With the recent seriousness news in the media, one could use a laugh now and then. That is just what you will get when you watch the satire that is Alex Cubis‘ new mockumentary, UNVERIFIED. If you have not heard of it yet, Alex’s mockumentary is something you will want to check out.

Alex Cubis is an Australian actor, university professor, and writer; however, UNVERIFIED is far from that. The protagonist, Andrew, is an unaware, self-entitled Los Angeles dreamer.

Alex is the main character of his mockumentary, UNVERIFIED. Other supporting roles throughout the series include; Courtney Dlugos (“South Beach”), Tricia Brooks (“Perception”), Joel Hogan (“1500 Steps”), and Landon Merrell (“The Right Side of James”).


UNVERIFIED is a mockumentary about an aspiring writer on his journey to secure a TV development deal. What makes this show something satirically great is Alex’s ability to portray an entitled 20-something-year-old who does not understand how his actions have consequences.

More often than not, he represents the entitlement in a way that makes you laugh and cringe at the same time (but, that is a good thing!) Like stated before; he is a self-entitled, unaware LA dreamer. This satirical mockumentary is all about the entitlement of the entertainment industry.

“The story has also been informed by my relationship with Los Angeles, frequent interactions with actors who claim to be struggling but are funded by their wealthy families, and my own neuroses.”

Where Can I Watch This?

The first three episodes that have been released are titled, “Episode 1: Home Life,” “Episode 2: Work Life,” and “Episode 3: Friend Life.” You can find all of the episodes uploaded so far on Cube TV’s YouTube or Facebook. You can find Alex Cubis on TwitterFacebook, and Instagram; Alex is also featured on Funny Or Die. Check out the first episode below!

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