Tumblr Fandom Wednesday: 09/06/17

This month is Tumblr Fandom Wednesday: Fall Edition.*

*Meaning that these will be fandoms to binge in the fall! They are funny, they are cozy, and they are warm. You will want to join these because they will keep you warm in the fall.

The majority of the time when I get into fandoms, it is through Tumblr. I watch shows because Tumblr fandoms are so huge and cause you to watch the show to be in the know-how. A lot of the time, after watching the show I end up loving it, and despite me being slightly peer pressured into it, I am grateful for it.

Here we are into week two of the Tumblr Fandom Wednesday (TFW) series. This week we have How To Get Away With Murder, Portlandia, and the Tom Holland Fandoms to talk about. If you missed last week, you could find it here. I will also link any relevant pages, SHO-FILES, and information that I find inside the article. Let’s jump to it!

1. How To Get Away With Murder Fandom

How To Get Away With Murder is a Shonda Rhimes production, which means it was bound to be good and rip our hearts out at the same time; and, that it did. HTGAWM is a crime, murder, drama series — not only starring some of the best actors and actresses, but the plots will have you on the edge of your seat the entire season. Here’s the older SHO-FILE on HTGAWM, if you want to catch up on the characters!

The season recently took off for its dramatics of last season and even a death; but, with season 4 coming September 28th, we had to add it to #TFW before it premiered. If you want to catch up on HTGAWM, you can watch it on Hulu! All seasons (so far) and become attached to these characters like all the fans are. Will you be watching September 28th? I know I will.

2. Portlandia Fandom

A fandom that I recently got into within the past year and I am thankful that I did. This fandom has hilarious inside jokes that only Portlandia watchers would know. If you are a fan of the show, this is a fandom to be in on Tumblr (and bookmark it, too!)

This show can be found on Netflix — and I promise you that you won’t regret it. Before, I was hesitant to watch it, but a ton of people told me it was hilarious and they were right! It reminds me of a skit show from the 00s, but better. Portlandia is absolutely hilarious, and the gifs are marvelous. If you haven’t checked out this show, go now — what are you waiting for?

3. Tom Holland Fandom

With the recent Spider-Man: Homecoming film Tom Holland has become the world’s greatest Spidey. Everything about Tom Holland has been making Tumblr go crazy. Granted, the way he pronounces some words is pretty hilarious! However, Tom Holland is fangirled by almost everyone I know on Tumblr.

That may be because he’s handsome, or maybe because Zendaya and Tom were supposed to be dating, or it could be that he’s just hilarious on social media (all of the above). Tom Holland has come up in the world of fandom’s, and there are so many fics about Tom alone. You should check them out if you are in the fandom, some are really great to read! Tom Holland fandom or not, he is one cool dude!

If you want to recommend a fandom that is pure to your heart and got you into a TV show, film, anime, or even book; go here and tell us which fandom it is and we will put your name after as you who recommended it. Tell us why you love it, why you recommend it, and why it is special to your heart!


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