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Pics Of Donut Operator With His Wife

Who is the Donut Operator?

Cody Garret, better known by his online moniker, The Donut Operator, is an American YouTuber and former Navy Veteran.

Born on 3 September 1987 in South Carolina, United States, Cody is one of the most popular online content reactors in the US, boasting well over 200,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel.

Cody began his career as a Navy sailor, serving his country for 4 years. After his honorable discharge, he took up a job as a content generator for various online companies.

Donut Operator With His Wife

After months of research, he discovered that he could make videos for YouTube and began filming his very own clips.

The Donut Operator YouTube channel was launched in 2014 and has since become a staple of the platform, garnering millions of views worldwide.

His videos range from comedic skits to military gear reviews, to emotional and inspiring pieces.

Cody has also created several series of videos, such as “Top 10 Military Facts”, “Veteran Tips & Tricks” and “Ask a Veteran!”, all of which give the audience valuable bits of information about the military.

Donut Operator’s early life and career

Donut Operator, born Cody Garret in 1987, is an American YouTuber and former law enforcement official. Hailing from the United States, Garrett has a sister who also serves in law enforcement as a police officer.

Before creating his momentously successful YouTube channel, Donut Operator completed his studies at Spartanburg Community College.

Donut Operator With His Wife

He is best known for delving into previously reported and unreported police news ranging from minor violations to SWAT team activities and operations.

His mission is to use his knowledge gained from personal experience as a police officer to inform the public and raise awareness of any potential issues from malpractice.

Thus his channel has been a beacon of truth and hopes for millions of viewers both in the US and across the world. On February 9, 2016, Cody started his YouTube channel, Donut Operator, sharing his experiences and knowledge as a former police officer and providing his perspectives on police footage.

This made him immensely popular among his viewers, and soon after, he started his second channel Donut Vlogerator on February 27, 2017.

Donut Vlogerator features a more personal take on topics like travel and lifestyle advice, providing a great alternative for Cody’s fans who wanted to learn more about his daily life.

Cody has become a well-known Youtube sensation after collaborating with popular YouTubers such as Brandon Herrera, Mat Best, and DemolitionRanch.

Donut Operator With His Wife

His creative advertisements on the platform have been key to his success, earning his channels an impressive 525 million views, resulting in estimated pre-tax revenue of $1 million.

As a result, he has become an influential figure in the YouTube community, inspiring others to follow his lead and pursue their dreams.

Donut Operator’s Business and how he started it?

Cody Garrett known online as Donut Operator is an American YouTuber, social media personality, former Navy Veteran, and content reactor.

As of 2023, Donut Operator’s net worth is a reported $2 million. He’s built his net worth through a variety of sources including online content creation and a stint as a police officer and former SWAT team member in the United States.

Donut Operator With His Wife

Donut Operator is a pseudonym, his given name being Cody Garrett. It was Donut Operator’s reactional YouTube videos that brought him initial fame.

Although soon his various social media channels got him attention, racking up millions of views and subscribers and launching him into the public spotlight.

Donut Operator and His Girlfriend’s Relationship

Donut Operator and his girlfriend, Kaley, famously known as Wine Operator, have been in an intimate relationship since April 2018.

Kaley is an incredibly popular Twitch streamer and Instagram influencer, boasting an impressive 43k followers on Instagram.

While Donut isn’t married, he did have a son named John previously with a prior relationship. Unsurprisingly, their memorable moments and pictures together have been highly documented, making it easier for the couple’s fans to follow them online.

Donut Operator and Kaley’s relationship has been defined by understanding and care for each other. For instance, Donut often takes the time to listen to Kaley’s problems and provide her with helpful advice, understanding her struggles.

In turn, Kaley not only listens to Donut’s grievances but tries to do what she can to help him. This mutual exchange creates a strong foundation for their relationship.

Both Donut and Kaley are incredibly supportive of the other’s dreams and ambitions. Donut is always pushing Kaley to reach her goals and be the best version of herself that she can be.

It is similar for Donut – Kaley is always full of encouraging words and motivating comments to help her beau in his quests.

Donut Operator controversy

Fans had been questioning regarding why Donut Operator left the police department. In a Twitter thread in 2018, Donut Operator responded to one of his fans that he had resigned from being a cop to pursue his dream of teaching nude yoga classes to women over 60.

This comment sparked significant controversy both in regards to what specific interest Donut Operator intended to express and its reception to the public.

Donut Operator With His Wife

The controversy surrounding Donut Operator was further fueled by rumors of his dating life leading to allegations of infidelity.

Donut Operator was known to be dating Kayley, also known as Wine Operator, but since his departure, the status of his relationship remains unknown.

This controversy has caused a severe backlash from many people. Some have gone further and accused Donut Operator of grooming Kaley, as she was only a minor when the relationship began.

Donut Operator denies the allegations and claims that he and Kaley have been in love for a long time.

Donut Operator With His Wife

The couple has responded to the criticism by both stating how much they love each other. Kaley has even gone on to defend Donut Operator and her relationship on her own YouTube channel.

However, some claim that this is not enough to erase the suspicion that they are somehow inappropriate or wrong.

Meanwhile, many of Donut Operator’s fans have come to his defense. They point out that his channel is largely innocent and that his videos are meant to bring joy to his viewers.

Despite the criticisms, they sincerely believe that Donut Operator and Kaley are in love and should be allowed to be happy.

Do Donut Operator and Kaley have any kids?

Many have wondered if this couple has taken the next step in their relationship and brought a little one into the family.

The internet was abuzz when rumors began to spread that the couple had added to their number with a child, but the truth is that they are not parents yet.

Donut Operator With His Wife

The couple has obviously been swept up in the romantic partnership, but their focus is currently on building something meaningful and strong.

It’s true that they’ve discussed the possibility of having a son or daughter in the future, and fans of the couple have gone so far as to suggest that they should name the baby “John”, in homage to the Donut Operator’s username.

For now though, having a child is a distant dream for the couple. Kaley has said several times that she is not yet ready to be a mother and that having a baby is a serious commitment and not to be taken lightly.

Donut Operator With His Wife

However, it is clear that the Donut Operator and Kaley are passionately in love and that family is important to them.

They frequently talk and gush about each other when they are with friends and family and there’s no doubt that they’ll either already have, or eventually have, a son or daughter that they love and adore.

At the end of the day, the decision to have a child is a personal one and one that’s best taken with a lot of consideration.

For the time being, the Donut Operator and Kaley will continue to be a lovely couple and the world will continue to enjoy watching their journey on YouTube.

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