Drawbotics Brings TV Show Workplaces to Life As 3D Floor Plans

TV Show Workplaces Floor Plans by Drawbotics
A few weeks ago we shared Soakology’s recreation of fictional bathrooms from film and TV, and now it’s time for workplaces.
Drawbotics has published a series of 3D floor plans based on popular TV Show workplaces everyone will instantly recognize.

If you’re a TV fan and a gamer, you’re probably no stranger to recreating fictional worlds. The team behind Drawbotics have used their 3D technology to work on a similar project that involves bringing workplaces from popular TV shows to life to see them from a new perspective. The workspaces recreated for this project are for the following shows: The Office (US), Parks and Recreation, Suits, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Mad Men, The IT Crowd, and Silicon Valley.

You can see all the images down below. Click on every photo to open the Ultra HD version and look for Easter eggs!:

The Office - TV Show Workplaces

Parks and Recreation - TV Show Workplaces
Suits - TV Show workplaces
Brooklyn Nine-Nine - TV Show Workplaces
Mad Men - TV Show workplaces
The IT Crowd - TV Show workplaces
Silicon Valley - TV Show Workplaces
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