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PowerBang With His Wife And Kids

What is Powerbang gaming real name?

As it turns out, the popular gaming persona actually has a more conventional name; Lance Frisbee.

As part of the prolific Richland family, Lance was exposed to video games at an early age and soon developed a knack for it. It wasn’t long before he started to take his hobby seriously.

After some time and dedication, Lance developed his online persona, Powerbang Gaming, and began to garner a loyal following.

PowerBang With His Wife And Kids

With his signature wit and enthusiasm, his social media posts gained traction and soon he was a popular personality.

Lance’s real name is tied together with his alias in terms of branding. He has gradually created a more unified brand that helps him communicate with his followers and remain true to himself.

For instance, in the past, he referred to himself as Powerbangg, while now his social media handles feature the words ‘Lance Frisbee’. He has even brought this name to the gaming world and it has become his competitive ID.

Moreover, due to his high profile, it is not uncommon for Lance’s full name to be used in association with sponsored posts or appearances.

These days, Lance is married with children, and his family life is part of his brand. He often includes his wife and kids in his social media posts and streams, providing a rare glimpse into what it’s like to have a life away from the controller or keyboard.

PowerBang With His Wife And Kids

To summarise, Richland’s Lance Frisbee, better known as Powerbang Gaming, is primarily referred to as Lance Frisbee.

He has created a unified brand with this name which allows him to connect with his followers and remain true to himself. His family life is also now part of his brand, as fans can catch a glimpse into his life away from the gaming world.

Who owns Aftershock Media Group?

Powerbang Gaming, known primarily as the home of Powerbang, a professional Gamer and social media influencer, is owned and operated by the Aftershock Media Group.

Co-founded and led by Powerbang himself, and Managing Director Janet Bang, Aftershock Media Group is an innovative media and entertainment company that specializes in developing and nurturing successful gaming, entertainment, and lifestyle brands.

PowerBang With His Wife And Kids

With a clear mission of giving gamers more time for what matters most to them, Powerbang and his team at Aftershock have been successful in bringing gaming and entertainment to the masses, giving gamers more time for what matters most to them.

From the beginning, Powerbang and the team have been dedicated to growing the company and breaking new ground in the gaming and lifestyle industries.

Powerband Gaming has grown significantly, with the company and its portfolio of distribution channels and partnerships, ever-evolving and adapting to the changing industry.

Powerbang’s net worth

PowerBang, the professional gamer and social media influencer, has accumulated an impressive net worth of over 1 billion dollars.

Over the years, his skillful gameplay and humorous videos have drawn a devoted and ever-growing list of fans. This fanbase has translated into hefty amounts of money for PowerBang.

PowerBang With His Wife And Kids

His active, subscriber-based Twitch channel alone has earned him millions of views and subscribers. Coupled with podcast appearances, marketing deals, and monetizing his YouTube channel have all yielded significant monetary returns.

What’s more, PowerBang is happily married to a fellow Twitch streamer and has three lovely children – all of whom he features on his channel, highlighting his family’s adventures.

This only serves to increase PowerBang’s social media presence and further strengthen his net worth.

How Did Powerbang Gaming (Frisbee) Start His Gaming?

When talking about Powerbang Gaming, now formally known as ‘Frisbee’, it’s impossible not to go back to when it all began.

The charismatic Social Media Influencer had the idea of creating a gaming brand back when he was only fifteen; the motivation coming from his love of playing video games.

He knew that he wanted to be a part of the gaming community, and he wanted to share his passion with the world.

He needed an outlet, and thanks to his natural talent as an entertainer, his talent as a gamer, and his father’s generous contribution of the website fees, Frisbee was born.

Little did Powerbang know that it would be the platform that would propel his social media career.

In the beginning, Powerbang focussed mainly on Call of Duty, creating popular YouTube videos of his gameplay and offering helpful advice to other gamers.

PowerBang With His Wife And Kids

His channel quickly grew, as his fan base began to expand across the gaming community. It didn’t take long for more ‘gamer lifestyle’ content to begin to appear on Frisbee, as Powerbang began to post videos of him in his day-to-day life. He created videos featuring him and his wife and showing of his gaming setup.

His friendly, laid-back persona instantly resonated with the gaming community, and the addition of video content featuring his kids brought the concept of ‘family gaming’ to the forefront.

He started including his children in his content more and more, and in return, their incoming presence garnered an array of followers.

Powerbang’s Marriage

Powerbang’s marriage to Courtney Frisbee started out like most relationships, full of love and spontaneity. The couple would go on long dates, stay up late talking, and explore all the possibilities that a new relationship presents.

Little did they know that their connection would soon turn into something bigger and they would become a family.

It wasn’t long before they were married and began their life together as a married couple.

Powerbang and Courtney were determined to make their relationship work and were devoted to providing each other with the love and support necessary to make their marriage successful. That support was put to the test when they chose to start a family.

Powerbang and Courtney welcomed their first child with open arms. She was a healthy and beautiful baby, immediately cementing the bond between this newly formed family.

They watched her grow and thrive, truly amazed at how much love comes with being a parent. As the years moved on, their family expanded, welcoming both a son and a daughter that completed their happy home.

Over the years, Powerbang and Courtney have worked hard to stay connected, even with their busy lives as parents. Through communication and understanding, they have been able to remain a supportive couple for each other.

PowerBang With His Wife And Kids

Despite the occasional argument, Powerbang and Courtney eagerly share the news and concerns that are part of any marriage.

Although a single parenting situation can be difficult, Powerbang and Courtney have done a remarkable job finding a balance between work, children, and marriage.

They have provided each other with inspiration and love to get through challenging times, and their children benefit from the strength and stability of their family.

Together, Powerbang and Courtney are stronger than ever, growing and learning as they make their way in life as a happy and loving family.

PowerBang’s Family Life with the Kids

PowerBang is married to Courtney Frisbee and together, they are blessed with three lovely children. To describe their family life, the word ‘whirlwind’ doesn’t even begin to cover it!

PowerBang With His Wife And Kids

Whether it’s PowerBang and Courtney chasing after the kids, packing all their supplies for a day trip, or just trying to enjoy a moment of peace, there’s rarely a dull moment in the household.

PowerBang and his wife keep a hands-on approach to parenting and are often found getting involved in all their kid’s activities.

From running errands and helping with homework to playing on the backyard swing set, they always make time to spend with their family.

PowerBang With His Wife And Kids

During quarantine, PowerBang and Courtney have gotten creative with their at-home activities, trying their hand at family movie nights, baking competitions, and even making homemade obstacle courses.

As their kids continue to grow, PowerBang and Courtney don’t shy away from talking to them about topics of respect, integrity, and the importance of hard work.

They’ve found that having meaningful conversations with their kids during meals has been especially helpful in developing open communication with their children.

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