Top 5 TV Show Episodes With Realistic Gambling

5 tv show episodes with realistic gambling
You probably know a few movies that feature quality gambling scenes, but can you think of a few TV show episodes that have good, realistic gambling scenes? This piece takes a look at a few!

Black Books – A Little Flutter (2004)

Episode 4 of Season 3

This is a fun episode of this cult show. In it, character Bernard Black gets addicted to horse racing after a few wins on The Grand National, the biggest English horse race. The episode doesn’t stop there as it ends with a rib-cracking, game of high-stakes poker, all complete with cheesy gangster-style disguises. We would recommend staying away from this episode if you don’t want to get hooked on the full series! Black Books themed bingo games can be found on some of the sites on, a case of English cult comedy meeting English traditional game.

Friends – The One On The Last Night (1999)

Episode 127, Season 6

This episode is one of the better one from FRIENDS, as it is a good example of comedy acting and writing. Cups, the card game, is the star attraction. It’s a fake game made up for the show where Chandler can help out Joey with some cash without the latter feeling dejected about it. You probably won’t get the rules, but the concept is admirable and the execution is perfect.

Derren Brown – The System (2008)

Shown on Channel 4, UK

In this unusual episode of the magic and illusion show, we see Derren Brown create a no-lose horse betting system where he tells a member of the public, Khadisha, that she can use it to beat bookies. Following the system, she goes on a winning streak. However, she loses her 6th bet after going in big. The fraudulent pyramid scheme is then exposed.

The Office (US) – Safety Training (2007)

Episode 20 of season 3

In this episode, Michael sets out to prove to his colleague that working in an office is as dangerous as working in a warehouse. However, a side-story of the episode highlights how office workers bet on virtually anything. It is an interesting episode because it highlights the banality of office life as well as all the things people will bet on to try to win.

The Simpsons – Bonfire of the Manatees (2005)

Episode 357, season 7

This episode features Professor Pigskin, a fictional betting system used by the character to predict the outcome of American football games. Homer gets sucked into the idea, but ends up losing a sizable chunk of his savings to the mafia. In order to repay the debt, Homer has to allow the Mafia to shoot an adult flick in his home. Marge’s reaction adds to the heightened fun!

These are some of the very best TV shows featuring gambling. Do you have more to add? Tell us below!

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