Are you planning to switch to a vegan diet and lifestyle? One of the things that the vegan diet is known for is its ability to help you lose weight. But weight loss is not the only benefit that you can expect when you switch to a vegan lifestyle.

For anyone thinking about adopting this new diet and lifestyle, the transition should be easy because of the various vegan food items now readily available in the market. Whether you are looking for pea protein powders for vegans or vegan snack bars, you have enough options to choose from. If you are still contemplating the idea of a vegan lifestyle, then these benefits will convince you to make that switch now: 

1. Weight Loss

This is the first and most noticeable benefit that you can get when you adopt a vegan diet and lifestyle. In case you didn’t know, a vegan diet is a plant-based diet (which means you won’t consume any meat product). Meat is substituted by plant-based sources of protein such as tofu or tempeh. As a result of consuming mostly plant-based food items, you will feel full easily without packing on the calories.

What are the benefits of a vegan lifestyle? (Image Source: Heart Foundation)
What are the benefits of a vegan lifestyle? (Image Source: Heart Foundation)

Many of the plant-based foods such as vegetables, nuts, and seeds are packed with fiber, vitamins, nutrients, and antioxidants. As a result, you obtain your daily nutritional requirement so you do not feel deprived or a lack of energy.

But beyond choosing the right items to incorporate into your vegan diet, there is also a concept of mindful eating that is adopted in the process. This prompts you to make other healthy lifestyle choices. All of these factors combine to help you shed off any excess weight. 

2. You’ll Get More Nutrients 

As mentioned above, the biggest difference between a vegan diet and a typical Western diet is the lack of meat and animal products in your diet. This means you need to incorporate wholefoods into your diets. The whole foods are whole grains, oatmeal, nuts, seeds, beans, fruits, and vegetables. Not only do you have access to food items that are tasty and offer a variety of textures. But they can also offer more nutrients into your body.

It boosts your daily intake of beneficial nutrients that are good for your overall health. To be specific, a vegan diet is linked to higher amounts of fiber, potassium. It also includes other beneficial vitamins and nutrients such as folate, calcium, vitamins A, C, and E. There is a lot of criticism of a vegan diet for its nutritional deficiencies. There are several possible replacements for meat and other animal products. You can get other vegan sources of protein such as tofu, lentil, chickpea, tempeh, and edamame.

3. Vegan Lifestyle Reduces Risks To Certain Health Conditions

A plant-based diet is one of the healthiest types of diet around. Since it is rich in fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts, and other types of legumes, it can provide you with higher nutritional content. There is also a wide range of nutrients that you can enjoy when you incorporate these various food items into your diet.

While there are still more studies being done to support this claim, switching to a vegan diet and lifestyle is known to reduce risks for various health conditions. Some of these conditions include type 2 diabetes, stroke, hypertension, obesity, ischemic heart disease, prostate cancer, colon cancer, and other types of cardiovascular health diseases. The benefits offered by a vegan lifestyle are something that people of all ages can benefit from.

Reasons to switch to a vegan lifestyle. (Image Source: Greatist)
Reasons to switch to a vegan lifestyle. (Image Source: Greatist)

Whether you are an adult, a pregnant woman, a senior, or a child, consuming this kind of diet can be beneficial. As long as you keep your diet well-balanced, you should not worry about suffering from nutritional deficiency. It is also a good diet to adopt for anyone who wants to prevent the aforementioned diseases, or if you are already suffering from them.

4. Lower Blood Sugar & Boost Kidney Function

Another notable benefit offered by the vegan lifestyle is to see an improvement in your blood sugar level and promote kidney function. In particular, a vegan diet is beneficial for type 2 diabetes. This type of diet can lower the blood sugar level by up to 78%! As such, you can also lower your risk of acquiring type 2 diabetes. Even for those who are already diagnosed with diabetes, a vegan diet helped lower the dose of their medications intended to reduce blood sugar levels. 

Aside from having a positive impact on your blood sugar level. Another reason to switch to a vegan diet is its ability to improve kidney function. By substituting meat with plant protein sources, you can prevent kidney problems and improve kidney function. 

5. Protection Against Certain Types of Cancer

The World Health Organization has stated that about one-third of cancers can be easily prevented with the right kind of diet. Vegan diet and lifestyle are some of those options. Knowing what to eat is an essential step towards promoting better health and preventing cancer. A good example of this is that regularly eating legumes can lower your risk of acquiring colorectal cancer by as much as 18%! It is also a good idea to consume at least 7 portions of either fruit or vegetables daily.

When you do this, you can reduce your risk of cancer by 15%. Since a vegan diet consists of fruits, vegetables, and legumes, you can significantly improve your chances of preventing certain types of cancer. Soy is another one of the most common ingredients found in most vegan recipes. The good news is that soy is highly beneficial in preventing breast cancer. One of the most common and deadly types of cancer. On the other hand, dairy is one of the items that are omitted in the vegan diet. Dairy is linked to prostate cancer. 

6. Higher Sustainability

Aside from the ability to promote your overall health and to prevent certain diseases, a vegan lifestyle can also benefit the environment. One of the main reasons why people choose veganism is to discourage animal cruelty and unethical treatment of animals for meat production.

Aside from your advocacy towards ethical animal treatments, the ability to sustainably use the natural resources of the world is also promoted in veganism. It contributes to less pollution in the air and reduces stress on natural resources. This is tied to the fact that forests are converted to agricultural land or for grazing cattle and other poultry. 

Is The Vegan Lifestyle For You?

Veganism is featured prominently in television and film today. If you are curious to give this lifestyle a try, you can check out many recipe ideas so you know what to eat and what not to eat. What other benefits have you experienced when you switch to a vegan lifestyle?