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Justin Rackley LakeForkGuy With His Wife

Justin Rackley’s Background

Justin Rackley, also known as “Lake Fork Guy”, is a professional fisherman, angler, and outdoor enthusiast. He is a native Texan, born and raised in the small town of Quitman, Texas. He began fishing at an early age and started his professional angling career in 2002.

Throughout his angling career, Justin Rackley has caught numerous bass weighing over 10 pounds. He is a multiple-times Bassmaster Classic qualifier, winning the TTBC in 2009 and the 2010 Bassmaster Federation Nation Championship.

He is also a YouTube and social media celebrity, with over one million followers on his Lake Fork Guy Facebook page and millions of views on his videos.

Justin Rackley has been featured in multiple publications, including Bassmaster Magazine, Wired Magazine, Bud Light, and The Huffington Post. He has also appeared in national television commercials, including the Miller Lite “Ultimate Fishing Trip” commercial.

Justin Rackley With His Wife

Off the lake, Justin is an avid hunter and outdoorsman. He is a huge supporter of outdoor-related conservation efforts, founded the Lake Fork Outdoor Rejuvenation Program, and is a contributing writer for online media outlets and Wired Magazine.

Justin is also an avid family man. He met his wife, Maureen, at a weigh-in tournament in 2005. The two were married less than a year later and now have three children, Matthew Ryan, Emma, and Riley.

When asked why he combined professional fishing with his passion for family, Justin said “Family is important to me, and the outdoors and fishing are how I make my living, so I figured why not make it a family affair?”

Justin Rackley is a successful professional angler, outdoor enthusiast, and family man. With his success in the bass fishing industry, his passionate love for the outdoors, and his commitment to family, Justin continues to make a lasting impact on the industry and his community.

Justin’s Youtube Fishing Channel

The main purpose of Justin’s channel is to provide helpful advice and tips from a genuinely-experienced source.

From the moment a viewer lands on his channel, he offers educational and entertaining content that is sure to please any angler, amateur or professional.

This educational content in particular has been highly valued by the angling community due to its comprehensive approach, as Justin covers a vast range of topics such as bait selection, when and where to fish, knot-tying techniques, and more.

In addition to his educational content, Justin also offers humbling clips of lake trips with his wife as they capture their idyllic fishing trips together.

Justin Rackley With His Wife

Justin and his wife Natalie, also known as “The Fishin’ Frannie” by their loyal followers, have caused quite a sensation by hosting live fishing trips with their “Fannies on the Lake” segments that feature their preparations and adventures.

Their goal is to share these shows so that their viewers can better appreciate the beauty of fishing, while still having the opportunity to watch two passionate anglers having fun.

By watching Justin’s videos, it is no surprise that his audience not only greatly enjoys watching his fishing trips, but they are also keen to learn different fishing techniques and tips, as well as form part of an interactive community.

Justin Rackley With His Wife

Over the years, Justin’s YouTube channel has grown to over 420,000 subscribers, who always seem to look forward to another episode of Lake Fork Guy, whether through an entertaining fishing video, or an educational segment.

Overall, Justin Rackley has achieved great success through his YouTube channel, where he has managed to capture and share his passion of fishing with the world.

As an accomplished fisherman, and with his wife by his side, viewers can always expect high-quality content in the form of educational and captivating trips on the lake.

So if you feel like giving fishing a try, or if you just want to enhance your skills, make sure to check out Justin Rackley’s YouTube channel and experience the magic of fishing!

Justin and His Wife’s Love Story

Justin Rackley and Stephanie, his wife, have a unique love story that’s quite remarkable. They first met in early 2012, when Stephanie was teaching Justin how to fish.

She had a knack for it and soon what began as a chance meeting soon blossomed into something more special and romantic.

The couple kept their relationship quiet and private and it was only after they had gotten married in 2014 that they publicly shared their love story.

Justin, a professional angler and fisherman from Texas, had always had a passion for fishing and catching big fish, especially bass.

He had made a name for himself in the fishing world and was always looking for new ways to improve his skills.

Justin Rackley With His Wife

He had heard about Stephanie, who owned a fishing guide tour operation, and decided to take her up on her offer to teach him the finer points of bass fishing.

Little did Justin know, Stephanie was a great teacher, and eventually their relationship blossomed from teacher/ student to something more.

However, Stephanie wanted to keep the romance under wraps, leading to the two secretly seeing each other for a few months.

That, however, changed one day when Justin finally popped the big question, and the couple became engaged before they married in 2014.

Justin and Stephanie”s wedding was, quite fittingly, a divinely-inspired fishing theme: a unique union of two amorous lovers and avid anglers.

Justin Rackley With His Wife

Stephanie wore white waders, a Cala, and a customizable Texas flag neck gator, while Justin wore his signature Jeans with a Harley and a trawler.

They had a dazzling four-course dinner of homemade seafood stew, and the feast was consummated with bass tapping and a Fire and Ice ceremonial drink.

The two soon became known across the country as the “Justin and Stephanie Lake Fork Guy’s” and were frequently mentioned in many articles and interviews about Justin’s career in professional fishing.

Justin and Stephanie have shown us that love is always worth striving for, and their successful fishing career is a testament to their passion and devotion to each other. It’s truly an amazing love story!

How many kids do Justin Rackley and Stephanie Rackley have?

Justin and Stephanie have been married for almost a decade now and their two kids, Emmie and Ben, are both around seven years old.

Emmie and Ben are their everything, and the entire family loves to go out fishing together, where Justin can share his passion for the sport with the kids.

Justin Rackley With His Wife

And whenever Stephanie and the kids want to take a break from learning the ropes, Justin will take them all around on boat rides to give them a taste of the lake life.

Though Emmie and Ben are quite young, they are already developing into amazing anglers, thanks to their father’s strong guidance and teaching.

Justin himself has been featured in national bass tournaments and is highly respected in the fishing world. This is something that Stephanie has been very proud of right from the start, as she has watched her husband take the steps necessary to reach his goals.

Justin and Stephanie have the perfect family, working together to make sure their kids are happy and healthy.

Justin Rackley With His Wife

They both believe that it’s important that their kids learn from their father from a young age and that fishing is something that will shape them for the rest of their lives.

No matter how old their two kids get, Justin and Stephanie Rackley will be there every step of the way in their lives, helping guide them and make sure they reach their potential in life.

They are blessed with two wonderful kids, Emmie and Ben, and it’s clear to see that this family is built on love, resilience and determination.

Is Justin Rackley part of the Googan Squad?

When it comes to professional anglers who are also part of the Googan Squad, one of the first names that come to mind is Justin Rackley, better known as “Lake Fork Guy”.

From the shores of Texas to the boat fisheries of Florida, Justin Rackley has been making a name for himself as one of the top-tier anglers in the world.

He puts in countless hours on the water, sharing his findings and tips on the internet, and has become a major part of the Googan Nation.

But, is Justin Rackley part of the Googan Squad? While there have been rumors swirling that Justin is, in fact, a part of the Googan Squad, no one has been able to confirm whether it is true or not.

Justin Rackley With His Wife

He has been seen in videos with other members of the squad, along with wearing Googan-branded apparel in some of his videos, but nothing has been officially announced.

Even though there is much speculation about his involvement in Googan, Justin Rackley continues to make his mark as an impressive professional angler.

On his YouTube channel, he has hundreds of videos, both in fishing competitions and on family vacations.

He also releases instructional fishing episodes regularly, where he shares the necessary knowledge and tips that new and seasoned anglers alike need to improve their game.

His passion and dedication to improving the lives of those around him with the sport of fishing cannot be denied.

At the end of the day, regardless of what team he’s running, Justin Rackley is a devout fisherman and professional angler who goes all in to make sure his fans, friends and family have the best fishing experience possible.

He takes his sport seriously and takes his time out on the water just as seriously, always working to ensure that everyone he shares his knowledge with, from beginners to experienced anglers, get the most out of their time on the water.

So is Justin Rackley part of the Googan Squad? While the rumors continue to swirl, Justin continues to trudge through the waters, casting his line and giving his audience more and more to look forward to from his journey as a professional angler.

No matter what team he runs, Justin Rackley will remain a dedicated angler, inspiring and teaching others about the world of fishing, for years to come.

Justin’s Contributions to the Lake Fork Area

He has helped countless people learn about different species of fish and some of the best methods for catching them.

Thanks to his combination of personality and expertise, Justin has developed into one of the most beloved personalities in the fishing community.

As a professional angler, Justin has competed in numerous tournaments over the years and consistently placed in the top ten.

Furthermore, his success has earned him several sponsorships as well as respected memberships in several fishing organizations and guilds.

Justin Rackley With His Wife

Beyond his accomplishments on the tournament circuit, Justin has made countless contributions to the Lake Fork Area.

His passion for fishing led him to establish a youth anglers program in the area, which helps introduce kids to fishing and educates them on proper fishing methods and the importance of conservation.

Additionally, Justin and his wife Karen have organized several angling camps in the area and have donated countless resources to support the area’s fishing clubs.

Fondly known as the “Lake Fork Guy,” Justin’s contributions to the local area extend beyond fishing as well.

He has been a mentor to many young people in the area who are interested in a career in the outdoor industry and has been active in the community with several volunteer efforts.

His genuine passion for the outdoors, coupled with his good-natured and personable attitude, has made him a highly respected and beloved figure in the local community.

Thanks to Justin Rackley, the Lake Fork area has seen an increase in fishing tourism and recreational activity.

He serves as an excellent role model for the many young anglers who are hoping to one day make a living off of the waters in the area.

His passion, expertise, and unwavering commitment to the Lake Fork community have helped make it into the hot spot for fishing that it is today.

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