Tumblr Fandom Wednesday: 09/20/17

This month is Tumblr Fandom Wednesday: Fall Edition & Part 1: Game of Thrones themed!*

*Meaning that these will be fandoms to binge in the fall! They are funny, they are cozy, and they are warm. You will want to join these because they will keep you warm in the fall.

The majority of the time when I get into fandoms, it is through Tumblr. I watch shows because Tumblr fandoms are so huge and cause you to watch the show to be in the know-how. A lot of the time, after watching the show I end up loving it, and despite me being slightly peer pressured into it, I am grateful for it.

Here we are into week two of the Tumblr Fandom Wednesday (TFW) series. This week we have part one of Game of Thrones, Jon Snow, and the Stark Fandoms to talk about. If you missed last week, you could find it here. I will also link any relevant pages, SHO-FILES, and information that I find inside the article. Let’s jump to it!

1. Game of Thrones Fandom

Game of Thrones Themed

Game of Thrones is one of the best shows HBO has come out with in the past few years alone. Game of Thrones has created a fanbase that is as big or even bigger than Supernaturals. The fanbase is entirely too huge to function, just tweeting #GameofThrones will get a million and one people to look at that are talking about the show. To say GoT is great, would an understatement — it’s not just great, it’s marvelous and fantastic in its own right.

While they may be touchy topics such as incest and sexual assault, after you get around those triggers the show is good. If those are triggers for you, I would wait to watch the episodes for spoilers and make sure it is not in the episode. Sometimes they add them in without you even previously having any idea of it. I would watch out for that, other than that — it’s a marvelous show I would advise anyone to watch.

2. Jon Snow Fandom

Game of Thrones Themed

We have seen Jon Snow die, come back to life, saw his butt on many occasions — saw him fall in love, and the love of his life die. The bastard Snow has been through a lot on GoT, and the use of “a lot” is being spared. Jon Snow is the KING OF THE NORTH, but he’s also another King — which you will find out on the season finale of S7, you can check out a spoiler post here if you want to know a bit about it.

The fandom for Jon Snow is incredibly huge — all for Jon or for none at all, am I right? He’s like a Stark so we can say #yayforhousestark when talking about Jon Snow. Starks raised the bastard, and he treasures his brothers and sisters most of all. If you want to know more about Jon, do not hesitate to watch from s1, e1. It will take a long time, but it is very much so worth it. Ask any GoT fan!

3. Stark Fandom

Game of Thrones Themed

The Stark family is a famous family on GoT, amongst other houses; but, the Starks are the underdogs we are always secretly rooting for. There’s only a few of them still alive, well — most people thought they were dead, but Arya, Sansa, Bran, and Jon are all very much so alive still.

Bran recently traveled to the North, as well as Arya to be back with Sansa. Little did they know Jon Snow was too busy bending both knees with Daenerys… But, that’s for another time. The House of Stark is a house you want to be in because whether you want to admit it or not, they always come out on top. They are always the underdogs that stay alive. (Jon Snow coming back to life.) House of Stark forever!

If you want to recommend a fandom that is pure to your heart and got you into a TV show, film, anime, or even book; go here and tell us which fandom it is and we will put your name after as you who recommended it. Tell us why you love it, why you recommend it, and why it is special to your heart!


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