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Cowboy Kent Rollins With His Wife

Education and Career of Cowboy Kent Rollins

Kent Rollins, the cowboy cook and YouTuber, has a fascinating history. With a degree in Agriculture Education.

In addition to his own businesses, Kent carved out a niche in the culinary world as a chuckwagon and cowboy cook.

Cowboy Kent Rollins With His Wife

His shining menus and authentic cowboy charm captivated his audiences, allowing him to quickly become a household name in food culture.

He was a regular guest on various television shows, such as “Throwdown with Bobby Flay” and “Chopped”.

Through his Chuckwagon Cookin’ Tour, Kent had the opportunity to travel the country cooking meals and sharing stories.

This experience ultimately had a hand in leading Kent to YouTube, where his channel “Cowboy Kent Rollins” has become a legendary hub of western-style cooking and whole-hearted storytelling.

While his incredible culinary adventures are well-known, something that few people know about Kent Rollins is his incredible philanthropic history.

In 2006, he established the Cowboy Kent Rollins Scholarship Fund to help students from Glenns Ferry, Idaho continue their education.

He also gives back to his profession by donating to the Rodeo Historical Society, supporting the National Western Stock Show, and spearheading the National Cowboy Culture Association’s preservation of the American West

Cooking Career of Cowboy Kent Rollins

For almost twenty years, Rollins crisscrossed the country, visiting several different ranches and cookshacks, turning out meals for hungry cowboys, and adding intrigue to the unique flavors of the American West.

During this time, Rollins developed a style that was recognized by numerous chefs and foodies in the area, and it wasn’t long before he was courted to be a guest chef on several cooking shows, furthering his reputation as a master of chuckwagon cuisine.

It was on one of these shows, History Channel’s “BBQ Pitmasters” that Rollins came to the attention of the wider public, immediately distinguishing himself as a unique talent among competitive barbeques.

Cowboy Kent Rollins With His Wife

Immediately after the show, Rollins began to focus on working for television, dabbling in writing and crafting his own cookbooks.

Eventually, Rollins turned his attention to YouTube, where he and his wife, Chantelle, launched the channel Cowboy Kent Rollins, which within the first year gained over a million subscribers; the channel was only increasing in popularity.

On the channel, Kenny and Chantelle offer viewers an intimate perspective into the world of cowboy cooking, offering step-by-step tutorials for making everything from Dutch oven desserts to fried venison.

In addition to cooking and being an entrepreneur, Rollins is also an advocate for bringing back cowboy traditions, believing that traditions like old-fashioned cattle drives should be preserved.

His hard work has earned him more respect in the industry, garnering him the chance to be a part of the Texas Cowboy Hall of Fame.

All in all, Kent Rollins’ cooking career is one of the most successful stories of a cowboy chef today.

With decades of experience, an infectious personality, and sincere love for cowboy cooking, Rollins has managed to bridge the gap between classic recipes and modern food.

He’s a living legend and one of the most influential figures in the world of chuckwagon cuisine.

How Cowboy Kent Rollins Met His Wife

But a big part of what makes him famous is his wife, Shannon Keller Rollins. The two have an incredible story about how they met and are still happily together today.

It all started several years ago at a chuckwagon cookoff and barbecue competition in Aledo, Texas. Kent was competing in the competition and Shannon was there to cheer him on.

Cowboy Kent Rollins With His Wife

Sparks flew immediately when they saw each other and they quickly fell in love. As it turned out, they had grown up not too far away from each other, giving them an instant connection.

It wasn’t exactly a conventional relationship, as Shannon was still in college and Kent had already been out of school for many years.

This didn’t stop them though and they instead used their differences to bridge their connection. They would often talk on the phone in the middle of the night, learning about each other’s lives.

Of course, Shannon wasn’t just a cheering face in the crowd. She was Rick’s biggest fan and enthusiastic supporter. She was a great cook as well and often put together amazing meals for the cookoffs.

Needless to say, they were both incredibly supportive of one another and it showed in their relationship.

As the competition continued, so did their romance. Before long, they were no longer just talking on the phone and had begun making plans for the future.

In the blink of an eye, bachelor Kent had suddenly become a bridegroom-to-be and the two were married soon after.

What does Shannon Keller do?

Shannon Keller Rollins is a talented creative, rooted in her values. She strikes a beautiful balance between her epic travel adventures, life on the trail, and what matters most: family.

Cowboy Kent Rollins With His Wife

Shannon isn’t just an avid outdoorswoman and skilled photographer, she also plays an integral role by supporting Kent Rollins on his cowboy cooking tours and stays behind the spotlight to keep her family together while Kent is on the road.

Growing up in rural Montana, Shannon developed a respect and appreciation for nature and the outdoors. After graduating high school, she moved to Wyoming to accompany Kent on a cattle drive across the Wind River Mountains.

It was here that Shannon developed a passion for traveling, so it was no surprise when they decided to open up their home to visitors from all over the world.

Shannon also dabbles in a variety of creative projects like jewelry-making and photography.

Cowboy Kent Rollins With His Wife

When the couple travels for their cowboy cooking expeditions, she makes sure to capture the moment with her camera.

From cooking tips and tricks with Kent to flying across the Southwest to explore the desert and its unique culture, Shannon will always make sure to share their adventures with her followers.

Legacies of Cowboy Kent Rollins

Known for his appearances on the Food Network, Kent is an accomplished chuckwagon cook and a much-loved YouTuber.

His love for his craft, his passion for authentic cowboy cuisine and his devotion to his wife make him a true American original.

For many, Kent Rollins’ influence goes beyond his culinary accomplishments – he is a living reminder of the spirit of the Wild West, and the legacy of Cowboy Kent Rollins will endure for many years to come.

On the surface, Kent Rollins is known for his cooking skills. He’s the reigning World Champion Chuckwagon Cook, and his recipes are featured regularly on the Food Network.

He’s also an acclaimed master of cowboy grilling and smoking techniques. But it’s the enthusiasm that Kent brings to the kitchen, the tenderness of his recipes and his dedication to his wife that makes his legacy so powerful.

Cowboy Kent Rollins With His Wife

Every time Kent prepares a dish, it’s an expression of his admiration and love for his wife, Ella.

Unabashedly romantic and passionate, Kent often posts pictures and stories of his travels with his wife on his YouTube channel. His presence in her life is a reminder to men everywhere that loyalty and commitment pays off.

As a professional cowboy cook, Kent has championed the traditional cooking methods of the old West. He proudly promotes the use of open fire and savory spices to create dishes that reflect the spirit of the Wild West.

Truth be told, Kent’s impact extends far beyond the kitchen. Through his videos, lectures and appearances, Kent is an inspirational ambassador for cowboy culture, a source of joy for a sometimes-neglected demographic.

He is a proud, old-fashioned gentleman who encourages others to follow their dreams and celebrates the joys of healthy, hearty and traditional fare.


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