Top 10 Blizzard Gifts For The 2018 Holiday Season

Hearthstone 'Well Played' Pillow

We have a lot to be thankful for this fine holiday season. However you felt leaving BlizzCon 2018, it’s been a great year to be a Blizzard fan. As we wrap up 2018, why not add a little Blizzard flavor to your holidays and give your Blizzard-loving friends and family one more thing to be thankful for. Let’s have a look at the top 10 Blizzard Gear Store gifts this holiday season. 

Not Your Average Gifts

Just about anything in the Blizzard Gear Store would make for a great gift. For the sake of this article, however, we’re going to focus on the wow-factor. (No, not the W.o.W. factor, there’s Overwatch and Diablo too.)

T-shirts, jackets, jerseys, other clothing articles, lanyards, hats, and that new McCree scarf are all amazing, budget-friendly gifts your friends and family would absolutely love and cherish. But we’ll save those for another list. For this list, we’re going big. Party-stopping, demand-a-roll, 1v1-deathmatch big, because these things are awesome.   

Do Your Shopping Soon!

Blizzard recently wrapped up an awesome Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale and is no doubt flooded with orders. There’s currently a warning alert posted that there may be a shipping delay ‘due to high volume.’ With a few weeks left ’til Christmas¬†and a few discounts still to be had, now is the best time to buy. Even if these gifts end up New Years‘ gifts, though, your friends won’t mind the IOU.

10. Warcraft: War Of The Ancients: The Well Of Eternity, Book 1 (Blizzard Legends)

Okay, so maybe your friends and family won’t fight each other over a book. And maybe you’re wondering why a book would even make a ‘show-stopping’ list, but a book is never just a book! A book is an experience–you’re buying your friend 370 pages of memories that could shape the rest of their lives. It might be a bit difficult convincing your significant other to give up raiding long enough to read it, but this book is perfect for those Blizzard fans interested in diving deeper into Blizzard’s well of exceptional lore. 

The Well of Eternity is the first of the War of the Ancients trilogy published originally back in 2004. The trilogy depicts the events of the first Burning Legion invasion that decided the fates of characters like Illidan and Malfurion Stormrage, and Queen Azshara. Even if they’ve already long since read the classic trilogy, these Blizzard Legends reprints are of great quality and quite a bit bigger than their mass-market paperback predecessors. 

If World of Warcraft isn’t your particular flavor of Blizzard, the gear store also has several Diablo and StarCraft literary options. 

9. Hearthstone ‘Well Played’ Pillow

Save this one for that special person who somehow always surprises you with the perfect gift. Instead of struggling to find the perfect words to express your genuine gratitude, you can just hand them this. It even says ‘Oops!’ on the back for when they tell you that they love the pillow so much they already have one! 

No, really, Blizzard sells some pretty fun and awesome pillows. They’re well-made, very soft, and at 20″x8.5″x5″, they’re perfect for cuddling with them on the couch for a game or two. Fans of Overwatch will also recognize and appreciate this pillow, but Blizzard also offers a D.Va bunny pillow and a Sombra pillow via BoxLunch. 

8. Diablo: Immortal Phone Case

As you’ve probably heard, Diablo: Immortal was announced at BlizzCon 2018 to less than desirable reactions from fans dismayed that it’s a mobile device game. Fret not, Blizzard has confirmed that there will be other non-mobile Diablo projects announced next year. In the meantime, there’s still some potential for Diablo: Immortal.

Is your significant other cautiously excited about Diablo: Immortal despite the backlash? Buy them this cool case for the new smartphone device they may or may not have to buy to play. Or is your significant other still fuming vehemently? Up for a little holiday trolling? Who knows, maybe they’ll even come around to it. It is, of course, available for the Samsung Galaxy S8/S9, and the iPhone 7/8 and X. 

Other, more serious Diablo gift options mostly consist of clothing. Non-apparel choices include the Diablo: Immortal Limited Edition Art Print, a Diablo BlizzCon 2018 poster, and the Diablo books mentioned earlier. Besides the many shirts and jackets, the rather dashing Diablo Knit Grey Scarf will surely keep your Diablo fan warm and cozy until the official announcement of Diablo 4

7. World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth Stein

For the stein-or-drinkware collectors out there, this is a pretty awesome option. The shiny black contrasted with the silver detailing of the lid and WoW crest on the side are pretty stunning all on their own. But more importantly, the stein also features Sylvanas on one side and Anduin on the other, satisfying your WoW friends no matter which faction they swear by. The stein is ceramic and alloy, 9″x 6.75″, and holds 550ml/22oz. 

If your Overwatch friend’s alcohol preferences swing toward more ‘sophisticated tastes,’ BoxLunch sells a Hanzo-themed sake set. And if alcohol is out of the picture, there’s a beautiful Ana-themed tea cup, as well as several fun coffee mug options. Really, the disappearing Sombra mug should have been on this list. 

6. Nendoroid Mercy: Cobalt Blue Skin (Blizzard Exclusive)

Your friends don’t need healing, they need this. Or maybe this tiny Mercy will heal your friends. Either way, Blizzard has partnered with the Good Smile Company to release popular ‘chibi’ style Nendoroid figures from the cast of Overwatch. Nendoroids famously feature full-articulation and changeable faces, props, and other details all wrapped up in 100mm of adorable cuteness. This Nendoroid Mercy is a Blizzard Exclusive tied to BlizzCon 2018, featuring her beautiful Cobalt Blue skin. 

The Blizzard Nendoroid series is currently limited to Overwatch. There are five options available for immediate shipping in the Blizzard Gear Store: Cobalt Blue Mercy, Tracer, Mei, D.Va, and Hanzo. If you’re okay with giving a lengthy IOU, or already thinking about gifts for next year, there are several more options currently up for pre-order:  Sombra, Junkrat, Torbjorn, McCree, and Soldier: 76.   

5. Overwatch Junkrat Rip-Tire Backpack

Ooooh, shiny! How wicked is this, mate? For the Junkrat mains out there, Blizzard recently rolled out a rip-tire-shaped backpack. Why this product isn’t blowing up all over the internet, we couldn’t say. But with the explosion of so many Captain America shields and other creatively shaped backpacks these days, Blizzard’s definitely on fire with this one. Exact sizing isn’t listed, but the review says it’s plenty large for your significant other to comfortably fit all of their treasure. They’ll definitely give it a 10!  

For everyone else, the Blizzard Gear Store offers a widely styled variety of Overwatch and World of Warcraft bags. The runner-up, though, would definitely have to be the D.Va salt duffel bag from BoxLunch. 

4. Overwatch Ultimate Genji Sword

It’s a sword, need we say more. (We needn’t, but we shall.) There are lots of  cheaper Genji sword imitations floating around sword shops and conventions, but Blizzard finally got in the game and showed them what’s what. Unlike the knockoffs, this official Genji sword lights up with the flip of a switch. It has motion-activated sound-effects and includes Genji’s Japanese ultimate line with a push of a button. Ryujin no ken o kurae! And of course, it also comes with a display stand and sheathe. Side-effects may include your friends running around saying ‘mada mada,’ but it won’t be referring to the sword. Just tell them to cool it before they start asking for healing. 

It should most definitely be noted that this item is ages 15+ and is absolutely not a toy. For this thing’s price point, you probably wouldn’t consider it one anyway. Save this gift for display or cosplay only. For weapon gifts of the softer, more useful sort, keep on scrolling.    

3. Cute But Deadly Blue Kigurumi

Kigurumi (pajama onesies but infinitely cuter) are all the rage these days, and this one just shouts mglrmglmglmgl! Buy these for your friends, buy one for yourself, then have the absolute coziest holiday raiding LAN party in gaming history. Really, this thing sells itself, just look at how adorable it is. And who doesn’t love Murlocs?

There is, of course, also one for sale in classic green. Other lounging options for the Overwatch fans include a cute D.Va bunny robe, or Mei’s pajama top and bottom

2. Overwatch Torbjorn Hammer

Build ’em up, break ’em down! Is it wise to buy your friends a hammer, no matter how soft? We’ll let you decide. But this here is a thing of beauty. Imagine it now: your best friend dominating the Nerf war, running around yelling ‘molten core’ at the top of their lungs. It’ll be great. At least until Blizzard releases Reinhardt’s hammer, anyway. But as every good Torbjorn fan knows, the size of the hammer doesn’t matter when you have good ol’ Swedish engineering. 

This hammer is PU foam, about 40cm. If close-range battles aren’t your best friend’s thing, Blizzard recently partnered with Hasbro for an Overwatch line of Nerf guns of the much more projectile variety. These won’t be released until early January, but you can currently pre-order D.Va’s blaster, McCree’s Peacekeeper, and Reaper’s shotguns from GameStop.  

1. World of Warcraft Sylvanas Statue

How many of you scrolled through this list just to see if we made #1 the infamously expensive D.Va statue? Tempting, but not this time. (Unless you really, really love your friends.) This Sylvanas statue is still quite pricey, but if you’re looking to really splurge on your loved-one this holiday season, any Blizzard statue is an amazing investment. This particular statue is 18″ tall and hand-painted. All of Blizzard’s statues showcase incredible attention to detail, and will definitely serve as gorgeous living-space centerpieces. Just be careful when placing Sylvanas under your tree, you may want to keep a fire extinguisher nearby

Besides Sylvanas, Blizzard is also still selling their absolutely incredible Illidan statue. For a slightly less expensive, slightly smaller option (with the exception of D.Va), Blizzard also produces a series of amazing 13″ Overwatch statues. Genji, Hanzo, Widowmaker, Mercy, and Tracer are all currently available. Doomfist and a fun levitating Snowball are currently up for pre-order.  

What Will You Buy?

Were any of these suggestions helpful? Did they generate any memorable holiday parties? Did your friends and family absolutely love them? Let us know all about it in the comments, and keep a look-out for more holiday gift guides from The Daily Fandom! Happy Holidays!  

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