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Pictures of Rick Beato’s Wife And Children

Who is Rick Beato?

Rick Beato is a popular American musician who has 2.83 million subscribers on YouTube and 481k followers on his Instagram.

Beato is a multi-instrumental artist, music producer, and also music educator who gives lessons on his YouTube and Instagram platforms. Beato has worked with bands like Shinedown, Needtobreathe, and Parmalee. 

Rick Beato's Wife And Children

Rick Beato has always been interested in music as he started learning guitar just at the age of 13. He also went to Ithaca College for a degree of Bachelor of Arts in Music. He later went to the New England Conservatory of Music in 1987 to learn about Jazz music.

Apparently, Beato’s wife Nina has opened a store in Florida that’s about Carrabian art culture and urban lifestyle. Her Instagram is private and she’s not seen much on Rick Beato’s profile as well. 

How much is the net worth of Rick Beato?

Beato’s current net worth is estimated at $5 million. Most of his income comes from his own YouTube channel where he posts music videos and lessons. 

Rick Beato's Wife And Children

How Beato Simplifies Advanced Concepts

Rick Beato's Wife And Children

Beato has been married to Nina since July 2006 who was a model. Nina has worked with various famous brands like Victoria’s Secret, Ralph Lauren, etc. Rick Beato’s wife Nina seems to be quite a private person about her life. 

Rick Beato's Wife And Children

How many kids do Beato and Nina have?

Nina and Rick Beato now have three children, one son, and two daughters: Dylan, Layla, and Lennon. The names of his kids are inspired by the famous musicians, Jon Lennon and Bob Dylan.

Rick Beato's Wife And Children

On Instagram, you can see Dylan, his son beautifully accompanying him during his song presentations.  

All three children are actively involved in music as it’s reflected from Rick Beato’s social media pages. Dylan gained a million views on Youtube when the little boy’s music video was uploaded on social media. 

Rick Beato's Wife And Children

A Look into Beato’s YouTube Success

Rick started his YouTube channel in 2006 and his very first upload was Dylan’s Excavator Song which gained some popularity.

Rick Beato's Wife And Children

Lately, Beato is seen giving a lot of music lessons on YouTube where he has different series called, “What Makes This Song Great?”, “Everything Music” etc. where he deconstructs the elements of music and elements relating them to popular songs. 

Rick Beato has also written a book on contemporary music and improvisation of all instruments that deals with important topics like Music Palindromes, Chords for Songwriters, Model Scale Inversions, deep understanding of Modal Triads, and a lot more. 

If you’ve heard the popular song by Led Zepplin, “Stairway to Heaven ”- Beato has interpreted that too on his YouTube channel with the help of Phil X, Johnson, and Bon Jovi. Rick Beato is a legendary guitarist and a musician of all time.

Rick Beato's Wife And Children

Who has Rick Beato worked with?

Over the years, Beato has collaborated with a wide variety of artists and bands, including Needtobreathe, Parmalee, and Shinedown.

Beato guided the Christian rock band, Needtobreathe, through the production of their second album, “The Heat”.

The album debuted at number two on the US Billboard Christian Albums chart and helped establish Needtobreathe as a mainstay of the genre.

The album showcased the band’s signature blend of folk, southern rock, and roots music, and Beato’s touch brought out the best in the band’s sound.

His keen ear for detail and ability to pull the best performances from the band’s members helped elevate “The Heat” to new heights of success.

Rick Beato's Wife And Children

Parmalee is a band that has taken the country music world by storm, and Beato was there from the beginning.

He produced their debut EP, “Complicated”, which featured the hit single “Carolina”. The EP helped establish Parmalee as one of the most exciting new acts in country music and paved the way for their subsequent success.

Beato’s production style was perfect for Parmalee’s blend of traditional and modern country, and his expertise helped the band refine their sound into something truly special.

Shinedown is a hard rock band that has sold millions of albums worldwide. Beato worked with the band on their fourth album, “Amaryllis”, which debuted at number four on the US Billboard 200 chart.

Rick Beato's Wife And Children

The album showcased the band’s heavy, riff-driven sound, and Beato’s production helped the band capture the energy and intensity that fans love about their live shows.

His work on “Amaryllis” helped solidify Shinedown’s place at the top of the hard rock world and cemented Beato’s reputation as a top-notch producer.

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