Troubling Days Of Jughead’s Past In Jughead’s Time Police #4

Jughead's Time Police Archie Comics Cover, 2019.

When dealing with time travel there are many rules that need to be followed — especially in Jughead’s Time Police #4 — but if you are Jughead Jones those rules fly out the window. One of the first rules to time travel is never to run into yourself or there could be dire consequences and unfortunately, that was the first rule Jughead broke. Who knew though that this rule would come back to bite Jughead? We last left Jughead on the run from the entire Time Police.

As it looked like the end for him he was saved by someone that the readers will get to know very well in this issue. This issue has everything a comic fan is looking for from a tragic origin story to a shocking revelation. Get ready for an exciting trip through the Multiverse, no Archie Comic fan will want to miss this is Jughead’s Time Police #4.

A Time Plot For The Ages

Jughead’s Times Police #4 begins with January walking in on Classic Jughead at a time computer looking at the multiverse. Classic Jughead begins aggressively talking to January about his plans to catch Jughead. As they speak, January begins to mention that she is worried about the plan.

Classic Jug suddenly gets angry but then swiftly calms down when he needs January to open the timestream database. The book switches scenes to Jughead standing in front of a giant character that looks like Cable from the X-Men. The character specifies that he is the Jughead that the current Jughead met in issue one.

Jughead's Time Police, Page 15, Archie Comics (2019)
Jughead’s Time Police, Page 15, Archie Comics (2019)

He begins to describe to Jughead what happened to him after their encounter. Cable Jug mentions that through his travels he found out who Classic Jug is and why he wants to ruin the time stream.

The comic then cuts back to January feeling depressed about Classic Jug not being the guy she thought he would be. She then comes to the realization that Classic Jug is an evil Jughead after his plan goes too far. Noticing that January may ruin his plans, he throws her into the Timestream Database. The comic then cuts back again to Jughead agreeing to team up with Cable Jug to save the multiverse. Suddenly, Classic Jughead appears with the complete Time Police ready to capture Jughead. As Jughead tells Classic Jug that the multiverse is falling apart, Classic Jug ignores him and mentions he has some friends that will help him.

A Mind-Blowing Moment In Jughead’s Time Police #4

This comic packs a whirlwind for fans of this series, not only does this issue explain most of Classic Jugs origin, but it also makes everyone rethink everything they have read from Archie Comics. Classic Jug from this point has been a mystery, with only issue three giving readers some information. This issue showed readers that January traveled to his time and met him.

From there, it is still a mystery, but Jughead’s Time Police #4 gives readers the aftermath of what his character did after he met her. Cable Jug tells Jughead that when Classic Jug found out there was a multiverse he became tired of his reality.

Time Police, Page 11, Archie Comics (2019)
Jughead’s Time Police, Page 11, Archie Comics (2019)

He became so bothered by the information that he tricked January and decided to live a new life. Here is the shock though, he didn’t just go to one universe, he lived in every universe. That’s right, at one point he took the place of a Jughead in every universe. Readers are then treated to a taste of some of the universes he lived in.

What does this mean?

Well, this means that for the past 80 years of Archie Comics readers may have been reading a Jughead comic that featured the villainous Jug and not that universes Jughead. It’s insane to think that this is now canon in Archie Comics. Who have readers been reading all these years? This is a revelation that’s going to have people talking for ages.

Coming Back To Bite Jughead In Jughead’s Time Police #4

As readers get to know Jughead’s from other universes, one of the saddest stories has to be Cable Jugs. Not only did he lose all his friends but his whole universe is disappearing because of Classic Jugs plan. In Jughead’s Time Police #4 Cable Jug tells the story of how he came to be.

He mentions that getting a glimpse of himself sent him into a downward spiral. Where he began to only focus on that single event for the rest of his life and nothing else. He then figures out that time travel is the only solution to his obsession. Then, with his luck trying to find some closure, he finds out that an evil version of himself is taking over the multiverse.

To make everything worse his own universe begins to fall apart where he loses everyone and everything in his life. He loses everything except one hamburger that he saves to eat it the Jughead so he won’t have his last meal alone. Wow, Sina Grace pulls on the heartstrings and doesn’t stop. He loses his mind, friends, life, and his universe; what a terrible life. Readers think they’ve read tragic origins before, but this one has got to be in the top ten of tragic character origins. Hopefully, this Jughead can have a happy ending because he deserves one.

A Problem With January

Throughout this series, January McAndrews has been an interesting character. She has been Classic Jug’s biggest supporter and love interest, but surprisingly that’s it. When she was first introduced she seemed like a tough character that takes charge but also has fun.

This all changed when readers got to see her interact with Classic Jug where she became a femme fatale. This was a good take on the character because it was completely different from the 1990’s version of the character. In Jughead’s Time Police #4 though she seems naive and lovesick. 

Time Police Archie Comics Cover, 2019.
Jughead’s Time Police Archie Comics Cover, 2019.

As it’s okay for a character to have these traits it just seems unoriginal. It turns her into a Harley Quinn-ish character that has been done before. It would have been nice to see her be a tough character that not only loves Classic Jug but also disagrees with him. This transition of now being concerned about the plan seems off. This would have made sense if readers would have seen her doubts throughout the series instead of just one issue.

Still, she is an interesting character and now readers are even more interested in finding out where she landed after she was pushed into the Timestream Data Base. With all the knowledge readers have on Jughead, she is probably somewhere pretty bad. 

Stopping Time One More Time In Jughead’s Time Police #4

Jughead’s Time Police #4 has everything you are looking for in a comic. It has action, adventure, comedy, and heartfelt moments. What more could comic fans ask for? The series is fleshing out to be an epic tale that many will be talking about for years to come. Sadly, this is the second to last issue of this series. There are so many questions that need answers and we, hopefully, can get them when the series concludes.

I mainly want to see what happened when January met Classic Jug and how he tricked her into taking over the Time Stream Database. This is a piece of the puzzle that we need to complete the timeline for how Classic Jug rose to power. On top of that, we still need to know why January chose that Jug in the first place if there is a multiverse full of Jugheads. As the comic series does come to a close I do hope there is a cameo from Jughead and January from the original Jughead’s Time Police series from the 1990s.

Wouldn’t it be great if they do homage to the Back to the Future film series where the 1990’s version needs the help of Jughead, Archie, and January to fix the multiverse fully? Oh, we can dream of a perfect world. Either way, this comic has been a wonderful read so far and there is no doubt that the next final issue will be just as amazing. 

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