Twelfth Grade (or Whatever)

‘Twelfth Grade (or Whatever)’ Web Series Recommendation

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Twelfth Grade (Or Whatever) is a modern adaptation web series of Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night.

Launched in early 2006, Twelfth Grade (Or Whatever) adapts William Shakespeare’s comedy play, Twelfth Night. Here’s the synopsis for this romantic comedy:

“Viola Messing is just your regular teenaged social justice warrior attending an all male boarding school in disguise to prove a point. However, when her handsome roommate Oren falls for Liv, the town recluse, Viola unexpectedly finds herself caught up in one of history’s greatest love triangles. And it’s an actual love triangle; Oren loves Liv, Liv loves Viola, and Viola loves Oren.”

Produced by ParaFable’s Quip Modest Productions, the series is written, edited, and directed by Jules Pigott (The Uncanny Upshurs). It stars Sarah Taylor as Viola Messing, Kristen Vaganos as Liv Belcik, and Julian Hermano as Oren Douglas (see full cast). The series follows the usual vlog-style web series storytelling with 3 Youtube channels.

Showing a huge dedication and passion for Shakespeare’s work, Twelfth Grade (Or Whatever) is a fun story with lovable characters that offers a lot of room for shipping. The web series went on for nearly a year and features 56 episodes with an average of 1-5 minutes each. You can watch the now finished full series in one sitting down below:

Quip Modest Productions will be releasing their new web series The Emma Agenda on April 3rd, 2017.