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Pics Of Johanna From Growwithjo With Her Husband

Background on Johanna From Growwithjo

Johanna From Growwithjo is a Canadian Instagram star and popular YouTube fitness instructor, best known for her joyful personality and encouraging life advice.

She and her husband have captured the hearts of many with their infectious positivity and radiant presence.

Born and raised in Ontario, Canada, Johanna grew up with a passion for fitness, health, and an appreciation for the simple pleasures in life.

With time, she was inspired to use her passions to become an instructor and make an impact on people’s lives.

In 2016 she launched her YouTube channel, Growwithjo, and her Instagram account. Since then, her channels have grown in popularity, as people around the world seek advice and motivation from her lighthearted and humorous instruction.

She has gathered a large fanbase on both platforms, composed of nearly 600K followers on Instagram and millions of views on her channel.

Johanna’s happiness and enthusiasm is undeniable and its contagiousness shines through her instruction.

She artfully crafts mini-weekend getaways with yoga, meditation, and a healthy dose of hiking or escapes to the spa within her husband’s charming bookstore-filled home.

Johanna From Growwithjo With Her Husband

How Johanna Started Her Business?

Johanna Thomas, or Growwithjo, is a Canadian Instagram star and YouTube fitness channel entrepreneur.

Starting out as an eighteen-year-old, Johanna was addicted to self-improvement and had an intense passion for physical fitness. However, she knew she had to work hard to make her dreams a reality.

Johanna began her journey in the fitness world by search for teachers and mentors to gain the financial and emotional support she needed to become a successful health enthusiast.

She worked a couple of odd jobs here and there but was determined to make it out on her own. One of her friends recommended she attend a personal trainer seminar to help her understand the intricate details of the industry.

She found it incredibly informative, and it gave her all the tools and knowledge she needed to start her own business.

She thought long and hard about her business idea and eventually, she decided to create an Instagram and YouTube fitness channel.

Johanna From Growwithjo With Her Husband

She was confident that there was a niche community of people interested in working out who wouldn’t mind learning from her videos.

She started making relevant content, complete with demonstrations and tips, and slowly but surely, her channel began to gain traction.

Before long, Johanna had hundreds of thousands of followers who followed her on social media as well as subscribed to her YouTube channel.

She even started receiving requests for private sessions and messages asking for advice. With the help of her team of trainers, she launched online and in-person classes at local fitness studios, so people could experience the Growwithjo method firsthand.

Marital life of Johanna and Larry Paz

Johanna and Larry Paz have been living a blissful marriage ever since they tied the knot on September 7th, 2019.

Johanna, who grew up in the small town of Growwithjo, had a dream of one day marrying the one she loves and starting a family with them.

That dream became a reality when she met Larry Paz, an ambitious businessman, and entrepreneur, at a dinner party in 2018.

Johanna From Growwithjo With Her Husband

The two quickly fell in love and began to dream of a future together. Before long, they had already decided to spend the rest of their lives together, and after a beautiful wedding, they officially became the Pazs.

Johanna and Larry Paz have been living and taking on married life together ever since. They both decided to initially move into her small hometown of Growwithjo, and they are both working hard at their respective jobs, with Larry traveling often for his business and Johanna working on her new blog.

Roles of Johanna’s Husband

Larry Paz is a musician and a creative powerhouse in his own right. He has been there for Johanna through the good and bad times, helping to keep her focused on her goals and inspired by all the creative potential the world has to offer.

Johanna From Growwithjo With Her Husband

In addition to supporting Johanna, Larry Paz is critical in the execution of her business; from providing helpful advice, to maintaining her brand reputation, and more.

Larry Paz also plays a critical role in helping Johanna maintain her work/life balance. He is often the first to remind her that it’s ok to take a break and enjoy the simpler things in life.

With Johanna’s mind continually buzzing with ideas and her days often filled with hustle, Larry Paz is essential in grounding her and helping her make time for the moments that truly matter.

Johanna From Growwithjo With Her Husband

Did Johanna and Larry have kids?

The answer to that all-important question is a resounding yes! The couple welcomed their son, Kaizen, on March 11th, 2020.

The name, which is Japanese, translates to “improvement”, something which both Johanna and Larry believes they can do each and every day.

Johanna From Growwithjo With Her Husband

For the duo, Kaizen was their little bundle of joy and motivation to make the best of each day and strive for excellence.

As an integral part of the Growwithjo family, Kaizen quickly learned about the importance of living a lifestyle that focused on emotional, physical and mental health.

From a young age Kaizen was taught to use his own intuition and body awareness to strive for excellence and make healthy choices. Kaizen spent lots of time with his parents during their business meetings, yoga sessions and on their training trips.

Johanna From Growwithjo With Her Husband

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