Tumblr Fandom Wednesday: 09/13/17

This month is Tumblr Fandom Wednesday: Fall Edition.*

*Meaning that these will be fandoms to binge in the fall! They are funny, they are cozy, and they are warm. You will want to join these because they will keep you warm in the fall.

The majority of the time when I get into fandoms, it is through Tumblr. I watch shows because Tumblr fandoms are so huge and cause you to watch the show to be in the know-how. A lot of the time, after watching the show I end up loving it, and despite me being slightly peer pressured into it, I am grateful for it.

Here we are into week two of the Tumblr Fandom Wednesday (TFW) series. This week we have It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, Seinfeld, and Golden Girls Fandoms to talk about. If you missed last week, you could find it here. I will also link any relevant pages, SHO-FILES, and information that I find inside the article. Let’s jump to it!

1. It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia Fandom

Tumblr Fandom Wednesday: 09/13/17
(L-R) Dennis, Mac, Dee, Charlie, and Frank.

IASIP is an FX show that is hilarious! Since this week is all about shows that are new, old, or sitcom-comedies, we are talking about one of the best of the best from this past decade. If you like dry-humor, a good laugh, and a quality show with a good 12 seasons under its belt — this is it.

You could binge watch this on Netflix and Hulu and have a grand ol’ time. I promise you will not regret getting into this fandom, there are decades worth of hilarious gifs, inside jokes, and material you can reblog for weeks on end. Trust me; you need kitten mittens.

2. Seinfeld Fandom

Tumblr Fandom Wednesday: 09/13/17
(L-R) Elaine, Jerry, Kramer, and George.

This is an oldie, but a goodie! If you have been on Hulu — recently, Hulu got Seinfeld and all seasons of it. This show is something amazing, for anyone who likes older shows. These next two will satisfy all the needs you have. The humor is hilarious, the friendship is marvelous, and what more could you ask for?

George, Elaine, Jerry, and Kramer are one heck of a team, and between you and me, they are each the best in their own way. If you have not seen this show yet, I suggest you do. You will not regret being a part of this fandom, the inside jokes are hilarious, and they often post some of the best gifs in all the land of Tumblr.

3. Golden Girls Fandom

Tumblr Fandom Wednesday: 09/13/17
(L-R) Dorothy, Blanche, Rose, and Sophia.

Another oldie but a goodie. If you love older shows that are comedy, this is yours too! The show follows four gals who are the best of pals and live together. The show is on Hulu, all seasons so if you want to watch it! Dorothy, Rose, Blanche, and Sophia are having the time of their life being “old” and wise. They all bring something different to the table.

Blanche still thinks she young and vibrant, Dorothy is wise and cynical, Rose is…well Rose, and Sophia is hilarious! This show will have you laughing more often than not, just like ‘feld, and you won’t regret being in this fandom. They are fun, they are friendly, and they are waiting for you to join!

If you want to recommend a fandom that is pure to your heart and got you into a TV show, film, anime, or even book; go here and tell us which fandom it is and we will put your name after as you who recommended it. Tell us why you love it, why you recommend it, and why it is special to your heart!


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