It’s time to do some dusting and hide your smut, mishasminions… just in case.

Tumblr has just launched a cryptic blog with the URL mishacollins under the tagline “Dearest Tumblr: Brace Yourself”.  It all started when Misha Collins asked his followers on Twitter whether he should join Tumblr or not considering he’s alreaduy using many other social networks. The obvious response he got was HELL NO. That did no stop the actor, though, as it seems like both Misha and Tumblr had already something planned…

Even though it started as a countdown, the page currently shows the date June 11th at 11AM PDT.

No more details are known, but considering Tumblr are in it as well and Misha is talking about “this weekend” in particular, it’s likely that it’s more of a one-time thing rather than Misha joining Tumblr permanently. In the meantime, some Tumblr users have already started making posts to educate Misha on the Tumblr fangirl language.

What are your thoughts? Any ideas on what Misha could be planning this time?

misha collins