Unlocking Francine’s Potential In Stranger Things: Six #3

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Beginning where we left off, Six is heading into the deprivation tank. What she sees is nothing but nightmares in this issue of Stranger Things: Six #3. Six has terrifying visions of children being put in danger and there is only one way for Six to survive… to escape. This issue was written by Jody Houser, penciled by Edgar Salazar, inked by Keith Champagne, colored by Marissa Louise, and lettered by Nate Piekos of Blambot, with cover art by Aleksi Briclot.

Going From Bad To Worse In Stranger Things: Six #3

When Six goes into the deprivation tank, all she sees are terrible things; they range from the iconic Christmas lights to the Demogorgon. She had nothing to do but freak out in the tank. When they took her out, she wouldn’t tell Dr. Brenner anything except that she saw visions of waffles. Convincing him she was only hungry, he let her go… for now.

Stranger Things: Six -- Page 3 -- Six going into the deprivation tank.
Stranger Things: Six #3 © Dark Horse

After the fiasco, Six goes on to have breakfast for dinner, but in between, we see flashbacks to her being persuaded to come live at Hawkins Laboratory. Dr. Brenner tried to convince her she would be safe. Six finally agrees to go, but she goes on to regret the decision.

Starting To Talk About Feelings

When supper is over Three is led out by a lab worker. Three arrives and uses his powers on the man to talk to Six alone. Going into a nearby bathroom, they sit and talk since Ricky (Three) has revealed himself to likewise be a part of the lab experiment.

Stranger Things: Six -- Page 14 -- Six and Three make up.
Stranger Things: Six #3 © Dark Horse

Three, knowing he is going to get in trouble by doing this act, ultimately gets Six to talk. She replies,

“I’m scared. I think something bad is coming.”

She declares that “she is sick of being scared” and they kiss on the bathroom floor of Hawkins Laboratory.

An Experiment Gone Wrong

After an unclear amount of time, we are brought into an observation room to watch Nine train with her ability. Dr. Brenner made Three, Six, and Nine’s sister watch as she tried to heat up rocks doused in a flammable liquid. When Nine is concentrating, Six gets a vision that something bad is going to happen and she tries to terminate the experiment. The next minute we have a lab tech banging on the glass and covering his face is a bunch of red boils. On the next page, Nine is bleeding out of her eyes, nose, and mouth and then proceeds to pass out.

Stranger Things -- Page 18 -- Nine has blood coming out of her eyes and is passed out.
Stranger Things: Six #3 © Dark Horse

After this horrifying event, the lab tech is dead. Three is outraged, and Nine has not woken up. Six has a talk with Dr. Brenner about the program and hopes it will shut down after the event. Dr. Brenner refuses to shut the lab down and ignores the incident. Saying they still need to learn. After Six realizes that Brenner doesn’t care about their well-being, she takes action. At dinner, Six passes a note saying “we’re getting out of here” to Three.

That Concludes Stranger Things: Six #3

This issue is a high follow up from the last issue. The art is excellent, as always, and this series is making us care more about these characters. We feel regretful about Francine and how she was roped into this whole mess for something she could not control. It is interesting to read, as Francine is so much older than Eleven, giving us a fresh perspective we haven’t seen before.

Stranger Things: Six: Page 12, Three uses his powers.
Stranger Things: Six #3 © Dark Horse

The ending is near with this series coming to a close in the next issue since this is a mini-series. A lot of things are still in the air, like what will happen to Nine and her sister? Will Six and Three be able to escape, and if they do, will they live? While we are hoping for a somewhat happy ending, we are not too sure considering what Hawkins lab will do to keep their secrets hidden.

Stranger Thing: Six #3 by Jody Houser, Edgar Salazar, Keith Champagne, Marissa Louise, Nate Piekos Of Blambot, and Aleksi Briclot.
Six is Delving Into The Deprivation Tank, where she will only see the horrible things that are to come for Hawkins, Indiana.