In this post, you will find the top 8 pics of Taku from Outdoor Chef Life with his girlfriend Jocelyn.

Jocelyn is the camerawoman behind the Outdoor Chef Life channel! She met Taku in 2015 when they both joined the same college committee.

She’s a California native who was born in San Jose and currently resides in San Francisco.

Scroll down for Taku and Jocelyn’s best pictures together.

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Taku From Outdoor Chef Life With His Girlfriend

Who is Taku from Outdoor Chef Life?

Growing up, his parents encouraged him to pursue his passion for food, encouraging him to explore different cuisines from around the world. After graduating from culinary school, he moved to the majestic Wanaka to start a new life as an outdoor chef.

It was here that Taku found his true passion — cooking delicious meals over an open fire. He learned to master the essentials of outdoor cooking, including foraging for unique flavors and experimenting with firebase ingredients.

Taku From Outdoor Chef Life With His Girlfriend

Not only does Taku love outdoor cooking, but he also loves exploring and experiencing the outdoors. On any given day, you’ll find him poking around the forest looking for mushrooms, fishing in the river, or even building his own campsite.

He has an infectious personality and contagious enthusiasm for the outdoors and the act of cooking, often taking those around him on an adventure straight away.

Taku also loves to share his experience and knowledge with others so they too can enjoy the thrills of outdoor cooking.

Taku is a round outdoor cooking enthusiast and has since become somewhat of a celebrity among outdoor chefs.

He regularly travels around the world, hosting outdoor cooking classes and camping trips, and creating the most must-have camping gadgets like his famous Kettle Grill.

Taku’s passion for outdoor cooking and his approach to the art of foraging and gathering unique flavors has inspired many people to step away from their kitchen and explore the outdoors.

He is passionate about dialing up the flavor of campfire and outdoor cooking, as well as leaving the land better than he found it, ensuring the paths and trails he set are safe and properly maintained.

Cooking experiences with Taku

His cooking experiences are unparalleled, and it’s no wonder why he’s become such an influential figure in the outdoor cooking community.

Taku’s cooking takes outdoor grilling to the next level. With his mix of traditional recipes and his innovative approach to outdoor cooking, he creates undeniably delicious dishes that are truly unrivaled.

Taku From Outdoor Chef Life With His Girlfriend

Whether it’s his signature smoked brisket, smoked pork ribs, or even his duck risotto, you’re guaranteed to be in for a treat.

There’s something special about the way Taku approaches cooking. He brings a sense of passion and excitement to each and every meal he whips up, and it’s hard not to get caught up in it.

From gathering fresh ingredients to finding the perfect marinade that will bring the flavors of each dish to life, Taku doesn’t take any shortcuts. It’s his dedication that truly stands out and it’s why his dishes taste so amazing.

No matter what the setting, Taku’s cooking is always an adventure. Whether it’s camping in the wilderness or setting up a makeshift kitchen in your backyard, Taku takes everything you know about outdoor cooking and turns it on its head

What is the net worth of Taku?

With his delicious recipes, spectacular live demonstrations and now his own successful YouTube channel, there’s no denying that Taku’s net worth is looking pretty impressive.

While his exact financial information is a mystery, it can be estimated that his annual salary is somewhere around $230,000!

When it comes to the net worth of Taku, the numbers are simply staggering. He has the wealth to prove that his hard work and dedication have certainly paid off.

His income comes from several different sources; YouTube, live cooking demonstrations, and private events that he hosts.

Taku also has a number of other assets. He owns his own outdoor kitchen set-up and has a variety of top-of-the-line cooking equipment.

His outdoor restaurant, which he designed and built himself is an incredible achievement, and it’s no wonder that he’s become an inspiration to aspiring outdoor chefs.

Taku has also been featured in several print and online publications. His popular recipes, tips, and tricks have been featured in some of the top food and lifestyle magazines

What Makes Taku Unique from Other Outdoor Chefs?

Taku is a true innovator and master of his craft. He has taken the finesse of traditional cooking methods and applied it to the outdoors, to create dishes that are the perfect mixture of stunning visuals, amazing flavors and textures and an undeniably much-deserved accolade.

Taku From Outdoor Chef Life With His Girlfriend

His cuisine is one of a kind, and his dedication to bringing the best of both worlds to his viewers makes him a standout from other outdoor chefs.

The outdoor environment serves as a fundamental backdrop to Taku’s cooking. He fuses fire and smoke with natural ingredients, creating unique and smoky dishes that are inherently organic and full of flavor.

Heavily influenced by his Japanese roots, he adds his own complexities to this style of cooking, giving the cuisine a personal and one-of-a-kind spin.

Taku From Outdoor Chef Life With His Girlfriend

Family recipes, indigenous ingredients and traditional techniques combine to create an experience that brings him closer to his heritage.

He is as much a teacher as he is a chef, and his drive to provide delicious yet environmentally-conscious dishes defines him as an artist.

Taku’s Relationship With His Girlfriend

When Taku was searching for a camerawoman to help him record his cooking videos for his channel Outdoor Chef Life, Jocelyn was the first one he thought of.

Jocelyn, born and raised in San Jose, California, was more than just a camerawoman. She held a friendship with Taku that went deeper than that of a professional relationship.

Taku From Outdoor Chef Life With His Girlfriend

The two actually first met back in 2015, when they were both part of the same college committee. Since then, the friendship has blossomed; Jocelyn holds a keen interest in fishing, as she and her dad always went fishing together when she was younger.

Taku helped Jocelyn understand more deeply why fishing is an important and enjoyable activity. As they both grew to understand each other, Taku began to rely on her not just as his camerawoman, but as a colleague.

In 2018, they came up with the Outdoor Chef Life channel together, and Jocelyn began to record the videos. In 2020, they officially announced that the two are a couple, and it was clear that the two were very much in love.

Taku and Jocelyn have an incredibly close bond and both enjoy being together, especially when cooking: one of their favorite activities.

Taku often brags about how amazing Jocelyn’s cooking is and never gets tired of tasting her delicious dishes.

Jocelyn, however, manages to challenge Taku in food knowledge and technique, as she was always ready to learn more while being a great chef.

Taku From Outdoor Chef Life With His Girlfriend

Throughout their journey, they’ve had their fair share of challenging moments. As with every couple, communication is key in a relationship, which these two have learned over time.

After working together and experiencing the ups and downs of their life and of the outdoor chef world, Taku and Jocelyn have come to understand each other and how to talk to each other better.

Taku and Jocelyn’s relationship is a beautiful friendship between two people who share the same interests and passions, and who are each other’s support systems and lifelong companions.

They are constantly learning from each other and motivating one another, always striving to make each other’s dreams come true.

Do Taku and his girlfriend have kids?

The answer is no – as far as we know, neither Taku nor Jocelyn has any kids. Perhaps more conspicuously so, there seem to be no signs of any kids either, making it unlikely that Taku and Jocelyn have any.

Taku From Outdoor Chef Life With His Girlfriend

However, the couple has opened up in the past about their hopes and dreams for the future, and has expressed an interest in having kids one day. In one episode of ‘Outdoor Chef Life’, Jocelyn discussed her dreams of having a big family with Taku.

For now, the couple is still riding the cinematic high from ‘Outdoor Chef Life’, taking it in their stride and enjoying their life as it is – no kids necessary.

Without a doubt, the duo has certainly found their happy place – sharing their adventures with the world and growing more fond of each other with each passing day.

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