#ToothFairies Are Going Broke… But, Wait — You Can Help!

#ToothFairies Are Going Broke... But, Wait -- You Can Help! 3

#ToothFairies Are Back!

#ToothFairies. You remember when your parents came into your room at night to deliver about 1-5 dollars underneath your bed? Oh wait, I mean the #ToothFairy did, not your parents, sorry. Well, they are back — I highly doubt they ever went away, but they were in hiding for awhile.

They had to get some retail jobs and make a way somehow because parents took over their gig. However, they are still broke because apparently just handing out money and not getting any in return is a bad business model? I mean, who knew?


So, the Tooth Fairies are making a craigslist deal, that is until they realize they have sold their teeth to the U.S. Government. What could a government (known for overreaching privacy boundaries) possibly want with a nation’s worth of identifying information like dental records?

So, Welcome to #ToothFairies, we strive to collect teeth from children, once they’ve fallen out. We don’t take them out, who do you think we are? We don’t murder children’s teeth. But, we do clean them afterward and sort them into piles, we like to be organized.

You would be surprised how many kids lose a tooth every day. You don’t even want to know the half of it. But, we are trying to stay open, while not going broke — should be easy, right? The economy is good, right?

And, scene. 

#ToothFairies is such nostalgia. If you want to remember about your childhood, but in a realistic sense then this is the web series for you. You know when you realize Rugrats was actually darker then it was at eight-years-old? Kind of like that, but in a good way.

If you need a good web series to binge, #ToothFairies has got your back… and teeth, apparently. I guess we should start tipping our tooth fairy now? I mean, I don’t want them to go broke, do you?

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