The first season of Mr. Robot is sadly over but there is still SO much to talk about! One of the reasons why the series became so successful is because of its big revelations, plot twists and shocking scenes.

We have chosen the top 5 WTF moments from the series. If you haven’t watched the show yet, there will be MASSIVE SPOILERS. You have been warned. Here we go!

5. Mr. Robot pushes Elliot off the railing

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The ending of the second episode, ‘Ones and Zeroes‘, left us all in shock. Or, at least, confused. Just when we felt like Elliot and Mr. Robot were starting to get along and bond over the story of Elliot’s father’s death, Mr. Robot put his hand on Elliot’s back and pushed him off the railing. WHAT WAS THAT FOR?! was the first thing I yelled. At the time, that was a BIG cliffhanger. Now, in retrospective, I can’t help but laugh given all we know about them (him) and everything we have witnessed through these 10 episodes. Our journey had just begun.

4. Shayla was in the trunk… dead

mr. robot - the daily fandom


Shayla wasn’t just Elliot’s drug provider, but one of his closest friends as well. Shayla understood Elliot, in her own way. Seeing her dead wasn’t only shocking because we loved her character, but also due to the implication that none of our favourite characters are safe in this show. The worst part of this scene is that it was a slow realization. We just had to look at Elliot’s facial expression to guess what had happened. On top of that, she had been in the trunk the whole time. The whole operation was pointless. She will be missed.

3. Drug withdrawal trip

mr. robot - the daily fandom
It’s not on our number one but this is probably the weirdest, most confusing scene in the entire season. We were glad that Elliot was quitting morphine, but we were not expecting the consequences to be that bad. If seeing Elliot’s suffering wasn’t enough, we also actually got to experience his whole withdrawal trip, which gave reviewers many headaches. After all, we were dealing with the subconscious and there were many interpretations to be made from this sequence. What was that key he kept dropping? Why was he talking to the fish? Why was Angela eating the fish? Does Elliot actually dream of marrying Angela?

2. Elliot is Mr. Robot

mr. robot - the daily fandom


While this could be considered the biggest revelation of the season, it wasn’t really that shocking since many people had been guessing this plot twist since the very first episode (“You knew this all along, didn’t you?”). After all, this whole season smelled of Fight Club. Still, this was one of the best scenes because Elliot hadn’t only figured out he had been seeing his dead father and that he was actually Mr. Robot, but he also realised that he was seriously losing it. And so were we. How can we rely on a narrator that can’t tell imagination from reality?

1. Darlene is Elliot’s sister; Mr. Robot, his father

mr. robot - the daily fandom
Perhaps some people had some wild speculation on Mr. Robot being Elliot’s father but absolutely no one could have guessed that turn of events when Elliot finished Darlene’s sentence: “sister”. Honestly, what’s up with this family and hacking? The revelation that Darlene and Elliot were siblings only opened the door to a spiral of confusion and straight out freaking out for Elliot. Why did he forget? What else had he forgotten? How often does this happen? Who is he really? We realised that we knew nothing about Elliot, and neither did he.

Do you agree with us? What was the most shocking moment for you? Let us know by voting in the poll and by commenting down below!

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