Top 5 Overwatch Heroes Who Deserve A BlizzCon Cinematic


It’s that time of year again for Blizzard fans around the world to tune in for the latest rumors on what will be revealed at BlizzCon 2018. BlizzCon is a major event for all Blizzard titles, but these days we are most excited for a potential new Overwatch cinematic. BlizzCon 2014 announced the game itself accompanied by the museum cinematic.

2016 added Sombra to the cast with the Infiltration cinematic. Last year premiered Reinhardt’s Honor and Glory. We are mildly concerned it may be too soon for another cinematic since D.Va’s Shooting Star debuted just this last August. Still, I can’t help but cross my fingers Blizzard has something up its sleeves. Overwatch boasts a cast of 28 diverse heroes with the recent addition of Wrecking Ball.

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Only 13 of those appear in a fully animated short. Seven heroes added since the game’s release appear in an origin short, and a few others appear in trailers. Between the animations, comics, in-game content, and Michael Chu’s Twitter, Blizzard is masterfully feeding us just enough glimpses into the world of Overwatch to leave us begging for more.

Based on what we know so far, below is a countdown of my top five character choices for the next cinematic.

5. Zenyatta

Zenyatta’s lore, or lack thereof, is a bit meme-like these days with fans creatively crying out for more of, well, anything. We really don’t know much about Zenyatta except what little we can glean through his character interactions, namely with Genji. 

The Omnic Healer 

Zenyatta is an omnic (robot) monk. He belonged to an omnic group seeking to ease tensions between omnics and humans following the Omnic Crisis. However, he disagreed with Tekartha Mondatta’s methods and left to travel the world. Zenyatta found Genji along the way and helped him find peace with his murder at the hands of his own brother, Hanzo.

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We’re given just enough of Zenyatta’s past to understand his wise, gentle, and humorous character, but few details. In fact, most of Zenyatta’s bio on the official Overwatch website is more about post-Crisis tensions.

An Omnic Insider’s Perspective 

Zenyatta is fifth on my list only because he’s a bit removed from the central Overwatch conflicts involving Blackwatch and present-day Talon. That is unless he can be tied to the King’s Row Uprising and any interactions between Mondatta and the omnic terrorist group, Null Sector.

A cinematic on Zenyatta’s perspective and his relationship with Mondatta and other omnics could have a huge impact on how we perceive human and omnic relations. It could also make Mondatta’s assassination in the Alive cinematic all the more impactful.  

Sorry, Genji.

A cinematic centered on Zenyatta’s travels and developing relationship with Genji would also be much appreciated. However, I think that would involve too much character development for Genji to list as a Zenyatta cinematic. 

There is a notable increase in Zenyatta merchandise lately, including a Figma and my favorite: the Zenyatta yoga mat. Perhaps Blizzard will shift gears toward our favorite omnic monk soon.

4. Gérard Lacroix

Gérard was a prominent member of Overwatch whose purpose was to put an end to Talon. He was on friendly terms with Reyes because Gérard saved Reyes’ life during a mission in Cape Town.


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Gérard survived multiple Talon assassination attempts before finally being murdered in his sleep by his kidnapped and mentally reconditioned wife, Amélie Lacroix, aka Widowmaker. We are absolutely cheating with this one because Gérard is not a playable hero (cool as that could be)

What Happened In Cape Town?

Firstly, I want to know what went down in Cape Town.  

Secondly, and more importantly, Gérard is a valuable window into Reyes’ character and Talon’s motivations. Reyes obviously values Gérard.

Throughout the Retribution comic, Reyes refers to Gérard as ‘the best,’ jokes around with him, and charges into a collapsed, burning building to rescue him. He then massively breaks protocol to personally assassinate high-ranking Talon official Antonio Bartalotti, who Gérard was collecting intel on. Gérard’s attack almost seems to be his breaking point.

Reyes has always been willing to bend the rules more than most, but the Retribution comic ends with Reyes’ face hooded and shadowed in a blatant foreshadowing of his future as Reaper as he plots revenge on Antonio.

The Reyes Dilemma 

The highest looming question of Overwatch for me is at what point did Reyes become affiliated with Talon and why? Reyes’ reactions throughout Retribution seem genuine. I have a hard time believing he had already gone to the dark side by that point.

Some excellent fan theories go so far as to suggest Reyes is only disguised as Reaper to dismantle Talon from within. That final panel of Retribution could then be the moment he decides to enact that plan. In any case, Gérard knows a lot about Talon and likely discussed it in great depth with Reyes.

His perspective could offer a very different angle on Reyes from those of the morally distant Morrison or Ana, or even McCree. A cinematic portraying his experiences gathering that Intel and interacting with Reyes and the rest of Overwatch could reveal quite a bit about Talon and/or Reyes’ motivations.

How Much Did Amélie Know About Overwatch?

An Amélie Lacroix cinematic could potentially have similar results. Widowmaker had her turn, but a flashback cinematic of life before Widowmaker could be heartbreakingly insightful.

I resisted giving this pick to her, however, because it remains to be seen what sort of relationship they really had together. Gérard may not have shared enough Overwatch business with her to reveal much.

3. Lucio

Lucio Correia dos Santos is a world famous DJ born and raised in a favela in Rio de Janeiro who uses sound waves to heal his allies. Initially, Lucio stole his Sonic Amplifier technology from Vishkar to fight back against their corporate exploitation of his home.

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Then, a series of in-game voice lines released between Lucio, Symmetra, and Mercy revealed a little more. Lucio’s father was actually a Vishkar employee and the inventor of the sonic technology used in Lucio’s Sonic Amplifier. Lucio’s complex personal background with the Vishkar Corporation prior to joining Overwatch could be a hotbed of new information.

Overwatch Versus Talon Versus…?

It’s easy to forget there are more than two contenders in the Overwatch plot web besides Overwatch and Talon. Of course, Talon is manipulating Volskaya Industries, Vishkar, and LumériCo, among others.

It remains to be seen which side each will ultimately take, or how each fits into whatever the ‘something bigger’ is Sombra mentioned in the Searching comic. For now, a Lucio cinematic is a great opportunity to reveal more about himself and the Vishkar side of things. 

Talon, Vishkar, & Symmetra

We know that Vishkar official Sanjay Korpal is also a Talon council member, and that Symmetra is conflicted about Vishkar’s means of bettering the world. I would love to see Symmetra finally take a stand against Vishkar, but I’m not sure she’s reached that point yet. Lucio offers a drastically different perspective on the corporation, and I could easily see the truth of his father’s story being the tipping point for Symmetra. 

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There’s also an interesting contrast between Vishkar’s goals of world order and Doomfist’s ideology of growth through conflict. Obviously, Sanjay is willing to use destructive measures and murder to achieve Vishkar’s goals, but at the end of the day, Vishkar is still all about strictly enforced order. By Doomfist’s logic, Vishkar’s brand of world order seems to create stagnation more than progress. Does Sanjay have ulterior motives for Vishkar? Maybe Lucio can help us break it down.  

2. Moira

Moira O’Deorain is a brilliant geneticist willing to push the moral boundaries of science too far. The scientific community ostracized her following a paper on her controversial methods, so she began working secretly for Blackwatch under Gabriel Reyes until the fall of Overwatch. She appears again years later alongside Reaper in the Masquerade comic as a member of the Talon council.

One Man’s Villain Is Another Man’s Hero?

My  Talon fascination begins with the idea that Blizzard refers to all playable characters as “heroes,” including the playable known members of Talon. Maybe that isn’t meant to be read into, but despite the terrorist activity, murders, and just general villain vibe, I have to wonder what’s really going on. Is Moira really just along for the unconditional research funding, or does she have something specific in mind? 

But Reyes! 

I skipped over Reaper for this pick purely because I’m happier putting the pieces together indirectly around his story. The Masquerade comic gives a solid glimpse into Doomfist’s strategic maneuvering which deserves more attention.

Top 5 Overwatch Heroes Who Deserve A BlizzCon Cinematic 5

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But Moira just comes across as being so smugly illusive and manipulative that I imagine a cinematic centered around her would only raise more questions than answers, and that’s precisely what makes Overwatch so fun.

1. McCree

And so my number one most desired cinematic goes to Jesse McCree. 

The Cowboy

McCree spent his youth as a member of the Deadlock Gang trafficking illegal weapons across the southwestern United States. When Overwatch showed up to shut the gang down, Gabriel Reyes took McCree under his wing in lieu of a life sentence in prison.

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McCree worked closely under Reyes as a member of Blackwatch for years, seemingly as Reyes’ second-in-command. As Overwatch began to fall apart, McCree disappeared underground and took up a life of bounty hunting.

Left Hand Of Reyes

I would love virtually anything involving McCree at this point. Retribution was such a refreshing event purely because we finally got to see McCree’s reactions. Young McCree and his transition into Blackwatch would be the go-to for a traditional origin short.

However, a cinematic focusing on the period between Blackwatch’s suspension and Geneva could be much more valuable.

The Good

We know Reyes ignored the Blackwatch suspension orders to send McCree to London during the Uprising events. What was going on behind the scenes between them? Could he see more unusual changes in Reyes’ behavior after Rialto?

The Bad

He vocalizes intense dislike for Moira on numerous occasions. What does he know about her that we don’t? 

& The Ugly

McCree’s official bio states that he ultimately leaves Blackwatch because of “rogue elements” and “infighting.” What exactly are those rogue elements? When did they appear? McCree has been present behind the scenes for virtually every major Blackwatch event.

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He’s had a front row seat and a backstage pass to all of the drama, and undoubtedly has the potential to drop one heck of a lore motherload. The best part is McCree is featured prominently on the BlizzCon 2018 banner. Fingers crossed!

And the winner is…

An animated short doesn’t inherently need to focus directly on central lore building. Many so far are primarily origin stories. DVa and Mei are only loosely connected to Talon and yet their cinematics are still fantastic.

It could be argued, too, that most of the lore I’ve focused on here is best left for future Archive events, or comics. Nonetheless, these are the five characters I’m dying to see feature in a full animation. Will it be McCree? Will there be significant lore revealed? We’ll find out in a few short weeks. 

What pressing lore questions do you have? Who would you like to see get the next animated short? Comment below! 

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