Tumblr Fandom Wednesday: 08/9/17


The majority of the time when I get into fandoms, it is through Tumblr. I watch shows because Tumblr fandoms are so huge and cause you to watch the show to be in the know-how. A lot of the time, I end up loving the show (even if I was peer-pressured into it by Tumblr!).

With that being said, I want to try out a “Tumblr Fandom Wednesday” series. This will be a series where I post Tumblr Fandoms that are recommended, or I think are awesome. These Fandoms are kind, welcoming, and love talking about whatever show, movie, or anime they are in. There will be three a week, simply because I am going to go in-depth about the fandoms. Hopefully, along the way, you will join these too, if you so desire!

So, let’s get right into it and talk about SPN, VM, and X-Files!

1. Supernatural Fandom

Tumblr Fandom Wednesday
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The first fandom we are going to talk about might be the biggest fandom on Tumblr. I am not sure, but SPN has a huge fandom in general, so it was only obvious it would be huge on Tumblr. If you want to know more about the show, we have an SHO-FILE on it.

However, I will give you a gist of it here; “Saving people… hunting things… the family business?” It can all be summarized into that one quote from Dean in the show. With brothers, Sam and Dean hunting demons just got… hotter? Well, many in the SPN fandom will agree with me there. Sam and Dean save people, by hunting things, because it is the family business.

Their father, their father’s father, their mother, probably mother’s mother hunted, and so they do as well. Sam and Dean have died countless times; they are best friends with the Angel Castiel and the demon Crowley. They get into some pretty crazy demon hunts, and along the way, Dean eats a lot… and I mean a lot… of… pie.

The reason I got into SPN a long, long, time ago was because of Tumblr. The fandom is amazing and so friendly; plus, this is a fantastic outlet to talk about how attractive Sam and Dean are. (Castiel and Crowley get love too, and every other character you can think of.) They have a post dedicated to their butts, I mean, come on! What more could you want from a fandom?

2. Veronica Mars Fandom

Tumblr Fandom Wednesday

The Veronica Mars fandom is one of my favorites. I watched this show previous to getting in the fandom, but I am so happy that I did. “Logan and Veronica” shippers are all over the VM fandom, but you also have Piz and Veronica shippers so watch out!

What I love about the marshmallows is their love for a good show — they have a confession Tumblr where you can anonymously confess anything about VM that you so choose. They have multiple gifsets of Logan and Veronica that your heart will eventually combust because they are way too cute.

If you ship neither Piz nor Logan, they have Duncan and Veronica too (even Lamb and Veronica if you want to get extra creepy!) If you want to know more about the show we have an SHO-FILE from Monday about it!

The show is based on Veronica and her father Keith’s private investigation company called, “Mars Investigations.” Along the way, there is murder, deceit, and corruption in the town of Neptune, California. You do not want to miss out on joining this marshmallow family.

3. X-Files Fandom

Tumblr Fandom Wednesday

The X-Files fandom is one of the best, let me tell you. I think tied with SPN is X-Files. They are beautiful, beautiful lovers of the fandom. They create gorgeous gifs, gorgeous pictures from the episodes, and excellent memes of Mulder and Scully. One thing I love about being in the X-Files fandom is that we get attractive pictures of Mulder and Scully on a daily basis. Again, what more could I want?

If you want to know more in-depth about the show, follow the SHO-FILE here and learn all about the escapades of Mulder and Scully. The show follows Mulder who, for all intents and purposes, is an X-File master. He is obsessed with aliens and any alien life that he finds.

This show, while made before Sam and Dean were ever born is similar in a lot of ways. Mulder finds weird cases and goes to see if they are aliens. Throughout the show, he has gotten abducted twice (maybe even three times) and Scully at least once.

The fandom is wholeheartedly one of the best there is.

If you want to recommend a fandom that is pure to your heart and got you into a TV show, film, anime, or even book; go here and tell us which fandom it is and we will put your name after as you who recommended it. Tell us why you love it, why you recommend it, and why it is unique to your heart!


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