. He’s now set his sights on leaving the Underworld to rule over Storybrooke, and made it clear that Zelena must choose whose side she is on – his or Regina’s. This is classic manipulative behaviour, but Zelena seems to be falling straight into the trap of thinking she can ‘fix’ him (why, girl). She’s only just started on the road to redemption; the last thing she needs is to be swayed by Hades’ influence. Unfortunately, it’s looking more like Hades will win out eventually – Regina’s blessing only hammered another nail into the coffin. However, that surprise kidnapping at the end of the episode gives me hope that Zelena still has time to pull off a magnificent double cross.

It's too bad the actual Mills family isn't as close as the actresses are.

It’s too bad the actual Mills family isn’t as close as the actresses are.

If Hades’ represents the allure of going dark side, then Regina parallels that by being a beacon of hope. Although she’s far from perfect, she’s an example of what can happen when you embrace the light rather than hiding from it. Even Cora got in on the action, encouraging her daughters to find strength in each other. This sudden character change was questionable: Cora’s mistreatment of her children was appalling, and a couple of apologies doesn’t change the fact that they both deserved better. However, reuniting with her mother did give Zelena some closure. And since Cora is the reason Zelena became Wicked in the first place, this resolution may help her to move on to better things.

We’re now getting to the pointy end of the season with still no clue about how to defeat Hades. It’s clear, though, that Zelena will be instrumental to the process. She currently holds the power, and how she wields it will determine everyone’s fate.