FANFIC FRIDAY: 10 Tokyo Ghoul Gen Fic Recs

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Hello, fanfic readers!

Based on a request, this week we are dedicating this month’s Gen edition to Tokyo Ghoul. Because the anime might not have made the series justice, but the manga is excellent, and the fandom is just huge.

Given the nature of the series, expect lots of angst, horror and messed up themes as well. Regardless of that, we hope you enjoy these 10 Tokyo Ghoul gen recs!

A Poem for Transition

By: fineinthemorning
Summary: During the events of the auction raid, Haise remembers everything, but instead of going back to living his life as a ghoul, he remains at the CCG as leader and mentor to the Quinx squad. For what reasons does he stay? For what reasons does he refuse to go back? How do the Quinx respond to him? How does he handle regaining his memories?
Rating: Mature – Graphic Depictions of Violence – Gen – AU-Canon Divergence, Angst, Hurt/Comfort, Cannibalism, Self-Harm, Torture, Manga spoilers
Words: 34,549

A Poem for Farewells (sequel)

By: fineinthemorning
Summary: With his memories back, Kaneki has decided to live his life as Haise Sasaki, mentor to the Quinx squad, but is the CCG really where he’ll find his happiness? With every step forward, he falls several steps back. Out of desperation, he ingests a poison that will never leave his system. Are his sacrifices worth it? Will he be able to protect the ones he loves, or will he give in to his own inner demons? Does the road through hell lead to peace, or is more tragedy awaiting him on the other side?
Rating: Mature – Graphic Depictions of Violence – Gen – AU-Canon Divergence, Cannibalism, Angst, Self-Harm, Manga Spoilers, Drug Abuse, Hurt/Comfort, Mental Health Issues, Blood and Gore, Unrequited Love, Character Death, Body Horror, Crossdressing, Fetish, Psychosis
Words: 136,214

safe haven

By: dreamsdark
Summary: “Are you lonely?” Kaneki freezes up, and Hide’s sure that’s it. “You know you’ve got me, right? You don’t have to be.”
Rating: General Audiences – Gen – Fluff, Sleepover, Pre-Canon, Canon Compliant, Fluff and Angst
Words: 1,841


By: MikaKagehjra
Summary: One night after returning from the 11th ward, Kaneki ends up on Hide’s doorstep.
Rating: General Audiences – Gen, M/M – Fluff, Friendship/Love
Words: 1,982


By: Lidsworth
Summary: Kaneki has finally reached his breaking point, and Hide is left to pick up his many pieces.
Rating: Teen and Up Audiences – Gen – Friendship, Mental Instability, Dysfunctional Relationships, Angst, Bromance
Words: 2,264

this is not a grave

By: cosmofluous
Summary: Haise regains his memories and is stripped of his privileges as a CCG investigator. His makeshift family visits him in Cochlea.
Rating: Teen and Up Audiences – Gen – Angst, AU-Canon Divergence, Instrospection, Mild Gore, Literary References & Allusions, Canon-Typical Violence, Character Study
Words: 13,675

How Cruel “God” Is

By: Beiowulf
Summary: It took the cleanup team a few minutes to realize Centipede was still breathing.
Rating: General Audiences – Gen, M/M
Words: 1,234


By: checkeredbow
Summary: Five times Haise didn’t eat in front of the Quinx Squad and one time he did. (Five times Haise acted as the Quinx Squad’s wise mentor and one time he did not.)
Rating: General Audiences – Gen – Vomiting, Mild Gore, Angst, Cannibalism
Words: 12,034


By: angrytourist
Summary: “I cannot make you understand. I cannot make anyone understand what is happening inside me. I cannot even explain it to myself.” – Franz Kafka, The Metamorphosis
Rating: Teen and Up Audiences – Gen, M/M
Words: 3,662


By: ChellaC
Summary: A movie creates an unexpected dilemma for Kaneki, and Hide’s going to help him whether Kaneki wants him to or not.
Rating: Teen and Up Audiences – Gen, M/M – Blood Drinking, Movie Night, Emotional Hurt/Comfort, Mild Gore, Graphic Description
Words: 2,833

You wrote a fic and would like it to appear on Fanfic Friday? Or maybe you want to suggest a fic you loved? If so, let us know by leaving a comment down below, tweeting us, sending us an ask on Tumblr or emailing us!

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