The Magnificent Ms Marvel #9: Kamala and Bruno are about to kiss.
Together At Last In The Magnificent Ms Marvel #9!
The Long-Awaited Moment
After years of pining, Kamala and Bruno finally get to share a kiss and it is beautifully done. With everything that's been going on, Kamala has put romance on the back burner time and time again. But she needs Bruno now more than ever and he's there and ready to support her through anything. After a brief zombie interlude, this issue dives right back into the main story. Things are heating up and I can't wait to see what happens next!
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After defeating the mysterious Monopoly, it looks like Kamala’s life might return to normal. But with her father’s illness growing steadily worse, Kamala finds it difficult to cope. Will Tony Stark be able to find a cure? From Saladin Ahmed, Minkyu Jung, Juan Vlasco, Ian Herring, and Joe Caramagna comes the next epic chapter, The Magnificent Ms Marvel #9!

A Sea of Emotions In The Magnificent Ms Marvel #9

After the events of The Magnificent Ms Marvel #8, Kamala’s father suffers a fall and is hospitalized. As she, her family, and Bruno wait to hear more, Iron Man and Doctor Strange arrive with a potential solution. It turns out that the Terrigen Mists which gave Kamala powers may have unlocked her father’s illness. With her family’s approval, Doctor Strange prepares to remove the disease. Suddenly, Mr. Hyde crashes into the hospital in pursuit of a terrified scientist.

The Magnificent Ms Marvel #9: Page 3, Kamala's father suffers a fall.
The Magnificent Ms Marvel #9 | © Marvel Comics (2019)

Strange warns Kamala that the delicate procedure requires his full attention and Kamala suits up to face Hyde. Just as she gains the upper hand, he runs off. Bruno sneaks out to check on Kamala who isn’t sure whether to follow Hyde or stay with her family. Bruno tells her that she’ll make the right decision either way and professes his love for her. In response, she kisses him! With that, Kamala decides to go after Mr. Hyde.

Stolen Kisses and Secret Identities

The Magnificent Ms Marvel #9 steps back from Kamala’s superhero shenanigans to focus on her personal life. Her father’s condition has taken a toll on Kamala. At the same time, it also brought her closer to her friends and family. In this issue, she finally allows herself to lean on Bruno, figuratively and literally. And when it came to emotional support, Bruno definitely delivered. After watching the romantic tension build between them over the past year, the love confession and subsequent kiss feels well-earned. And luckily, she already has Tony’s stamp of approval.

The Magnificent Ms Marvel #9: Page 1, Kamala and Zoe study for school.
The Magnificent Ms Marvel #9 | © Marvel Comics (2019)

Since Cheb Hura erased her parents’ memories, Kamala has gone back to hiding her superhero life from them. With her father’s illness being linked to Inhuman DNA, however, her parents could rediscover her secret. Would they still want to stop her from being a superhero or would they support her the second time around? On the other hand, they might just stay in the dark about the whole thing. While this scenario seems most likely, I’d love to see Kamala’s parents standing by her again.

Nanotech: Sentient Or Overreaction?

In The Magnificent Ms Marvel #9, we do not see the return of the murderous alien suit. Still, I don’t think it will be long before it comes back into play. The suit seems to have a mind of its own, but it also responds to Kamala’s thoughts. Perhaps Kamala’s emotions influence the suit’s actions. For instance, when she kisses Bruno, the scarf ends form a heart. The suit also started to go berserk last issue when Kamala became especially frustrated with Josh and Becky. If Kamala can’t control the suit, she might have to learn to control her emotions instead.

Over the past few issues, Kamala started to lean into some of her more negative emotions. Given what she’s going through with her father, her being angry at the world is completely understandable. At the same time, she wasn’t wearing a suit when she had these feelings. If her suit is acting based on her emotions, her next outing in it could be disastrous.

The Magnificent Ms Marvel #9: The Perfect Kiss

The Magnificent Ms Marvel #9 brings back the art of Minkyu Jung. Like the plot, the artwork really draws attention to Kamala and her emotional journey. This manifests in the form of close-up panels of Kamala’s face, particularly her eyes. But the highlight of this issue has to be the kiss.

The Magnificent Ms Marvel #9: Page 19, Kamala kisses Bruno.
The Magnificent Ms Marvel #9 | © Marvel Comics (2019)

The full-page spread features soft, fuzzy red and blue lights, creating a romantic atmosphere. Kamala’s feet barely touch the floor and the image is tilted to emphasize her leaning into Bruno. As I mentioned before, her scarf forms a heart behind her, expressing what she cannot put into words. Caught off guard, Bruno’s eyes remain open. The overall effect is utterly adorable.

Trouble On The Way?

After watching Bruno pine after Kamala from the very beginning, we finally see her return his feelings. It’s been quite a journey and The Magnificent Ms Marvel #9 delivers a long-awaited step forward. But the good feelings may not last for long. Can Kamala tamp down her feelings or will her suit get the better of her? Will Kamala’s parents figure out that she’s Ms Marvel? Will Doctor Strange successfully remove the disease? We’ll have to wait and see…

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