Silicon Valley ‘To Build A Better Beta’ Review


Surprisingly, everyone except for Pied Piper seems to be pretty screwed in ‘To Build A Better Beta’.


Pied Piper is finally making some progress as the boys release their beta version. Even if it’s only to people whom they trust, it’s a big step, especially for Richard. We know that, while Richard might not be the best at PR and business negotiations, he is an excellent engineer and they’re all really good at what they do, so the beta being a success wasn’t really a surprise. Furthermore, Monica not liking the beta was not due to something being technically wrong with the program, but it was used as a way for her to give Richard the advice of not listening to what other people say: even the most successful things in the world have people who don’t like it and that’s normal. The fact that someone like Monica said this to Richard, a man who constantly worries about getting approval from everyone, was quite heartwarming.

Not even Hooli was much of a threat in this episode. Having them accidentally send a copy of the beta to Max Kernel felt more like a flashback of past conflicts between the two companies than anything else. In fact, Gilfoyle was able to quickly solve the problem by not only deleting the stolen data, but actually shutting down the entire system. Gavin’s freak out resulted in their coworkers getting mad at them and quitting. Is this really the end of Gavin in Hooli? Can we really expect them to make a comeback with so few episodes left? It doesn’t seem like it, but you can never be sure with Hooli.

If last week was about competing for getting dates, this episode was about friends. In that regard, Dinesh and Gilfoyle bickering is nothing new, but it’s still always amusing to see and it didn’t take away from the excitement of anything else going on. Erlich and Big Head’s financial drama was also entertaining to watch and their dynamics when negotiating were reminiscent of all the hilarious business meetings Erlich shared with Richard last season.

All the positive feedback they got encouraged Richard to move up the release date. Using a countdown and having all of them, including Monica, in front of the computer screen was a very good choice as this is basically the moment the series has been building up to ever since Episode 1. The cliffhanger was not only horrible because of all the build-up, but because we saw Erlich cryptically asking Laurie to talk about something. If those phone calls and Erlich’s guilty face are anything to go by, chances are this release will not be as good as they all anticipate.


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