In light of Valentine’s Day, we are reviewing some wonderful love day comics. After we reviewed Jonesy Volume 1, we thought it would be appropriate to review Twisted Romance by Katie Skelly, Alex De Campi, Sarah Horrocks, and Magen Cubed (Image Comics).

This is a miniseries for the month of love out of four issues. They are all releasing amongst the month of February, and you can check out exactly when here. However, issue two is releasing on Valentine’s Day. We cannot wait for the next issue, but until then let’s talk about Twisted Romance 1 of 4.

Twisted Romance ≥ Twisted Love

Right off the bat, this comic’s art style is what grabs you. The art is phenomenal in terms of coloring, lettering, outlining, and speech bubbles. I am very fond of speech bubbles, and the way panels use speech bubbles to their advantage, and I loved the way Twisted Romance did it.

“In a city of seven million lonely souls… There are hundreds of businesses dedicated to bringing people together.”

The story of Twisted Romance is an unusual one. It mixed/mixes love with some dark and supernatural themes. I completely loved it. At first, I was expecting a unique twist on Heartbreak Incorporated where he breaks people’s hearts. Or, breaks up with people for cash, which would’ve been a refreshing take too. But, instead, I got something even better.

Heartbreak Incorporated does whatever he is asked to do; but, he appears to be different. We don’t know how, but it resembles he might be a vampire mixed with something else? That is what intrigues me the most about this comic. I am not entirely sure what he is, but I want to know more. More about the story of him, and more about the story of the others, too.

A New Beginning… Or So We Think…

The story begins with a woman named Sherri wanting the “other” woman (Elana/Esther) out of the picture. Her husband, Rubenstein, runs a club and he’s also running with other girls at the club. One in particular. The woman goes to Heartbreak Incorporated and pleads her case.

Sherri seems to have good intentions, but not so much when it comes down to it. She is kind of in it for the money and what Rubenstein makes. She doesn’t want the woman gone because she loves him, it seems she wants him gone because she’s “bleeding him dry” and she can’t get any of it.

Meserov/Misha appears to have more secrets than anyone. Between the weird scar on his chest and him knowing Elana, there’s a story to tell. We get a glimpse of it, but not enough, which keeps the reader on the edge of their seats. We know they have to kill in order to gain years or lives or time spans, and that is an interesting premise.

Twisted Romance Is An Exhilarating Ride

The ride of the first issue is great. It is intriguing to admire what happens next. I want to know more about the story of these characters. The art, as I have declared before, is what gets you. It is enlightening and sumptuous. It’s dark and compelling in its own way.

There is something about coloring, lettering, writing, and panels that all go together. And, when they are all flawlessly aligned… that makes for a genuinely good comic. Twisted Romance is an unusual ride into something that we are not accustomed to. But, it’s so enjoyable.

Mixing supernatural and dark love is an excellent premise for a comic. To make this a miniseries is even better – having four issues for the month of February is going to be outstanding. This comic is an entertaining read. Between everything I have mentioned and even more, you will not be disappointed in what the creators and artists are doing here.

I cannot wait for the next addition to this miniseries. Heartbreak Incorporated has a new customer.

Twisted Romance by Katie Skelly, Alex De Campi, Sarah Horrocks, and Magen Cubed.
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