Bob Proctor was a self-help author, lecturer, and mentor who was born on July 5th, 1934. He preached the idea of positive self-image relating to pseudoscientific belief, the law of attraction.

He earned great fame from his New York Times best-seller, You were born rich. He also worked with The Secret documentary film in 2006 with Rhonda Bryne. 

Bob Proctor’s current net worth is estimated at $20 million. He has written several other books as well like Be A Money Magnet, It’s Not All About The Money, The Mission in Commission, The 7 Power Principles to Success, and a lot more. 

Apparently, Proctor was an extremely lazy and lethargic fellow with low self-esteem who escaped from Danforth Tech after a thumb injury from Bandsaw.

Later, when he was 26, Bob worked in Toronto at the fire department when someone gave him his first-ever book to read, “Think and Grow Rich”.  

You could say that the book really changed his life. Soon after, he opened a floor cleaning service company where he booked a profit of $100,000 without any education or business experience. 

Bob founded Proctor Gallagher Institute with Sandy Gallegher. The institute aims to improve the quality of life and mentor them in succeeding in their area of interest. They focus on the importance of self-image with reference to the Law of attraction. 

Proctor has been a mentor to extremely famous celebrities. He was a Canadian self-help speaker and lecturer that everyone was fond of, for his teachings. 

Bob Proctor got married to Linda Proctor who is now an affiliated author and a regular contributor at the Proctor Gallagher Institute.

Linda was extremely successful especially after relocating to toronto after 1980. She earned a lot of money but was unsatisfied with her life. 

Even after having a lot of accomplishments, she wanted to modify her life and enjoy her work. Finally, she decided to sell her financial company and joined a network marketing company where she was earning in millions and was finally satisfied with. 

They have three children: 2 sons and one daughter called Brian, Raymond and Colleen. 

Brian Proctor, son of Bob and Linda is now an established author and Linda Proctor Felicetti is a financial freedom coach. However, there is not much information about Raymond Proctor who prefers to keep his life private. 

Bob recently passed away on Feb 3, 2022, at the age of 88. Sandy Gallagher took to Facebook and wrote “Bob was the most dedicated personality and his journey was eternal, he will be missed greatly.

I want to request you all to join me in sending love to Bob”. However, the reason for his death isn’t disclosed yet.

Check out the pictures of Bob Proctor and his family below:


Bob Proctor's Wife And Children


Bob Proctor's Wife And Children


Bob Proctor's Wife And Children


Bob Proctor's Wife And Children


Bob Proctor's Wife And Children

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