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Pics Of Mike Pullen With His Wife

Career and Accomplishments of Mike Pullen

Mike Pullen, the outdoorsman and adventure filmmaker, is no stranger to taking on and achieving intense challenges. As a YouTuber, Pullen has gained popularity for tackling some of the planet’s toughest hikes, mountain bike routes and outdoor challenges.

From his DIY off-road motorbike builds and his solo thru-hikes of iconic trails, he has provided us with an inspiring reminder that determination, an unending willingness to try and a desire for success can take us wherever we want to go in life.

Pullen’s career in outdoorsy endeavors began in 2016, when he and his wife decided to have a go at thru-hiking the John Muir Trail.

Mike Pullen With His Wife

Despite his own worries and the doubts of others, Pullen found a way to push through and finished the 220-mile journey in a single month.

This impressive performance drew the attention of outdoor enthusiasts, who eagerly followed Pullen as he embarked on a variety of other outdoor endeavors.

In the years since, Pullen has done no shortage of impressive accomplishments, traversing the remote Gore Range of Colorado with just a tent, overcoming scorching temperatures while running a marathon in Arizona, submitting some of the highest peaks of Europe, and successfully tackling long-distance bike rides across some of the toughest terrains.

But beyond his outdoorsy feats, Pullen has also become a successful YouTuber, amassing an impressive 900,000 subscribers as of 2021.

But it’s not simply the numbers that make Pullen’s YouTube channel so captivating, it’s the raw emotion that often shines through in his videos.

He brings a refreshing level of vulnerability and relatability to his stories, giving us a glimpse beyond the facade of toughness to the struggles that we all endure to achieve our dreams.

Mike Pullen With His Wife

So it may come as no surprise that Pullen doesn’t only have die-hard fans following his adventures, but he has also inspired others to seek out their own challenges and pursue their passions.

His followers have been provided with an amazing glimpse into his life and the immense effort he puts into every endeavor.

For his achievements, Pullen has been recognized by numerous influencer and outdoorsy outlets, including awards from World Nomads,, and TheGearBot.

In addition, his story was featured on the Follow Your Inspiration podcast, and he even has the distinction of setting 3 Guinness World Records.

Mike Pullen has achieved much in his journey and continues to set goals even higher. With the support of his wife and fans alike, there’s no telling where his lifetime of adventures will take him next.

Significance and Impact of Mike Pullen

There is something special about Mike’s story that draws people to him, and it has a lot to do with his courage and spirit of adventure.

He has fearlessly gone out into the wilderness and successfully faced his fears to document the beauty of nature and the joys of exploration.

Mike Pullen With His Wife

By doing so, many view him and his wife as some of modern-day adventurers setting an example and inspiring people to do the same.

Mike’s minimalist approach is a reminder to everyone that it’s not always necessary to have the most up-to-date equipment to enjoy the outdoors.

This DIY attitude has inspired many to appreciate the outdoors with only the necessities while connecting with the importance of nature.

How did Mike Pullen and Emmy meet?

When Mike Pullen, the renowned outdoorsman and adventure filmmaker, met Emmy, his later wife and partner in life, he had no idea what an incredible journey of exploration and growth the two of them would share as a couple.

It all began on a typically warm and sunny day in the highlands of Scotland. Mike had been traveling solo around the country, visiting outdoor destinations and exploring stunning landscapes.

Sometime during his travels, he stumbled across a Film Festival that was taking place in a tiny village out in the wilderness.

Mike Pullen With His Wife

It was here that Mike Pullen and Emmy, then a budding YouTuber, first made eye contact and a spark was ignited that led to an immediate connection and an undeniable mutual intrigue.

They talked for a few minutes and realized that they shared many of the same passions and dreams in regard to living an adventurous life and making films that capture the beauty of nature.

From that chance encounter in Scotland, Mike and Emmy never looked back. A few months later they decided to work on a project together, beginning a journey of exploration and creativity that eventually grew into a life of love and collaboration.

Together they have led a life of adventure and exploration, starting with the foundation of their film collaboration.

In addition to the films Mike and Emmy have produced, they have become renowned YouTubers, promoting their journeys while inspiring viewers to push the boundaries of every day and seek a life of adventure.

Today, Mike Pullen and Emmy are married and still share a deep love for exploration. Their love story is one of success, resilience and courage, a constant reminder of what is achievable when two people support and commit to one another.

Through their projects and online presence, Mike and Emmy remind each of us to find the passion, drive and determination to turn our dreams into reality.

Factors that Contribute to the Strength of Mike Pullen’s Relationship

Mike Pullen is married to an equally adventurous and inspiring woman, who shares his passions and supports him at every turn.

The couple’s devotion to each other, and the amazing bond they have developed over the years, is only made greater by the mutual respect they have for one another’s interests and goals.

While Mike spends his days and weekends journeying far and wide to capture the perfect outdoor videos, his wife is right there by his side, rooting him on and participating in the production soup side.

She contributes plenty with the technical nitty-gritty of the filmmaking process, making sure the couple always have high-quality videos for their viewers.

Mike Pullen With His Wife

The strong connection and friendship between Mike and his wife, is further made evident by the amount of trust they have in and for each other.

With Mike always out and about, his wife knows full well that, no matter where he may be, her husband is an intelligent, safe and experienced outdoorsman, always prepared for any situation.

The same trust is reflected in Mike’s reliance on his wife for all of his cinematography and YouTuber needs. No matter what obstacles the couple may face, they know they can always overcome them with their combined efforts.

The respect the couple has for one another is also something that keeps their relationship strong. They celebrate their successes together and are understanding and compassionate of their hardships, choosing to stay united in even the most challenging of circumstances.

Mike Pullen With His Wife

Mike and his wife always put one another first, making sure each of their needs is being met and giving each other the space and support they need to reach their individual goals.

Finally, it’s the couple’s shared appreciation of life’s adventures and their willingness to take on more together that make their relationship extraordinary.

It’s clear from the incredible travel photos and videos that Mike posts to his YouTube channel that the two love discovery and exploring the world.

How many kids did Mike Pullen and Emmy have?

Mike Pullen and his wife, Emmy, were blessed with two beautiful kids – Oscar and Eve. Having a busy lifestyle as the star of his own YouTube channel, Mike still managed to spend quality time with his family.

His wife often joined him on his adventure trips, while his kids went out on their own exploring the outdoors.

Mike Pullen With His Wife

Oscar and Eve, though only children, had a strong bond. They often went on father-son and mother-daughter trips with Mike and Emmy, learning about the joys of nature and exploring their favourite hobbies.

While Mike was often away shooting for his shows, Emmy managed the household and provided her kids with the best education and support possible.

This allowed Oscar and Eve to pursue their passions, supported by their parent’s loving and caring presence.

When asked about how many children Mike and Emmy had, the two were always very happy to discuss their two beloved kids – Oscar and Eve.

This loving couple has trained their children to be full-fledged adventurers, ethical outdoors people, and nature-loving YouTubers.

Mike Pullen With His Wife

Conclusion and Reflection on Mike Pullen and his family

To conclude, Mike Pullen and his family are a remarkable example of a modern, adventurous and loving family.

Mike has shown great maturity in his ability to prioritize his family, yet remain independent. In his own words, “I always make sure that my family responsibilities don’t take away from the things I do.”

He is evidence of the belief that family and career go hand-in-hand, both benefiting each other.


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