Social Medium, a brand new transmedia web series on social media and ghost hunting, is launching on September 28th.

Up to their first web festival, the story followed Beatrix Beckett (Tara Jayn), a hipster psychic who attempts to create a lifestyle vlog only to be interrupted by paranormal activity trying to contact her from beyond the grave. Beatrix uses the help of her computer-savvy stop motion animator boyfriend Fallon (James Brent Isaacs), wry coffee-slinging best friend , Zola (Kate Hackett) and librarian/thousand year old God, James (Adam Grimes).

However, creator and head writer Brain Newlin (Shrek 2, Shrek 3, Madagascar 2) and producer Tana Jayn reveal that this was all “just the warm up”. Season 1 will bring new additions such as “bars haunted by beer drinking bro ghosts, wish granting websites like and haunted accounts not only bring ghost and demons into the modern age but also shed a humorous light into a dark supernatural world”.

Social Medium - The Daily Fandom

Fallon (James Brent Issacs), Beatrix (Tara Jayn) and James (Adam Grimes)

To create a more realistic feel, real websites and apps (which also work as their sponsors) like Yelp, and Loot Crate are used. Ghost hunter Susan Slaughter will also help the team make everything more realistic. And, of course, Social Medium will also be using transmedia tools for that purpose. Each character has its own Twitter account, Instagram, blogs and websites. There is also an email list where viewers can receive the latest downloads and sneak peeks. And pay attention to this: there’s even a phone number you can call to contact Beatrix about your own online haunting experiences!

As per the cast, web series veterans like James Brent Isaacs (Emma Approved) and Kate Hackett (Classic Alice) will come back for the first season, as well as fan girl favourite Adam Grimes (General Hospital: Night Shift). New members include Paula Rhodes (News Adventures of Perter + Wendy), Dayeanne Hutton (Emma Approved) and Dyana Liu (Fanboy and Chum Chum). Behind the camera, Emmy award winning Jenni Powell will work as Executive Producer.

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