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Pics Of Chris Thorn from Drop Forged Survival With His Wife

Early Life of Chris Thorn

Since childhood, Chris Thorn has always been a survivor and was raised in one of the most rugged regions of the wilderness.

Chris was no stranger to outdoor activities and was soon learning techniques of wilderness survival and bushcraft, such as shelter-building, fishing, and tracking animals.

Chris Thorn from Drop Forged Survival With His Wife

From the age of nine, Chris was taken on expeditions with his father and was expected to be responsible for the things he took.

Prior to the trip, Chris’s father made sure he knew how to use a knife, axe, and other basic tools to set up camp and build a fire.

Chris and his father also forged several items together such as traps, shelters, tents, and other necessities for their travels.

In his teenage years, Chris was taught how to make homemade weapons, such as longbows, spears, and knives.

He quickly displayed an impressive ability to create unique spears and bows from scraps. Through his father’s teachings and real-world experiences, Chris began to learn more about the art of survival and to craft his own tools.

Chris Thorn With His Wife

By the time he had grown into his adult years, Chris was well-versed in the art of wilderness survival, bushcraft, and crafting tools.

In the early days of his adult life, he would spend time in the wilderness alone to further improve his craft and further hone his skills. During this time, he built a small home in the mountains he still lives in today.

Chris’s knowledge and experience of outdoor survival skills and knowledge of how to survive in the wilderness were put to the test when he eventually decided to start his own business, Drop Forged Survival.

Chris Thorn’s Career Path

As a child, Chris had a passion for exploring nature and mastering new skills such as fishing, hunting and tracking.

This passion eventually drove him to join the military, where he spent several decades in elite units as a Special Forces soldier.

His experience in the military allowed Chris to gain valuable skills that he would use throughout his career, such as tactical training and wilderness survival.

Chris Thorn With His Wife

After leaving the military, Chris focused on putting his skills and knowledge to use in the outdoor sector. He started his own guiding and instruction business, Drop Forged Survival, out of his garage.

Taking his clients around the world to explore and learn in extraordinary locations such as the Arctic Circle or the Himalayas, Chris helped others reach the outer limits of their physical and mental capabilities.

Chris’s stories have spoken to a vast audience, inspiring many to explore and discover the world around them.

He has become a voice for both the outdoors and the people who call it home, motivating those who strive for a better and more sustainable environment.

Chris Thorn’s Outdoor Skills and Expertise

Thorn’s outdoor expertise is vast and varied. He’s knowledgeable in almost all aspects of outdoor survival, from building primitive shelters and starting fires to trapping and foraging for food.

He’s skilled in bushcraft techniques such as tracking, identification of plants and animals, navigating through unknown territories, and constructing traps and other primitive contraptions from found objects.

Chris Thorn With His Wife

His skill in creating primitive tools and weapons, such as knives and atlatls, has been admired and copied by many. He is a master at leather- and animal-working, basket-weaving and cord-age and primitive pottery.

This broad expertise makes his knowledge of primitive technologies and craft systems invaluable and sought after.

How Chris Thron and His Wife Met

When Chris Thorn and his wife Jennifer Kriete first met, it was love at first sight. The two of them both had high energy and intense personalities that seemed to fit together perfectly.

Their mutual attraction was palpable, and neither could deny the unexplainable connection they seemed to share.

Chris Thorn With His Wife

The two spent all their free time hikes and long camping trips in the wilderness. It was on one of these camping trips that Chris put a ring on Jennifer’s finger and asked her to be his wife.

Chris had already known of Jennifer’s love for animals and wildlife, so it seemed fitting that this would be the special moment where he proposed to her.

After she said yes, the two decided that they wanted to make the wilderness their life, and so the two decided to start their own YouTube channel.

The channel, called Drop Forged Survival, was born. Chris and Jennifer quickly became a success and started teaching people the finer points of wilderness survival. Now they are widely considered experts in their field and have a large following.

Do Chris Thorn and Jennifer Kriete have kids?

Chris Thorn and his wife Jennifer Kriete are proud parents of two very active boys. When they first got together, they both agreed that they wanted a family but weren’t sure how the timing was going to work out.

However, just over a year into their relationship, they tied the knot at a small ceremony surrounded by their very closest friends and family.

Chris Thorn With His Wife

Three years later their first son was born and two years later they welcomed their second son. The boys have brought a lot of joy, laughter, and excitement into the Thorn and Kriete family.

But this fun is often mixed with hard work. After all, raising children is no easy feat. Jennifer and Chris work together to ensure that the boys are given the best education, teaching them right from wrong and providing them with guidance in their young lives.

Unique Bond Between Chris and His Wife

Chris was an avid outdoorsman and explorer, so when the opportunity came to appear on Drop Forged Survival, he was thrilled.

Through his experience on the show, he was able to put his survival skills to the test, and it gave Jennifer a chance to see just how passionate he had become about his pursuits.

But when things got too dangerous, Jennifer Kriete was always there to push Chris to be a little bit safer.

Chris Thorn With His Wife

Chris also had an appreciation for the little, everyday moments with his wife. He found joy in the little things in life, such as a shared laugh, a hug after a long day, or simply taking time to watch a movie together at the end of the day.

Jennifer knew that this life was anything but easy, so she made sure to always let Chris know how much she loved him and how proud she was of all his achievements.

Chris and Jennifer were a couple that made being in love look easy. They were always there to pick each other up and continue on their journey together.

Chris Thorn With His Wife

Through many triumphs and hardships, their love has been the foundation that held them together. Despite the long distance, Chris and Jennifer’s special bond has kept them inextricably linked, and it is a beautiful reminder of the power of true love.

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